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The Prime Ministers Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) was launched on 02 October, 1993 to assist less educated and poor

unemployed . PMRY was implemented only in urban areas of the country. Since 1994-95, it is being implemented in both urban and rural areas. The target of the Yojana for 2007-08 is setting up 2.75 lakh units thus generating an estimated 4.125 lakh additional employment opportunities


PMRY has been designed to provide employment to more than a million Person by setting up of 7 lakhs micro enterprises by the educated unemployed youth. It relates to the setting up of the self-employment ventures through industry, service and business routes. The scheme also seeks to associate reputed non-governmental organisations in implementation PMRY scheme especially in the selection, training of entrepreneurs and preparation of project profiles.


is a centrally sponsored scheme The Development Commissioner (Small-Scale Industries) under Ministry of Small Scale, Rural and Agro, Industries Government of India is the apex body for this scheme.


respective Commissioner/Director of Industries implements the scheme at the State level except the four metropolitan cities, with an overall monitoring by the concerned Secretaries of Industries.

The implementation agencies at the grass root level are District Industries Centre (DIC) who would be instrumental for the grounding of the units. Small Industries Service Institute(SISI) located in the four Metropolitan cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai are the implementing agencies of this scheme

Any jobless learned person residing in any region of the country whether rural or urban satisfying the subsequent circumstances will be entitled for aid. Though, during 1993-94, the proposal would be function in urban regions only. Age: Between eighteen to forty years (SC/ST forty five years).


Matric (conceded or failed) or ITI conceded or having done Govt. funded technical classes for a least period of six months Residency: Permanent occupant of the region for minimum of three 3 years Document such as Ration Card


on receipt of targets from the Central Government, State/UT Governments would convey district wise targets to each district. During the year 1993-94, it was proposed to cover 40,000 beneficiaries under PMRY in urban areas only. Since 1994-95 the scheme has been continuing with annual plan target of 2.20 lakhs persons. The target for 20054-05 has been enhanced to 2.50 lakh.

1. District Collector/Dy. Commissioner - Chairman 2. CEO, DRDA Member 3. District Employment Officer - Member 4. Lead Bank Manager - Member 5. Chairman, Task Force Committee - Member Secy.

Chief Secretary - Chairman Members 1. Secretary, Department of Industries 2. Secretary, Department of Finance 3. Secretary, Department of Planning 4. Secretary, Department of Rural Development 5. Secretary, Department of Labour 6. Representatives of State/UT level Banking Institutions including RBI. 7. Commissioner/Director of Industries and Commerce - Member Secretary. 8. Director, SISI/Incharge, Branch SISI of States/UTs. 9. Officials concerned with the Welfare of SCs/STs.


of Affidavit to be submitted along with the application on relevant Non Judicial Stamp Paper duly attested by Notary. (The value of the non judiciary stamp as per the practice in the concerned state/UT). I S/o, D/o, W/o R/o District/State do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

1) that I am unemployed 2) that I am not in a position to muster my own capital for the project. 3) that I am a permanent resident of since years. 4) that family income of my family which includes spouse is Rs.............. per annum and income of my parents is Rs.......... per annum separately from all sources such as salary, wages, agricultural income, business, rent, interest, pension etc.




1.00 lakh for business sector. Rs. 2.00 lakhs for other activities, loan to be of composite nature. If two or more eligible persons join together in a partnership, project upto Rs. 10.00 lakhs are covered. Assistance shall be limited to individual admissibility.


rate of interest shall be charged. Repayment schedule may range between 3 to 7 years after an initial moratorium as may be prescribed.

Preference should be given to weaker sections including women. The scheme envisages 22.5% reservation for SC/St and 27% for Other Backward Class (OBCs). In case SC/ST/OBC candidates are not available, States/UTs Govt. will be competent to consider other categories of candidates under PMRY