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OD is a contractual relationship between a change agent & a

sponsoring organization entered into for the purpose of using applied behavioral science and/or other organizational change perspectives in a systems context A change process designed to bring about a particular kind of end result can involve interventions in the organizations processes Nature of Organization Development Is a planned, organization-wide effort . It is a response to change a complex organizational strategy.

Process of change involves three steps

Changing Refreezing

Process of OD
Evaluation & feedback Do it for all value adding

processes Problem Identification Planning & Implementation Diagnosis Collection of Data

Three Basic Approach to OD

Behavioral Approach
Structural Approach Technical Approach

OD at Raymond
In Raymond OD is about change and growth
Corporate team the most desired workplace for Top Talent.

Emphasized on thecontinuous and consistent up gradation of

It has always fostered a growth-oriented environment. Corporate Learning & OD plays an important role in the

overall development of The Raymond Group

OD Practices in Raymond
Raymond is committed to nurturing, enhancing and retaining top talent through superior learning & OD interventions.
At Raymond, the learning process begins the day a new employee joins the organization. Corporate Learning & Organization Development is a part of Corporate It is a critical pillar in support in organization growth and sustainability. Raymonds ability to learn continuously gives it the flexibility and nimbleness that is required for growth in changing & challenging times.

1) Organization Development & Change 2) Learning and Leadership Development 3) Talent Development

4) Employee Communication forums

OD at Infosys
Infosys organizational change management framework is

people centric process that is deployed during the planning and execution of complex sourcing initiatives Infosys has developed, designed, tested and successfully deployed this modularized OCM solution Inherent in its design is its tools and techniques to help clients navigate through the most difficult period of change, the transition period

OD Practices at infosys
Establish a change team that is supported by senior

leaders and consist of representatives from each of the business And IT areas impacted by the change Integrate the change team with other program teams Proactively reach out to employees and ensure that their concerns are heard and addresed Develop and implement specific risk mitigation strategies relating to employee retention Develop communication and training programs.

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