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MAE 241 - Statics

Summer 2009

Dr. Konstantinos A. Sierros

Office Hours: M and W 10:30 – 11:30 (263 ESB new add)
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The frictional effects of the air on the blades of the standing fan create a
couple moment of on Mo = 6 Nm on the blades. Determine the magnitude
of the couple forces at the base of the fan so that the resultant couple
moment on the fan is zero.
Replace the force system acting on the beam by an equivalent force and
couple moment at point B.
Draw the free-body diagram of the 50-kg paper roll which has a center of
mass at G and rests on the smooth blade of the paper hauler. Explain the
significance of each force acting on the diagram.
Draw the free-body diagram of the beam which supports the 80-kg load
and is supported by the pin at A and a cable which wraps around the
pulley at D. Explain the significance of each force on the diagram.
5.4 Two and three force members
Two force members
A two force member has forces applied at only two
points on the member
• To satisfy equilibrium FA and FB must be
equal in magnitude but opposite in direction
Therefore, for two force members to be in equilibrium
The forces must have the same magnitude, opposite
directions and have the same line of action, directed
along the line joining the two points where these forces
5.4 Two and three force members

Three force members

A three force member has forces applied at
only three points on the member
• Moment equilibrium can be satisfied only
if three forces form a cocurrent or parallel
force system
5.5 Equilibrium in 3D – Free-body diagrams
Support reactions
• A force is developed by a support that restricts the translation of
its attached member
• A couple moment is developed when rotation of the attached member
is prevented
5.6 Equations of equilibrium

Vector equations of equilibrium

ΣF = 0 and ΣM = 0

Scalar equations of equilibrium

ΣFx = 0 and ΣMx = 0
ΣFy = 0 and ΣMy = 0
ΣFz = 0 and ΣMz = 0

At most six unknowns

5.7 Constraints and statical determinacy

Redundant constraints
• Redundant supports are necessary to hold
the body in equilibrium
• Statically indeterminate problems are the
ones where there are more unknown
loadings on the body than available
equations of equilibrium

Unknown loadings : MA, Ax, Ay, By, Cy

Equilibrium equations available:

ΣFx = 0, ΣFy = 0, ΣMo = 0
5.7 Constraints and statical determinacy
Improper constraints
Having the same number of unknown reactive forces as available
equations of equilibrium does not always guarantee that a body will be
stable when subjected to a particular loading

Applied loading P will cause the beam to rotate slightly about A, so the
beam is improperly constrained, ΣMA≠0