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Continuous Emissions Monitoring System II

Gasmet Technologies, April 2010

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System II


First Gasmet CEMS was introduced in 2001 System and software has been modified during last years but not dramatically Over 160 CEMS and 60 sub systems has been supplied until today world wide Continuous improvement is required to remain competitive
CEMS must be easier to use and maintain Legislation demands vary in different countries Price competition More FTIR competitors

CEM II Introduction
New sampling system Controller and heated pump/filter package in one 19 enclosure TCP/IP connection to computer New I/O approach Beckhoff K-bus modules for analog and digital I/O PCI expansion cards are not needed Smaller cabinet 600x600x2150mm Air conditioning unit included in above dimensions Complete cabinet can be shipped on a pallet (CX4000 in separate box)

CEM II & CEMS Comparison



600 600 mm footprint Entire sampling unit in 19 enclosure, 4 U high Glass door, display visible when door closed Height with air conditioning unit 2150 mm

800 800 mm footprint Separate sampling unit controller and hot box Door must be opened to see display Height with air conditioning unit 2450 mm

CEM II & CEMS Comparison

600 600 mm footprint Access space required for door opening: 1800 600 mm Clean side panels, no side clearance required Two CEM II systems often fit in the space required for one old CEM system

800 800 mm footprint Access space required for door opening: 2400 800 mm Additional side clearance required for main switch and optional side-mounted air conditioning unit Height with top mounted air conditioning unit 2450 mm may be a problem

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System II


CEM II Basic Structure

Sample Gas In Cooling Unit TFT Display Zero Gas In (N2) Span Gas In Computer Keyboard Sampling System ZrO2 analyzer Gasmet CX-4000 FTIR Option with TDL O2 laser Instrument air In 3 x 16 A, 230 VAC (opt. 115 VAC) Digital / Relay outputs Analog inputs / outputs Fieldbus

Drawer(s) for spare parts and manuals Cabinet equipped with socle or wheels (option)

Sample Gas Outlet: left or right side wall

GASMET Cx-4000 FTIR Gas Analyzer

Gasmet GICCOR interferometer Excellent temperature and vibration stability High signal to noise ratio Peltier cooled MCT detector Heated sample cell 180 C Option with TDL O2 laser Optical paths 2.5m, 5m or 9.8m Measuring ranges from low ppm up to high % level RS-232 output to industrial computer

ZrO2 Oxygen Analyzer

ZrO2 technology TV approved Detection limit < 1 ppm 4-20 mA output Automated single point calibration possible with CEM II sampling system

GASMET Industrial Computer

Specifications: 2,4 GHz Pentium IV processor 512 MB memory 2 x 40 GB hard discs with rack
RAID I Disk operating system

1 x 40 GB empty spare disk Windows Xp operating system DVD-RW Modem & Network card + PC Anywhere Hardware watchdog support

Sampling Unit
One 19 rack mounted unit including all valves, flow switch, pump, filter, flow meters and a PLC controller Sample flow and instrument air pressure alarms PLC controller in sampling unit removes the need for PCI slots in computer. All I/O from computer is routed through the PLC in the sampling system (except RS-232) Temperature controllers for heated sample lines and oven are controlled by the Calcmet software. Connected to Gasmet computer via Ethernet cable. Maintenance switch in front panel Separate models for 100-115 VAC and 230 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz

Sample Probe
M&C SP2000-H
Weather protection shield Mounting flange DN 65 PN 6B Operating temperature 0-180 C, Dust loadings < 2 g/m3

Sample tube SP2000-SS

Material SS316 Lenght 1 m Sample gas temperature 600 C

Heated probe tube recommended in wet applications Higher temperatures and dust loadings on request

Heated Lines
Specifications Operating temperature up to 180 C Teflon (PTFE) inner core, replaceable 6 mm outer diameter (4 mm ID) Nylon braid external jacket 230 VAC power supply Options Rigid plastic jacket 115 VAC power supply PFA tubing instead of PTFE 1/4 outer diameter tubing Integrated power and alarm cables for probe Calibration gas tube for performing span and zero checks via probe Color coding 230 VAC versions - red stripe 115 VAC versions - yellow stripe

Cabinet (Standard)

Cabinet size 600x600x2150mm Cooling unit on the top Front door and back door Front door with window Standard door opening directions shown Other directions available for extra cost Plinth or wheels below the cabinet Connector plate behind the TFT display Easy access to terminals

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Computer Keyboard Sampling Unit Oxygen analyser CX4000 FTIR analyser Air conditioning unit TFT display & Connector plate Drawer for Spare parts

Cabinet (Option)

Cabinet size 600x800x2100mm Cooling unit on the back door Front door and back door Front door with window Standard door opening directions shown Other directions with extra charge Wheeled cabinet not available Additional rack space for e.g. FID analyser Deeper cabinet (800 mm) ensures that larger analysers with more connectors in the rear can be easily installed

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Computer Keyboard Sampling Unit O2 analyzer CX4000 Air conditioning unit (rear door) TFT display & Connector plate Drawer for Spare parts

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System II


Sampling System Flow Diagram

Sample gas in
Shuttle valve

0.5 lpm to oxygen analyzer 4 lpm to FTIR analyzer

Back blow valves

Instrument air backflush and span gas feed to probe are standard features Instrument air must be connected in order for the system to start measurement Multipoint sampling and multiple span gases are available as external valve manifolds

White = NO, valve normally open Black = NC, valve normally closed

Instrument air in

Span gas in

Zero gas in Typically N2 (quality 5.0) or

Synthetic air (N2 80%,O2 20%)

Sampling Unit

Sampling unit contains Heated pump (180 C, PTFE membrane) Particle filter (sub-micron, sintered 316L steel) Flow alarm sensors (FTIR & O2) Solenoid and shuttle valves for controlling sample and test gas flow Rotameters for adjusting flow of test and purge gases Programmable controller with I/O interface to computer running Calcmet

Sampling Unit Gas Connectors

All gas connections are made using 6 mm Swagelok fittings located on back panel Line holders for heated lines (not shown) GAS INPUTS Sample gas (heated) Span gas Zero gas Instrument air GAS OUTPUTS Sample out 1 (heated), FTIR Sample out 2 (heated), O2 Span gas to probe Interferometer purge air O2 reference air

Sampling Unit Pump & Filter

FILTER Bonded microfibre or sintered steel filtration of particulates 2 m or 0,1 m Temperature 180 C PUMP Material ss-316 PTFE diaphragm Flow 4 l/min Temperature 180 C Sample gas pressure 1,5 bar max

Sampling Unit Valves

Automatic solenoid valves for gas inlets and back blow valves to avoid sample gas flow to unheated side. Sample gas/ flush gas valve is operated using instrument air Instrument air pressure range 0 - 10 bar (max.) INSTRUMENT AIR VALVES Sample gas / backflush SOLENOID VALVES Span gas via sample out Span gas via probe Zero gas Safety air BACK BLOW VALVES Sample gas / backflush Maintenance gases Cracking pressure 0.14 bar

Sampling Unit Flow meters

Adjustable flow meters for unheated gases Located on front panel FLOW 4 l/min Safety air Zero gas Span gas to sample out FLOW 0.5 l/min Interferometer purge O2 analyser reference air

Sampling Unit Temperature Controllers

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS Sampling unit includes thermocouple analog inputs for heated module and for three sample lines. Range 0 180 C Type TcK Sample line 1 connector has 24 VDC control for external solid state relay. Temperature display in Calcmet software Temperature control circuit in Beckhoff BC9000 controller inside sampling system

Sampling Unit I/O

DIGITAL OUTPUTS (24 DVC) Alarm outputs are displayed on LED lights and unit has corresponding digital outputs. Alarm outputs are: System alarm, Service request, Maintenance (can be set also manually), Concentration alarm, Result valid Combination for each alarm can be set in Calcmet. Unit has digital output command to start Oxygen analyser calibration

DIGITAL INPUTS Digital inputs are: Cabinet air condition unit cooling alarm, Cabinet temperature, Probe temperature, Zero gas pressure, Oxygen analyser alarm It is also possible to activate span gas test via probe or System standby by digital input.

Sampling Unit I/O to Calcmet

SENSORS Sample out 1 flow low Sample out 2 flow low Instrument air pressure low Maintenance switch TEMPERATURES Sample Line 1 temp & alarm Sample Line 2 temp & alarm Sample Line 3 temp & alarm Heated module temp & alarm COUNTERS Pump membrane age in hours All valve ages in times DIGITAL INPUTS Cabinet air condition unit cooling alarm, Cabinet temperature, Probe temperature, Zero gas pressure, Oxygen analyser alarm