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A-Anand M-Milk U-Union L-Limited Amul means Priceless in Sanskrit Amul is the number One Dairy Brand in India Amul The Taste of India Multi Dimensional impact on Rural Economy & Society.

Formed in 1946 AMUL is a dairy cooperative movement in India with 250 liters of milk per day with name KAIRA DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS

Managed by-Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF) Amul means AMULYA suggested by Quality Control Expert in Anand.

Dr. Verghese Kurien former Chairman of the GCMMF The man behind the success of Amul


Amul is a three tier co-operative organization

Members : 13 district co-operative milk producers union Number of Producer members : 3.03 million Total Milk Handling Capacity : 13.67 million liters per day. Milk collection (Daily Average : 2010-2011) : 9.2 million liters Milk Drying Capacity : 647 Mts per Day Cattle feed Manufacturing Capacity : 3690 Mts per Day Sales Turnover (2010-2011) : Rs. billion)

9774 crores

(US $ 2.2

The success to any industrial unit depends upon their effective personnel department.
The management includes all aspects of works such as Recruitment, Selection, Medical Check-ups, various types of training, transfer, welfare activities, union activities, etc.

The Functions of Human Resource Management like Human Resource Planning, Recruitment ,Selection, Training and Development , Compensation and Industrial Relations plays a vital role in the company.

Recruitment & Selection

Amuls recruitment and selection process is very systematic and comprehensive. All division head in inform about their manpower requirements. According to the requirement of the personnel division they get require employees by resources like postal services, employment exchange, education institution and advertisement. Amul Dairy receives lots of applications in response to their advertisement. These forms contain general information about the candidates. Then forms are to be checked by authorized person and after scrutinizing eliminate the unqualified applications. Short listed Applicants are called for personal interview. Interview committee conducts this interview. When applicants are too many, then they conduct a written test.

Sources of Recruitment
By giving advertisement in news papers Labour Union Voluntary Organisation Leasing Contract Private Employment Agency Government Employment Exchange School, Colleges, Universities and Professional Institutes Recommendation of present Employee

Stages of Recruitment & Selection

Training & Development

To facilitate newly selected person at operation level, he is placed at the work under supervision of a senior worker who gives guidance and instructions about the particular work. For the managerial level personnel, they select only those people who are having an experience of at least three years in similar fields. Then a newly selected persons performance is observed for three months.

Promotion & Transfer Policy

Two main policies followed by the organisation are: Automatic promotion Merit cum seniority During the period of 1972, promotion was given automatically to a person who had completed his 6 yrs and 2nd promotion was given after 7 yrs. At that time they had a policy of rewarding merit on the basis of seniority. But now it is solely based on merit. Managing Director signs the promotion order after the recommendation by the personnel & Administration department.

Transfer is the pre-relative right of the management. Transfer is done if it is necessary for the organization. Transfer is generally affected to build up a more satisfactory work team & to achieve a specific purpose. In AMUL transfer takes place in flash season. Transfers are also to adjust the work forces of one plant with another.

Wage & Salary Administration

Attendance is considered to be one of the major & important factors responsible for the Wage & Salary Administration. Record Keeper keeps the records of attendance Sends master roll to the accounts department Attendance of each & every employee is analysed and entered into Comp. The record is scrutinized and a statutory and non-statutory deduction is made and then after salary is calculated for each employee.

Salary Break-up Basic Salary = 5,250 HRA = 2100(40 % of Basic) PF = 630 Convenience Allowance = 925 Bonus is 20% of Basic. The wages are paid in cash & also credited in corporate salary a/c. Employee wages are deducted according to grades of workers. It consists of A, B, C, D, E, and F grade of workers.

Industrial relations

A devastating earthquake hit Gujarat on 26th January 2001. The epicenter of the quake was located in Kutch District.
GCMMF Formed Amul Relief Trust under the Chairmanship of Dr. V. Kurien in 2001 with a donation of Rs. 50 Millions for reconstruction of the school buildings damaged in the 2001 earthquake in the Kutch area.

The Trust reconstructed

schools damaged by the above earthquake at a cost of Rs. 41.1 millions in Kutch area.

Green gujarat tree plantation campaign

The milk producers of Gujarat Dairy Cooperatives are conducting mass tree plantation drive every year on Independence Day for last five years. In last five years (2007 to 2011) the milk producers have planted around 311.98 Lacs trees).

The entire plantation activity was coordinated at all the three tiers of Anand pattern - at village, district and state level dairy cooperatives.

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