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Financial Planning

Prepared By:- Chirag Rankja (302214) Guide:- Prof. Laxman Rahalkar

Company:- India Infoline Pvt. Ltd.

Project Title
Financial Planning for and Individual based on the Risk and Return

Objectives of the Study

To analyze various financial planning strategies and to analyze investment pattern of individuals residing in Pune region. To study the different investment options for an investor The study will analyze the attitude of the investors and the degree to which they get influenced by the external factors with respect to various financial products This will help to understand various investment opportunities Will help to generate awareness for Financial Planning

About Company

The IIFL (India Info line) group, comprising the holding company, India Info line Ltd (NSE: INDIAINFO, BSE: 532636) and Its subsidiaries, Is one of the leading players in the Indian financial services space.


Has over 4,000 business locations across 900 cities in India. Global markets include subsidiaries in Colombo, Dubai, New York, Mauritius, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Originally incorporated on 18 Oct. 1995 as Probity Research and Service Pvt.Ltd at Mumbai.

It commenced operations as a independent provider of information analysis and research covering Indian business financial market etc


Financial Planning

Equities Derivatives Commodities Wealth management Asset management Insurance Fixed deposits Loans Investment Banking

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Research Methodology


This section indicates what is to be researched and also shows which method is to be adopted for the research methodology. The sample size of 50 people is considered to draw conclusion Problem statement: To study the customer expectation and perception and selecting the best avenue according to the need of investment.

Research Plan

PLACE OF STUDY: The study was conducted in different places in Pune area Research Instrument: The method used for data collection was questionnaire method. The questionnaire is a structured one with close ended and multiple choice. Research Design: The Research design is purely and simply the framework of plan for a study that guides the collection and analysis of data. Descriptive Research design was used for this research.

Sample Design

SAMPLE SIZE: For the present study respondents have been selected from different places in Pune. The sample was taken as 50 respondents

Source Of Data

Data collection is an actively in marketing research. The design of the data collection method is the spine of research design. The sources of data are classified in to two typesPRIMARY DATA SECONDARY DATA

1) 2)

Methods For Collection

Following methods are adopted for finding out data in SIP program. Visiting cards. Online search: Justdial, Google etc. References search. Field visit to various areas. Consumer Calling Database: company, individual.

Data Analysis

Age Group





0 Less than 26 yrs 26 - 45 yrs 46 - 65 yrs

What is the primary goal of investments family assets?

grow moderetely grow significantly grow agressively




How beating inflation is important to you ?

strongly disagree agree disagree strongly agree 14%


16% 30%

What is important to you while investing?



regural income capital preservation balanced long trem growth

24% 2%

Are you interested in aggressive investment?

Not at all intrested Slightly intrested Intrested Very intrested



How would you describe your investment knowledge?






0 inexperienced somewhat experience very experienced

Annual income
6% 16%



Less than 1,00,000 1,00,001 - 3,00,000 3,00,001 - 5,00,000 More than 5,00,001

Current investments

12% 4%

Stock Market Bank Deposit Real Estate Mutual Fund Metals (jewellery) Commodity Insurance




Investment period
8% 28% 42% 4%

Less than 1 yrs 1 - 3 yrs 3 - 5 yrs 5-10 yrs more than 10 years

Do you prefer to invest in share?

YES 37%

NO 63%







Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning ?

Financial Planning is a Scientific Process to set the things right in future, to achieve a desired financial goal.

Why Financial Planning ?

To Protect your family from financial uncertainties
Wealth/Asset Creation & Protection

Tension Free Living by meeting all your Goals and Dreams

To Minimize Tax Liability

Financial Planning

Changing Lifestyle

Best Asset Allocation Based on your Goals and Risk Appetite

Ever Increasing Cost of Living

Complex and Diversified Financial Products

Components of the Financial Planning

Insurance Planning

Investment Planning
Tax Planning Retirement Planning future Planning


Cash flow Planning Estate Planning

Insurance Planning

Life Insurance Term Insurance Health Insurance High Deductable Accidental & Disability Insurance Critical Insurance Cancer, TB, etc., Debt/Loan Protection Insurance Home loan, Education loan, etc., Home & Content Insurance Liability Insurance Professional, Vehicle

Investment Planning

How much to invest?

How long to invest?

When to invest? Where to invest? What is the best Asset Allocation pattern?

Nice To Wise
Nice Guy
2,82 C

Wise Guy
Wise Guy
8.71 C

1.54 C 1.04 C

3.35 C

70.8 L
1.75 C

18 L

91.2 L

Saved Rs. 5,000 p.m. from age 31 till 60

Saved Rs. 5,000 p.m. from age 21 till 30

Childrens Education Planning

What is the Education? 20 Years average age for Higher

What is the present cost for Higher Education? Rs.7,00,000 Do you know how much money will be required in Future for Higher Education ? Rs. 32,71,770 (Approx.) Assuming the Age of child at 2 years and inflation at 6% and 5% increase in education cost.

Childrens Wedding Planning

What is the average age of marriage of a child? 25 Years What is the present cost of marriage ? Rs. 9,00,000 Do you know how much money will be required in Future for Marriage ? Rs. 30,00,000
Assuming the Age of child at 2 years and inflation at 6%

Tax Planning
Optimizing your Tax Liability by proper use of provisions of the Income Tax Act

Exemptions Deductions Rebate

Saving a rupee in Tax means You have a rupee more to save, spend or invest.

Retirement Planning




Annual Price Rice

10.4% 10.1% 9.2% 9.1% 8.5%

Projected Price 2020

96 144 58 313 69

Projected Price 2030

197 377 126 747 155

Petrol Tooth Paste Sugar Movie Ticket Milk 1 Litre

8 5 4 15 4

73 50 39 200 35

Changing Life Style : Need to Necessity

Items 1987 1997

Cable TV Color TV No

No Yes


Washing Machine Microwave Owen Two wheeler / Car


No Yes


Yes No Yes

Luxuries are turning into necessities.

Drastic Change
Items 1997 2007

Mobile Phone



LCD / Plasma TV
Laptop / Computer Digital Camera IPod / Digital Music Internet

No No No No

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Our Lifestyle is changing constantly and

consequently the expenses as well.

Increasing Life Expectancy

Average Life Expectancy would increase from 75 years to 90 years in the next two decades.

If you dont Plan for Retirement

01% were Wealthy

04% were maintaining their standard of living 23% were Still working.. can't afford to quit

09% were dead

63% were dependent on Children & Charity

Estate Planning

Dhriubhai Ambani Started the Reliance Commercial Corporation with a capital of Rs. 15,000 & passed away on July 6, 2002. Reliance Group had a gross turnover of Rs. 75,000 Crore or USD $ 15 Billion at the time of his death Had not done proper estate planning. His will was not clear. Result Arguments between his sons for Reliance. Is writing a WILL is difficult?

Thank you