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Navigating ERAS

Main Websites: ERAS ECFMG - OASIS

Registering for MyERAS: June

1. Get your Token from your OASIS site (via ECFMG.org) costs $90 2. Download the MyERAS User Guide off the ERAS site 3. Edit your contact information on your OASIS Main Page 4. Upload a photo on OASIS within the ERAS Support Services section

OASIS Main Page

Token Page:
within ERAS Support Services

MyERAS: opens in July

1. Once you have your ERAS Token and have read through the User Guide you can register with MyERAS 2. First begin by making your profile 3. Next work on the Application itself this takes a while so start early

Advice on Specific Fields: Keep your Present Address up to date NBOME ID (COMLEX): ignore this, it is related to osteopathic schools Match Information section: Check the box that you are participating in the NRMP (National Residency Match Program) If you arent sure what ACLS and PALS are you should leave them unchecked ECFMG Certification: you dont get this until you graduate, so check No

Includes your CV and your CAF

Advice on Specific Fields

Again, you are NOT certified by the ECFMG Degree you get from RCSI: MB, BCh, BAO Experience section:
This takes a long time so start it early! What to include:
Work experience: include descriptions of your summer electives here Volunteer: include observerships/shadowing and club/society activities here Publications: include published papers, poster presentations and oral presentation (ie Grand Rounds, Case Competitions, etc) Anything interesting that makes you stand out should be in there!

CAF/CV Examples

Supporting Documents
Request a transcript on Moodle after your 4th med marks have been calculated Transcripts must be sent with a document submission form: On OASIS in the ERAS Support services section go to document submission form and fill in the appropriate info then print and sign the form and mail it to ECFMG with your transcripts

Fill out an OASIS document submission form with the relevant information for your MSPE, print, sign and mail the form to the appropriate RCSI office

Personal Statement
Should not exceed one page on ERAS (~640 words) In your MyERAS go to documents and personal statement and click create personal statement for each one of your personal statements, and label them by specialty/ program

Letters of Recommendation
In your MyERAS go to documents and LoRs and click designate new LoR writer Write the name of the doc, their department, position and hospital as the title of the letter Click print cover sheet to the right of the name on the main LoR page Fill out an OASIS document submission form with the relevant information for your writer, then print and sign the form Once all the relevant forms have been sent to your letter writer click to submit LoR request(see LoR word doc on the career guidance section of Moodle, at the bottom of the Clinical Electives section)
Letters cannot be uploaded by ERAS unless a slot has been reserved

Upload all of the letters you have you may pick and choose which to use for each program later on

Document Submission Form


Select Programs & Assign Documents

1. Go to the programs tab on your MyERAS 2. Click the search programs tab, and search by specialty and state 3. Click on the desired program link 4. Click to Select the following:

Click categorical Appropriate personal statement (if >1) Which LoRs you want to send to the program
Make sure you have researched the programs requirements

Send photograph Click Select at the bottom to finish NOTE: you are not committed to applying until you have hit select AND paid the application fee

Certify and Transmit Your App

Check through your application SEVERAL TIMES THOROUGHLY When you are completely happy, click to certify it on the MyERAS Application page

When you have your list of programs selected and their respective documents assigned, go to the Programs tab and then to the apply to programs tab

You DO NOT have to wait for all of your USMLE score reports or all of your rec letters to be in before certifying your application and applying to programs It is critical to get your applications off EARLY! So dont wait around just because one letter or your CS score arent in yet You DO have to have reserved your LoR slots and selected all the appropriate letters on the document selection page of MyERAS-Program Selection, but it is ok to apply before all documents have been received Some programs may contact you before all of your forms are in, and some may wait until they can see all of your scores and letters

Final Thoughts
Keep your profile updated, and notify programs of any change to your contact information Its not necessary, but it may be more convenient to set up a separate email address for your applications (ie if you already use gmail, set up a new yahoo account), that way you have all your application/interview emails in one place, you wont mix them up and you wont risk not receiving things because of spam filters
On the same note, dont use your RCSI email account for applications if the spam filter decides to stop an email, you may not hear about an interview for over a week You can also monitor the message board on MyERAS, though the messages are the same as the emails you will receive and its usually easier to respond by a normal email account

Apply broadly, and dont be afraid to apply to top programs its often hard to predict which programs will like you, so cast a wide net and aim high because you never know

Work hard and get your apps out early You will get interviews You will Match