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Division of Rizal District of Cardona LOOC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Prepared by: LEONILA T. REYES


Guide Card
Hi! Its another SIM-fun adventure in the world of Science. Today, we will be talking about speed and velocity. So fasten you seatbelts as we drive our way to learning.

This Strategic Intervention Material was created to give you better understanding about SPEED and VELOCITY. Upon finishing this SIM, you are expected to : Define speed and velocity Differentiate speed and velocity Compute for speed of a moving object Identify velocity of a moving object


Guide Card
Now that you know what we are up to for today, lets take a review about the topic

The distance traveled over a certain period of time is called SPEED

Velocity is speed with direction

Speed refers to how fast an object is moving

VELOCITY is the speed of a moving object in a LOGO specified direction.

Guide Card: Movie Night

You and your friend agree to meet for a movie tonight. You decide to get together at the corner of Lee and 3rd Streets in 30 minutes.
The time you will meet is measured with a clock. Time is defined as the interval between two events (when you make the decision to meet and when you meet). Over the years, time has been measured with sundials, hour glasses, watches, and the most accurate clock, the atomic clock.


As you walk to meet your friend, you change your position with every step you take. Distance is how far you travel along a path while you change your position.

While you were walking to meet your friend, you were in motion. Changing position creates motion.

LOGO You have gone a distance, and time has passed

while you were changing your position.

O.K. Just how fast are you moving?

To be able to meet your friend on schedule, you had to go a distance in a certain time. Speed is the distance traveled by an object during a given time interval (distance divided by time), while velocity refers to the rate at which an object changes its position

What is Speed?
Let us dig a little deeper..

You might describe the motion of an airplane as fast or the motion of a snail as slow. By using these words, you are describing the objects speed.

The speed of an object is the distance the object moves per unit of time. To calculate the speed of an object, divide the distance the object travels by the amount of time it takes to travel that distance.
Distance Speed = --------------Time


When you know the speed and direction of an objects motion, you know the velocity of the object.
The wind is out of the southwest at 10 km/hr.

For example, the meteorologist (one who studies the weather) gives the velocity of the wind.

Velocity is the displacement of an object divided by time.


MTR drivers concern

speed only.
Here is an example of speed and velocity

Pilots concern velocity (direction

& speed).

speed = 300 km/hr direction = west LOGO

Activity Card

Activity 1: Who Runs Faster?

Both Mr Rabbit and Mr Tortoise took the same round trip, but Mr Rabbit slept & returned later.


Who runs faster?

Me, as I spent less time on the trip No, I travelled longer distance every minute.


Activity 2: Road Trip

Using the information above, compute for the speed and velocity assuming that: 1. Car 1 travels 20 km for 12 min in going to Insurance & Care Plan 2. Car 2 travels 14 km for 9 min in going to Education LOGO 3. Car 3 travels 24km for 14 min in going to Library

Activity 3: Speed Vs. Velocity

Identify if the following statement is speed or velocity. Write S if speed and V if velocity ___ 1. Kuya Kim mentioned that Hanging Habagat is moving 24 km/h ___ 2. Julia finished the 400 meter race after 5 min. and 24 sec. ___ 3. A man jogged for 45 min. and covered 800 meters ___ 4. An elevator moving for 14m from Ground floor to 3rd floor of the mall for 5min. ___ 5. A car going South drove 2 km for 10min


Assessment Card

Completing Text
Use the word pool below to complete the paragraph

_____ is the rate of change of distance with time. The world's fastest athletes can run 100 m in less than 10 seconds. The average speed of the athlete is found by dividing the ________ travelled by the time taken.
metres distance



__________is speed in a given direction. Like speed, velocity is measured in_________ per second (m/s). It tells you the speed that something is travelling, but it also tells you the _________ in which it is travelling. For example, an athlete is running with a velocity of 17 m/s due south.
direction velocity




This graph shows several stages of motion:

Stage 1: 100 m in 10 s Stage 2: 50 m in 10 s

Stage 3: 150 m in 20 s
Calculate the speed as indicated by each of the colors.


Multiple Choice
1. Velocity is measured in _____
a. Metres a. News an object b. Graphs b. Weather c. Volume

2. Velocity indicates ______

c. speed and direction of

3. What happens to the distance of a stationary object?

a. Changes b. Speeds up c. Moves

4. Does the speed remains the same when an object is moving?

a. Yes b. No


Enrichment Card

Enrichment 1: Vocabulary
Speed Velocity Distance Time Direction

Enrichment 2: Calculating Speed and Velocity

1. What is the speed and velocity of a car that travels 100.0 meters, northeast in 4 seconds? 2. An airplane flies 525 kilometers north in 2 hours. What is the airplanes velocity? 3. A shopping cart is pushed 15.6 meters west across a parking lot in 5.2 seconds. What is the speed and velocity of the shopping cart? 4. Juans mother drives 12.5 miles southwest to her favorite shopping mall. What is the velocity of her automobile if she arrives at the mall in 7.25 minutes? 5. A girl scout troop hiked 5.8 kilometers southeast in 1.5 hours. What was the troops velocity?


Enrichment 3: Way Back Home

On your way home, time yourself on how long will it takes you to reach your house. Assuming that your home is: Purok 1 800 m away from school Purok 2 460 m away from school Purok 3 700 m away from school Purok 4 500 m away from school Purok 5 220 m away from school

a. Identify from what purok you are living b. Compute for your speed as you traveled your way home from school c. Knowing the location of your house, identify yourLOGO velocity.

Enrichment 4: Did you know that

Rockets are launched in the same direction of the earths rotation to get an extra boost of 1800 km/hr to its speed

The speed of sound is around 767 miles per hour (1,230 kilometres per hour).
Light travels very, very fast. The speed of light in a vacuum (an area empty of matter) is around 186,000 miles per second (300,000 kilometres per second)

*** Thunder and lightning strikes at the same time, but since light travels faster than sound, you will see the lightning strikes first before you hear the thunder roams LOGO

Did you know that

The fastest land animal in the world is the Cheetah, clocking a max speed of around 113 km per hour (70 mph)

The rabbit had a burst of speed during the second minute. What is going on between the 3rd and 4th minutes? The rabbit is not moving.
0 4 1 2 3


Time passes but no distance is covered. LOGO

Reference Card

Into the Future: SCIENCE AND HEALTH http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/1dkin/u1l 1d.cfm http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts.html