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1. I have two _________

A neck B tongue C legs

2. Mimie reads her book with her

A eyes B tongue C ears

3. Name the body parts of animals. A.Horn B.Tail C.Beak D.Fin

4. Name the body parts of a bird. A.Horn B.Tail C.Beak D.Fin

5. Name the body parts of a fish. A.Horn B.Tail C.Beak D.Fin

6. The frog ___________. A. tweets B. Moos C. Croaks D. barks

7. The dog _____________. A. Meows B. Moos C. Croaks D. Barks

8. I must take breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. Is this true? A Yes B No C Sometimes

9. We can ___________ the drum. A. Beat B. Blow C. Pluck D. Shake

10. The cake has a ___________ smell. A bad B nice

Science Year 2

1. A. B. C.

Which of the following is a living thing? A pen An Ant An aeroplane

2. The picture above shows a group of living things. What are they? A Plants B Animals C Human beings

3. Which of the following is a non-living thing? A. A rose plant B. A mouse C. A car

4. A human needs food and ______ to stay alive. A. Toys B. Water C. Clothes

5. Which of these food gives us energy? A. Lettuce B. Rice C. fish

6. What food do babies need to help them to grow? A. Apples B. Egg C. honey

7. As we grow, we become_________. A. Smaller B. Lighter C. Taller

8. What do we need to stay alive? A. Car B. Soil C. Water

9. Fruits are formed from _________. A. Seeds B. Flowers C. Leaves

10. What does a plant need for healthy growth? A. A teaspoon of water B. The right amount amount of water C. Plenty of water

11. Which of the animals below eat plants only? A. Ducks B. Snakes C. Goats

Science Year 3

1. A. B. C. D.

Which animals have scales and no legs? A fish and a snake A cow and a frog A dolphin and a duck A bee and an eagle

2. Which of the following animals has four legs? A. A snail B. A caterpillar C. An earthworm D. A sheep

3. The stem of this plant is sweet. What is this? A Pineapple B Sugar cane C. Bamboo D Cactus

4. Which is a non-flowering plant? A. Fern B. Rose plant C. Hibiscus plant D. Banana plant

5. Which of these has a soft stem? A Durian tree B Banana plant C Rambutan tree D Hibiscus plant

6. Choose an object that uses magnet. A Pencil B Compass C Hammer D Ruler

7. Which object does not use spring? A Umbrella B Stapler C Ruler D Torchlight

8. Which object is a conductor? A Plastic strip B Wood C Paper clip D Tissue paper.

9. Plants
to grow.

need sunlight, water and ______

sandy soil air root shelter

10. Which statement is not true about this animal? A It has four legs B It has fur C It has tail D It has scales on its body.