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Jazzs Family Tree:

The Genealogy of Jazzs Bloodlines Through Recordings or Six Degrees of Separation from Kind of Blue

Kind of Blue

Recorded: March 2nd and April 22nd, 1959 Released: August 17th, 1959
Miles Davis - trumpet John Coltrane - tenor sax Julian Cannonball Adderley - alto Sax Wynton Kelly & Bill Evans - piano Paul Chambers - bass Jimmy Cobb - drums

Kind of Blue: A Jazz Guide

Miles Davis has long been associated with innovations in jazz: e.g., played with Charlie Parker, launched the Cool School with his recording Birth of the Cool Sessions, experimented with electric jazz in the 1970s. Popularity of the various songs from record, e.g., So What, All Blues, Freddie Freeloader. 6 degrees of separation from major figures, recordings, and songs throughout jazz history.

Name That Tune

1. Louis Armstrong 2. Fletcher Henderson

4. John Coltrane

3. Coleman Hawkins

Name That Tune

1. Count Basie Band (w/ Don Byas) 1. Django Reinhardt
2. Coleman Hawkins

2. Clyde Harts All Stars (w/ Bird)

3. Bird & Miles
(numerous Savoy & Dial Recordings)

3. John Coltrane

Name That Tune

1. Mercy, Mercy Mercy (written by pianist Joe Zawinul)

2. Weather Report (w/ Wayne Shorter)

2. Cannonball Adderley

3. Miles

Name That Tune

1. Chameleon (written by Herbie Hancock) 2. Miles/Herbie

Kind of Blue -1959Trane: ts. Miles: tpt. Cannonball: as. Kelly: pno. Evans: pno. Chambers: db. Cobb: dr.

Thelonious Himself -1957Trane: ts. Monk: pno. Wilbur Ware: db.

Bean & Ben -1944Ed Robinson: db. Monk: pno. Hawkins: ts. Denzil Best: dr.

Fletcher Henderson and Louis Armstrong -1924Don Redman: as. Hawkins: ts. Henderson: pno. Armstrong: tpt./cn.

Kind of Blue -1959Trane: ts. Miles: tpt. Cannonball: as. Kelly: pno. Evans: pno. Chambers: db. Cobb: dr.

Song for the New Man -2003Fathead Newman: ts./fl. Curtis Fuller: tbn. John Hicks: pno. John Menegon: db. Jimmy Cobb: dr.

Fathead: Ray Charles Presents David Fathead Newman -1958Marcus Belgrave: tpt. Bennie Crawford: bs. Edgar Willis: db. Fathead Newman: as./ts. Milton Turner: dr. Ray Charles: pno..

Ray Charles (pno.) and Betty Carter (vcl.) -1961- Baby Its Cold Outside

Out There with Betty Carter -1958Ray Copeland: tpt. Kenny Dorham: tpt. Specs Wright: dr. Gigi Gryce: as. Jimmy Powell: as. Sahib Shihab: bs. Sam Jones: db. Peck Morrison: db. W. Kelly: pno. Melba Liston: tbn. Betty Carter: vcls. Benny Golson: ts. Ray Charles (pno.) and Betty Carter (vcl.) -1961North Sea Jazz Festival -1994(various perf. w/Hampton1953-1954) Benny Golson: ts. Harry Edison/Clark Terry: tpt. Al Grey: tbn. Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert -1938Junior Mance: pno. Hampton: vb. Basie: pno. Jimmy Woode: db. Goodman: cl. Young: ts. Grady Tate: dr. Hodges: as. (and various others) Lionel Hampton: - vb./pno./dr./vcls.

Kind of Blue -1959Trane: ts. Miles: tpt. Cannonball: as. Kelly: pno. Evans: pno. Chambers: db. Cobb: dr.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy -1966Nat Adderley: cn. Cannonball: as. Joe Zawinul: pno. Victor Gaskin: db. Roy McCurdy: dr.
Mingus -1979Jaco Pastorious: eb. Joni Mitchell: vcls./guit. Peter Erskine: dr. Emil Richards: perc.

Heavy Weather -1977Wayne Shorter: ts./sp. Alex Acuna: dr. Manolo Badrena: perc. Joe Zawinul: kb./pno. Jaco Pastorious: eb./dr.

Wayne Shorter: sp. Herbie Hancock: pno. Don Alias: congas

Kind of Blue -1959Trane: ts. Miles: tpt. Cannonball: as. Kelly: pno. Evans: pno. Chambers: db. Cobb: dr.

Amandla -1989George Duke: kb. Omar Hakim:dr. Steve Khan:gt. Joe Sample: pno. Don Alias: perc. Foley: gt. Mino Cinelu/ Paulinho Da Costa : perc Miles Davis: tpt. Bashiri Johnson: perc. John Bigha: gt./kb. Joey DeFrancesco: kb. Al Foster: dr. Kenny Garrett: sp./as. Michael Landau: gt. Jean-Paul Bourelly: gt./perc. Billy Patterson: gt. Marcus Miller: eb./ bcl./gt. Jason Miles: syn. Rick Margitza: ts.

Morning Sun -1983Scott Peterson: ts. Rick Margitza: ts. Prof. Russ Miller: as. (and many others)

Baecker Jazz Worship Service -2007John Cooper: Conductor/Composer Rev. DaNita Bell: vlcs. Kenny Partyka : as. 1 Russ Miller : as. 2 Gunnar Mossblad: ts. 1 Chris Collins: ten. 2 Mark Berger: bs. Roger Ingram: tpt. 1 Art Davis: tpt. 2 David Hoffman: tpt. 3 Brian Coyle: tpt. 4 Rick Simerly: tbn. 1 John Mose: tbn. 2 Tom Garling: tbn. 3 Matt Traeger: tbn. 3 (Communion only) Mike Pashenee: btbn. Matt Michaels: pno. Jeff Halsey: db. David Taylor: Drums

Thanks to Greg trumpet, Levi The Genealogy of on Jazzs Bloodlines Through Recordings on guitar, Lauren on drums, and or would also like Dave on sax. We Six Degrees of Separation from and to thank you all for your time Kind of Blue attention during this presentation.

Jazzs Family Tree: