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Meh Tuh Bye Cal

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Metabical (Meh tuh bye cal)

Metabical proved to be safe and effective in stimulating weight loss for moderately overweight individuals CSP focus on developing, manufacturing, and marketing product that treat metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal disease, immune deficiencies, as well as other chronic and acute medical conditions Sales over $25 billion in 2007 Printup had over 20 years of experience marketing

Medical scheduled launching for January 2009

Today is February 2008 and Printups first order of business was to develop a viable positioning strategy and associated marketing communication plan for Metabical

BMI has three categories for adults:

Overweight (25 to 30)
Obese (30 to 40)

Severely obese (over 40)

Health and Social Issues

Excess weight approximately 65% of the entire adult population Being overweight is related to a number of serious health complication Overweight individual endure a significant social stigma Laziness and self-indulgence are common stereotypes associated with overweight The professional life negatively affected the hiring decision, wages, and promotions

Weight Loss Drugs

Only OTC drug named Alli had been approved by the FDA Negative side effect of Alli included gastrointestinal conditions such as loose stools, increased defecation, incontinence, abdominal pain, and liver damage Other OTC weight-loss solutions were categorized as herbal or dietary supplements by the FDA and unregulated by the agency Herbal remedies and dietary supplements did not require stringent FDA testing and approval The dietary supplement ephedra was linked to several cases of sudden cardiac death and other serious health risk

Fat-blocking Calorie-absorption agent Reducing stress on heart or liver Controlled-release feature

Gastrointestinal discomfort Not effective to be consumed with excess fat and calories

Trial participant reached their weight-loss goals by week 12

Metabical create behavior modification and healthier eating habit

Metabical not very effective in helping individuals with BMI of 30 or greater

CSP estimates that Metabical would be prices at $3 - $5 per day, with the average course of treatment lasting 12 weeks

The goal was to enable individuals to achieve better result than they would from the pill alone It would teach lifestyle skills for healthy weight maintenance after the initial weight loss achieved

The Support Program Would Include :

Reference materials Online weight-control tools (weight-loss tracker, food diary, nutritional and calorie calculator) Personal support (community forums) Meal plans (menu planner, grocery lists, thousands of recipes) Exercise plans (weight training and cardio routines)

Trends : Percentage of Overweight, Obese, and Severely Obese Adults in the U.S. 1976-2001
% of U.S. Adults Overweight Obese Severely Obese (25 BMI < 30) (30BMI<40) (BMI40) 1999 to 2000 34.0 25.8 4.7 1988 to 1994 33.0 20.1 2.9 1976 to 1980 31.6 14.4 no data U.S. Adult Population (millions) 209 in 2000 185 in 1990 163 in 1980
1999-2000 Men Women (BMI25) Prevalence (BMI25) (%) Prevalence (%) Overall Age (years) 20 to 34 35 to 44 45 to 54 55 to 64 65 to 74 75+ 67.0 58.0 67.6 71.3 72.5 77.2 66.4 62.0 51.5 63.6 64.7 73.1 70.1 59.6

Education Level 2001 Obesity (%) Less than high school 27.4 High School 23.2 Some College 21.0 College 15.7

Income Level 2001 Obesity (%) Less than $25000 32.5 $25000-$40000 31.3 $40000-$60000 30.3 More than $60000 26.8

Not Satisfied with Weight

35% actively trying to lose weight 30% 70%

15% using drugs

Had tried and failed to lose weight in past five years

Visited a health care provider


Others 50%

Visit health care 50%

Want to change their behavior to live a healthy lifestyle


Visit Health care 30%

Others 70%

Current weight loss in the market..


The level of education


Promotion & PR

Sales Force

Promotion and Public Relation

Sales Force


Marketing Communication Strategy

Focused heavily on both the end consumer (the patient) and the healthcare provider


Promotion & PR

Sales Force

Raise awareness and educate patients

CSPs Direct To Consumer (DTC) Concepts

Losing Weight is Tough
Included a DTC

Look Your Best

Those Extra 20 Pounds could be Killing You

Television, Online, Radio, Print Media Blitz at the time

of drugs launch and heavy

advertising throughout the first year to establish the Metabical name


Promotion & PR

Sales Force

Featuring Celebrity Endorser

Advertising Concepts Give your weight patients a safe alternatives

Your overweight patients are dying for help Introducing Metabical Short-term drug therapy and comprehensive support program for overweight patients

Push Advertising (Less than 5% of Total Marketing Budget)

Target Professional Medical Community

Aimed at health care providers


Promotion & PR

Sales Force

Direct Mail Campaign Planned a mailing for 100.000 health care provider (pamphlet and reply card offering a sample) Viral Marketing Campaign The Metabical Challenge On-line contest Social Networking Sites and Contestant Blogs Create Buzz about Metabical

If done

correctly, social and viral marketing had the potential to be an extremely valuable, cost-effectife medium


Promotion & PR

Sales Force

Public Relations
First Event
Second Event
Occur one month before the drugs launch A roundtable discussion involving prominent through leaders in medical community Medical research symposium that was open to media and to medical professionals Occur at the same week as the drugs launch

Focusing on health issues for overweight patients About $4.3 million would be spent for Public Relations


Promotion & PR

Sales Force

Sales Force
To develop sales scripts and presentations providing clinical information Visited targeted medical offices four times a year to discuss the drug and provide samples

The Methabical sales team consisted of 32 sales representatives who called on approximately

3.200 medical offices

CSP had spent in R&D and on FDA trials for Metabical in 10 years and $400 million
Consumer research showed great promise for Metabical Printup knew that poor positioning of the drug could spell disaster Printup needed to flesh out the optimal segmentation, targeting, and positioning of the drug


Who was the ideal target consumer? How should each participant in the decision-making process be addressed? How could these participants best be reached? What was the appropriate message to convey to each one of them? What was the role of the support program? What was the optimal rollout schedule for key marketing communications activities?

Brand Management Steps

Identify and Establish Brand Positioning and Values

Plan and implement Brand Marketing Programs


Measure and interpret brand performance

Grow and sustain brand equity

STEP 1. Identify and Establish Brand Positioning and Values





What :
Safe drug for weight-loss
Helped with behavior modification & healthier eating habits Calosera + Meditonan = Dramatic weight-loss It had a few negative side effects

For whom :
Specifically overweight individuals (BMI of 25 to 30)

Why :
Proven by clinical researches as a drug which give significat weight-loss than other and you only need 1 pill a day It worked in a low-dose formulation It had approved by FDA reducing stress on heart or liver functions that other weight-loss drugs tended to produce

Againts who :
ALLI, XENICAL, Other OTC drugs (TrimSpa, Xenadrine EFX, CortiSlim, One-A-Day), herbal or dietary supplements


Head to Head Competitor

Alli Xenical

Others Competitor
Herbal supplements products

POP and POD (in this case with alli)

Point Of Parity
Category POP Weight-loss drugs Approved by FDA Have some side-effect (associated with excess fat & calories) Competitive POP Few negative side effects Worked in low-dose formulation

Point Of Differences
Category POD Less severe of gastrointestinal discomfort Competitive POD Weight-loss drug approved by FDA specifically for overweight individual contain calosera + meditonan = dramatic weight-loss Average course of treatment = 12 weeks


17 until 70 years old education level : less than high school, high school, some collage, collage income level : $25,000 - $80,000+

Demography 25 until 65 years old Collage $25,000 ++ Geography Urban people

urban and rural people

Psychography :
People who want to look like a movie star People who want to be healthier People who want to wear the skinny jeans People who want to lose weight with easy way People that fine in the way they are People with BMIs score : overweight (25-30), obese (30-40), severely obese (over 40)

Psychography People who want to be healthier People with BMI score of 25-30


: Choose drugs to lose their weight Choose herbal to lose their weight Like sport Loyal to brand Value oriented Health treatment oriented Price sensitive Choose drugs based on advice Check their healthy if there is only damage

Choose drugs to lose their weight Like sport Loyal to brand Value oriented Health treatment oriented Choose drugs based on advice



specifically for physicians/ doctors, interlace cooperation with those who already have credibility , so that they can be one of brand endorser of our products. This will facilitate the stage of marketing communications

Perceptual Mapping
Approved by FDA: weight loss drugs

High medical risk

Low medical risk


OTC weight loss drugs approved (dietary supplement)

Strength :
FDA approval Few negative side effect Ccombined by : CALOSERA + MEDITONAN First mover which targeting over weight segment. Worked in a low-dose formulation Reducing stress on heart or liver function

Weakness :
Gastrointestinal discomfort when users consumed high levels of fat and calories.
New player in dietary supplement

Opportunity :

Threats :
Competition from Alli, Xenical and Herbal supplements Bad experience of dietary drugs

65% of the entire adult population categorized as overweight, obese and several obese.

Overweight is the 2nd leading cause of preventable death in US

Social stigma for overweight people in US Bad experience of Alli and Xenical effects -

Low awareness from consumers

Opportunity for new entry players.

Positioning Statement Choices

For men and women who concern about their over weight

Metabical is a weight-loss drug with prescription that only consume 1 pill a day

Which gives the most dramatic weight-loss, safe drugs and helping you to make a healthy life

Because of it had approved by FDA as a safe drugs with prescription and suggested by clinical researches.

Positioning Statement


STEP 2. Plan and implement Brand Marketing Programs

Stage of Brand Communication

Objectives Modes Implement Measure Adjust


Building Brand Equity of Metabical

Messages : For Consumers : Measure your BMI, go to recommended doctors and get your prescription

For Doctors : Its all about quality products

Visual : TV ads Non visual : radio, campaign

Traditional : sales promotion, event sponsorship Non traditional : mobile marketing, telemarketing, social media


Paid : TV ads, radio, Non paid : social media marketing

Local : TV ads, radio


Target Audience
Male and Female ages : 25 65 Urban people

People who want to be healthier

Distribution point
Pharmacy Drug store

Media reach
TV (main) Magazine Radio Mobile Social network


People who want to have proportional weight


Male and Female doctors

People who want Medical office Sales representative to look best


Product Metabical is a weight-loss drug with prescription that only consume 1 pill a day


Price $4.5 / pill Promotion ATL and BTL campaign

Place Pharmacy and Drug store


Marketing Communication Strategy Plan

1. Launch the Loosing Weight is Tough campaign invite the doctors to come in doctors conference about Metabical talk show for consumers about overweight brand endorser conference about health and overweight

Above The Line

Goals : To introduce metabical;
To communicate the proper positioning of Metabical; inform the benefits of Metabical; To attrack the attention from target market.

2. TV commercial

3. Radio

Above The Line

Goals :
To introduce metabical; To communicate the proper positioning of Metabical; Inform the benefits of Metabical; To attract the attention of target market

8. Magazine/ Newspaper

4. Billboard 7. Mobile Clinic and Sport Events 5. Print ads

6. Buzz Marketing


Create Contest Miss Metabical


Personal selling SPG & Booth event

Below The Line

Goals :
To communicate the proper positioning of Metabical; Inform the benefits of Metabical
2. Social media marketing Facebook & Twitter


E-advertisement E-solution (Web) Health care articles


Email marketing

Timeline ATL
Nove mber 2008 Decem ber 2008 Januar y 2009 Februa ri 2009 March 2009 April 2009 May 2009 June 2009 July 2009 August 2009 Septemb er 2009 October 2009 Novemb er 2009 Decem ber 2009

Creating Working Prototype

Launch Campaign Talk show Conference TV ads

Radio Magazine
Billboard Print ads

Mobile Clinic and

Sport Events

Timeline BTL
Nove mber Decem ber Januar y Februa ri March 2009 April 2009 May 2009 June 2009 July 2009 August 2009 Septemb er 2009 October 2009 Novemb er Decem ber







Creating Working Prototype

Buzz Marketing

Personal Selling
Social Media Email Marketing Mobile Marketing Contest Metabical Miss




Survey Result
% of U.S. Adults

2008* 1999 - 2000 1988 - 1994 1976 - 1980

Overweight 35.4
34 33 31.6

Obese 31.5
25.8 20.1 14.4

Severely Obese 6.5

4.7 2.9 -

US Adult Population (million) 230 in 2008 209 in 2000 185 in 1990 163 in 1980

Overweight population in 2008 70% were not satisfied with their weight 35% were actively trying to lose weight 15% were comfortable using drugs

81,420,000 56,994,000 28,497,000 12,213,000

Customer Analysis
Per pill price : $4.5 Per day usage : 1 pill Per package usage : 84 days Per customer usage : 84 pills
Customer spending per package : $4.5 * 84 = $378

If a customer has an income of $25000/year, then its only takes 6% of income/month for 3 months
Potential customer interesting in Metabical: 9.770.400

Total acquiring assumption: 70%: 6.839.280

Financial Calculation
Price / Pill (doctors) : $4 Profit Margin : 50% Profit / Pill : $2
Potential revenue Marketing cost RnD and FDA cost Production and Other Cost 2,297,998,080 23,146,000 400,000,000 1,148,999,040

Potential Profit


So, in every dollar spent in marketing cost would gives $31.36 profit for Metabical

1 sales representative for 100 medical offices Build relationship with doctors

Discussion about Metabical every 3 months

Insentives for doctors