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Ca r eer in

Bio in for matic s

(insight in to the IT Companies)
K.P.Mishra (Director, URC Allahabad )
Brijesh Singh Yadav (Senior Research Associate &Head
Bioinformatics Research)
United Research Center, UIT Campus Allahabad,

E-mail: brijeshbioinfo@gmail.com
Wh at i s
Bi oin form at ic s?
• Bioinformatics is the application of
computer technology and statistics to
the management of biological
• In the past decade bioinformatics has
become an integral component of
research and development in biological
• The need for bioinformatics stems from
a fundamental change that is taking
place in biology.
Bioin for matic s Is a
Me rg ing of D isc ipli nes
Co re o f
Bio in form atic s

sequence 3D structure protein functions

•Properties and evolution of genes, genomes, proteins, metabolic

pathways in cells

•Use of this knowledge for prediction, modelling, and design

Need o f
bio info rma tic s
• Data growth is exponential
• Difficult to understand life without BI
• Detection of new diseases
• BI tools allow to save expr. Expend.
• Rational Drug design
• Computer-aided vaccine design
Ne ed o f
bio info rma tic s
Need of bi oin form at ic s
con t…
• Handle the
growth of
• Knowledge
• Globalizing
• Data
Ne ed of
bioinf orma tic s co nt…
• Department of Biotechnology created in 1986
• Bioinformatics programme started ever since
Biotechnology Information System Network
(BTISnet) in 1987.
• BTISnet today has 65 institutions and
• Emphasis on infrastructure creation and human
resource development.
• Biotechnology in India has greatly benefited
from the capacity building in Bioinformatics
• Dedicated virtual private network connecting
the major centres – sharing of data as well as
Bi oinf ormat ics
Fac iliti es in Ind ia
Ed uc at ion al Ac ti vit ies of

India i n Bi oin form at ics

Two forms of initiatives are in operational
Short-Term Training Long-Term Training

Nationwide trainings
Two forms of initiatives are in operational Advanced Diploma
and workshops Courses
in five universities
Presently around 100
organised per year in M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D.
seven defined areas courses
in Bioinformatics
More than 10000
so far
Int egr at ion o f
Bi oin form at ics &
Bi ote chn ol ogy
• Collaborative effort
• RFP (Request for Proposals) in
following areas:
• Parasitic diseases
• Agro-biotech
• Herbal medicine
• BioPhara Development
• Clinical Data management
In -hous e sof twar e
dev elopm ent
1. GeneScan, GenEvolve, PROCOR JNU, Delhi
3. APSSP (Protein structure IMTECH, Chandigarh
prediction), MHCBN Devi Ahilya
4. PCR: s/w for setting PCR reactions University
Bose Institute,
6. VirGen, CE, AVIS University of Pune,
7. Micro array analysis (Avadis), Pune
Genome annotation (Acuris), Strand Genomics,
Oligonucleotide probe design Bangalore
(Sarani) TCS, Hyderabad
8. BioSuite These efforts needs to be strengthened with
Human resource development
Bi oi nfor ma tic s Ma rk et

Global Bio-Informatics Market –1.2bn In 2004

Overall Market Size Projected to reach USD 1.7 bn
by 2006
Indian Bioinformatics Market has touched USD22
Million in 2004
Indian Bioinformatics is growing at the rate of
40% per annum
(Source: CII)
Mark et sha re of dif fer en t
Se gm en ts o f
Bi oin form at ics
• Genomic 50%
• Proteomics 20%
• Chemoinformatics 19%
• Pharmacogenomics 15%
Adva nta ge s fo r Ind ia

• Strong IT capabilities
• R & D strength in Modern biology

• Highly trained manpower in

biotechnology and Bioinformatics
• Rich Biodiversity
• Diverse ethnic population
• Strong Biotechnology Infrastructure
• Wide Networking of Institutions and
• Industrial enterprise.
The Role of IT in

1. Electronic Data Capture

2. Data Mining
3. Data Warehousing
4. Data Visualization
5. Customized Software
India n IT Co mp an ies

• Indian IT companies such as Tata Consultancy

Services (TCS), Cognizant Technologies,
Infosys, Wipro, and Satyam have already set up
their bioinformatics divisions.

• TCS, for instance, is entering the bio-informatics

market with its indigenously developed
computing platforms and applications within this
year. The company is nurturing a 40-member
team that is working on developing bio-
informatics software solutions.
Ind ian I T C omp ani es
Co nt..
• A database application, specially created for the
bioinformatics segment is in the pipeline. TCS is also
looking at developing bio-informatics software
applications in collaboration with biotech and pharma

• Satyam's Center of Excellence has identified Data

warehousing and Datamining as a key initiative area in
the field of bio-informatics since the field is an emerging
domain where data warehousing and datamining
techniques and concepts are used extensively for
deciphering complex patterns and to correlate and
analyze the vast volumes of data generated.
Ind ian Ph ar ma
Co mpa ni es
• Pharmaceutical companies too, are making
moves into the bioinformatics arena. GVK
Biosciences, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Biocon,
Astra Zeneca, Ranbaxy, Biological E, and
Nicholas Piramal are some of the names that
have either opted for the joint venture route or
have tied up with start-up companies.
peo ple r equ ir ed by a
Indust ri es
• Computer Programmer, who develop
software tool and application for
biotechnology and life science
A good Programmer
having knowledge of Basic Molecular
HTML, XML Biology
SAS-CGI How a network
CGI between web and works
database How databases
Build HTML page to are structured
Know DNA analysis
Peo ple req uired b y
Ind ustrie s c on t..
• People with a background in life sciences
who are the end user of such programs and
packages and they use these tools to
translate the information into tangible
products such as new molecules, drugs,
enzymes etc.
• They can conduct their R&D program more
effectively if they are cross-trained in
computing skills.
• They can also be business analysts for life
science companies.
Skills needed for the Desing of Experiments Using Bioinformatics

Artificial Inte llige nce

Advance d algorithm s 3% Biochem is try
Data Structure s 10%
Gene ral Com puter Scie nce s 6%

Sys te m s Structural Biology

Adm inistration/Ne tw orking 7%
Softw are Engine ering

Ge netics
Com putational Che m istry 11%
M athe m atics

Statis tics M ole cular Biology

12% 12%

Wh at Is a Bi oi nfor ma ti cs

C om pan y L ike ?
Consists of Biologists, Computer Scientists,
Mathematicians and Marketing people.
• Bioinformatics companies should expect
revenues in a few million dollars only.
• Only those companies who are able to adapt
and innovate will survive.
• A great deal of competition exists in the field.
• For any new company offering bioinformatics
services or products, ‘proof of concept’, will be
essential. This means that a nascent company
will need to demonstrate its ability before
getting business.
Ar eas of o pp ort un ity in

• Bioinformatics
• Vaccines, dignostics and therapeutics
• Biomedical devices, instruments and
• Bioartificial organs using tissue
engineering and stem cells
• Clinical trial and contract research
• Agriculuture – disease and pest resistant,
drought and salinity tolerant seeds and
• Biofertilisers and Biopesticides
Carrie r o ppo rtun it y ava ila bl e
i n bio in for mat ics

• Li fe Sc ienc e:
Scientific Curator, Gene Analyst,
Phylogenitist, Protein Analyst,
Research Scientist/Associates
• Co mpu ter Sc ien ce:
Database Programmer,Bio-informatics
Software Developer,Nerwork
• Pha rama cu iti ca l Sc ien ce :
Pharmacogenomics, Research
Job opportuni ti es in
Bi oi nfo rmati cs
Qualification Experience Job Title
• Post
graduates Formal Training and Group leaders /
and understanding market Sr. Executives /
,Do ctorates
requirement of Scientists/
Bioinformatics Faculties
• Ba chelor Sound knowledge in
degrees / 3 System Analyst
ye ar d ip lo ma Molecular Biology and
Technical Asst./
Programmer /
• 3) D egree Good typing speed,
wit h o ne Knowledge in molecular COs / DEOs
ye ar c ourse Biology and computer
in application
comp uters
Majo r Re se ar ch Ar ea s i n
Bi oin form at ics
Gene Analysis
Research Activities [%] Prot. Struc. Pred.
Prot Design & Folding

Macr. Modelling

Evol. Biol.
Struc-Func Studies

Mech. of Dis.
Data Mining Stud
Bu si ne ss Op por tu nit ie s
in BI
• Software development
• Web servers development
• Train manpower in Field of BI
• Database management
• Rational Drug design
• Develop Diagnostic kits
• Assist user in Vaccine development
• Consultant to Biotech Companies
Ou tso urcin g Mo del
Te ch no log y
Outsourcing ss
has es
developed as an
important concept in today's

• 1) Focus on core strength - the

opportunity cost of adding a new
segment of services to an existing
business is high. Companies prefer to
not diverge from their focus on their
core competencies, and stay
Outso ur cin g con t.

• 3) Leverage top talents from the bioinformatics

companies – companies can make use of the
best resources engaged in IT services without
having to worry about recruiting, training and
retaining professionals 
• 4) Minimize on total cost of ownership – the rate
of obsolescence is very high in the IT sector.
Companies who outsource do not have to bear
the replacement costs that accompany
Outso ur cin g con t.

• 5) Improve service delivery to

customers – the company can dictate
to the outsourcing partner the
timelines it is required to meet.
• 6) Reduce cost and time – the time
spent otherwise on planning and
development is saved and better
utilized to managing the existing
• 7) Expand service portfolio –
companies can extend their services
without having to invest on building in
house capabilities
Ou tso ur cin g

• Inspite of a tremendous increase in

demand, the US educational stream has
not significantly increased the
production of scientific workforce.
• As a result cost of research has gone
• Many companies are realizing that they
can get their research done abroad, at
cheaper cost, without any compromise
in quality.
• In clinical trials for example, GSK
(Glaxo smith Kline) has announced that
it will shift 30% of its clinical trials to
The Ultimate Goals of Bioinformatics is
to: De s ign e xpe rim e nts us ing
Im ple m e nt Laboratory bioinform atics
Infor m ation M anage m e nt 9%
Syste m s
Provide training and
as s is tance in the us e of
bioinform atics s oftw are
Cre ate & m aintain
laboratory re s e ar ch
databas e s

Us e e xis ting s oftw are for

bioinform atics analyse s

Im ple m e nt w e b-inte rface s

for bioinform atics
applications /data bas e s Dis cove r ne w ins ights or
12% hypothe s e s in m ole cular
ge ne tics or e volutionary
pr oce s s e s
Re s e arch ne w
De ve lop s oftw ar e for
te chnologie s (algorithm s ,
bioinform atics applications
pr inciple s , m ode ls ,
databas e s ) to as ce rtain
the ir pote ntial for
bioinfor m atic analys is
Bi oi nform at ic s Jo bs
sea rch en gi nes
• Medzilla(Biotech,Medical,etc job listings)
• BioSpace (job listings)
• BioView (job listings)
• Bio online Carrier Center
• Symbios Career Service
(Biotech,MedDevice,Pharm )
• Genomics ,Bioinformatics and
• Jumping pills Biotech jobs
• NEE-HOW Bioresource Finder jobs
• JobsScience
• http://www.bhrc.ca/