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Student Management System

OVERVIEW The Student Management System Software is an application that permits you to manipulate, update and present student data in a meaningful manner, generating a clear view of records and provides search facilities with search options.

The Student Management System application is built after analyzing the requirements to adding student information, updating student information, deleting student information, and viewing student information. It also provides with search facilities and facilities to create authorised users with passwords and also for changing their passwords.

The Student Management System empowers you to:

Manage Student Information efficiently. Record Student details like name , roll- no., gender, age, class , date of birth , fathers name , address , phone no., etc. Add, Update & Delete Students information easily. Trace Student Records through this Software Search features. Manage your own Security by providing authorized user name & passwords. Manage Database.

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Student Information System


Module Details
Modular Details of the Student Information System are: Student Profile Add Student Information Module Update Student Information Module Delete Student Information Module View Student Database Module Search Student Information Module Security Change Password Module

Module1: Add Student Information

This module allows us to add student profile records under the following attributes: Name Fathers Name Age Date of birth Class Address Phone number Gender (Male /Female)

Module 2: Update Student Information

This module allows us to update student profile records for the attributes that have been added under the Add Student Information System module. The database is Updated each time we click on the Update Student Information button. The records that are existing in the database can be updated for the latest information that is available.

Module 3: Delete Student Information

This module facilitates deletion of unwanted and old information which of no use to us .Records that are of no use can be deleted with this module .

Module 4: View Student Database

This module allows us to view the database contents only for the authorized users who have logged in. The database contents can be viewed exactly as they exist in the database.

Module 5: Search
The Search Module is basically a Search ENGINE. Where we can search on basis of Keywords fields like Roll No.. This makes easy the searching of the records for a particular student.

Module 6: Security Change Password

The Student Information System has its own security features . It allows login only for Admin. with passwords. Those users who do not have rights and try to log into the System are denied access into system. If a Admin. wishes to change his /her password, he can utilize the Change password module. On successful updating of the password changes , it displays a message.


Ease to use. It minimizes Information Overload. It encourages centralization. It brings Co-ordination. It makes control easier. Ease to stores the data, retrieves the data, evaluates the data.

To provide a proper registration channel/ system to the new students. To maintain all the accounts of the students in digital form from enrollment up to the end of the study. To update the information available to the departments at their desk whenever required in just a click away. To have a centralized control over the records of the students.

Everything has its own scope of modification and improvement. In this project we will add more modules that support extra information & search facilities. Regarding internal organisation of the project we will improve its security features using advance technologies so that unauthorized user cant breaks the integrity and authenticity. Illegal access will be prevented and strictly prohibited.

Further we will improve upon validation code. Each record and entries will be properly validated before storing in database.

This Student Management System project will serve as a useful approach to data base dialog box to update add, search options for the authorized person. It serves as a helpful approach for the users. It reduces the time taken by the user to add, update, delete, view & search the information. Thus the project is the user friendly approach.