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Parker pen co.

The downfall of the king of writing instruments


A brief introduction..
Established by GS Parker in 1888 Parker Pen Company, the manufacturer of writing instruments based in Janesville, It sold its products in 154 countries In February 1985, the globalization experiment was ended, In January 1986, the writing division of Parker Pen was sold for $100 million to a group of Parker's international managers and a London venture-capital company.

Problem identification

Dollars skyrocketing value hampered profits Moreover it eclipsed Parkers inefficiency Outdated and inefficient manufacturing facilities Lack of coordination between production and marketing departments. Marketing department unable to plan even the short run game plan Headquarters least bothered about overall revamp. Subsidiaries and distributors left to their whims and fancies Unable to segment the markets and place the products Common advertisement

Problem analysis and solution #1

Strengthening dollars could not be backtracked Hence search for countries with stronger currencies as markets Countries with currencies behaving proportionately with the US $

Problem analysis and solution #2

Parker miserably failed in the 70s. Still depreciating dollar overshadowed this weakness This phenomenon crept deep within Leaving lesser space for fault identification

Overall analysis a necessity, resulting in urgent overhauling of faults.

Problem analysis and solution #3

Neglected production and manufacturing facilities Immediate attention to be given to outdated facilities. Specialized personnel be hired from overpowering competitors Outdated workforce be trimmed

Problem analysis and solution #4

Callous production department unable to guide the marketing department beforehand about the releases.

Instant coordination strategy be implemented. Specialized coordinating officer be appointed. Two way communication required

Applying fishbone structure

Problem analysis and solution #5

Headquarters remained idle and did not control the out of proportion autonomy of the of the subsidiaries and distributors.

Subsidiaries be restricted to develop new production

Problem analysis and solution #6

The high end players.

Parker missed its track and got squeezed in between.

.the cheap sellers

Problem analysis and solution #6

France and Italy fancied expensive fountain pens; Scandinavia was a ballpoint market. World was divided along product types. Segregating markets with restricted local autonomy. Marketing specified products globally

Problem analysis and solution #7

'one world, one brand, one advertisement' dictum cannot work People throughout the globe view pens differently

A hit advertisement in a nation may backfire in another To deploy an advertising big daddy and work out the whole process under mutual understanding

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