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Dr. Ar. David H.


Sweety Samaiya

Vidit Malhotra

David Fisher
Italian Architect based in Florence owning a design firm called Infinity Design Honors at Faculty of Architecture in Florence University Taught as faculty in the same and in structural engineering department Awarded PhD Honoris causa by the Prodeo Institute at Columbia University (NY) Not a traditional architect as he worked mainly in the field of construction redefining the technical and technological extremes of building Involved in restoration of ancient buildings Pioneer in the field of prefabrication and dynamic buildings


Since the beginning, with his involvement in Binishells technology, David Fishers design studio has developed a vision of architecture resulting from technological and economic considerations, with aesthetics being the natural output of the above.

Killarney heights public school library


Since the first large project, the Marriott Aruba , Dr. Fisher has taken part in the complete process of construction, from the feasibility study, to financing, to construction management and the final commissioning of the project.


For David Fisher Architecture is the space for living and the life of the people must not be conditioned by an architects extravagance.
Infinity Design gives puts a strong focus on the flexibility of the space as life, architecture must change together with the needs of the people and the changes of the environmental conditions.





Dynamic Architecture buildings keep modifying their shape Traditional architecture Gravity Dynamic architecture Motion dynamics A mechanical approach to civil construction Transdisciplinary

Buildings will no more remain the fossilized imagination of the architect;

They will change, constantly bringing new views and experiences to us with time Introducing the fourth dimension in architecture : TIME

Suite Vollard

The Suite Vollard is a futuristic residential building in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. This Apartment Building was Designed by a team of Architects, headed by Bruno de Franco & David Fisher

This building is the only one of its kind in the world, as each of the 11 apartments can rotate 360.
Each apartment can spin individually in any direction. One rotation takes a full hour.

The apartment rings rotate around a static core used for building services, utilities, and all areas which require plumbing. Each apartment was sold for approximately R$ 400,000.00 ($US 300,000.00).

The Rotating Tower, Dubai

80 floors, 420 meters tall. First 20 floors will be Offices. Floors 21 to 35 will be a Luxury hotel, Floors 36 to 70 will be Apartments. While the top 10 floors will be luxury Villas. Apartment sizes range from 124 sq.m to villa of size 1200 sq.m

It will be the first building in the World to be entirely constructed from factory made prefabricated parts.
These parts are being manufactured in a factory in Altamura, Italy.

It will require just 600 people in the assembly facility and 80 technicians on the site instead of min. 2000 workers for a similar building.
the consturction will complete by the end of this year.

The Rotating Tower Of Dubai will be the First Industrial Skyscraper ever constructed. 90% of the building will be prefabricated and assembled on a central core, the only part built with traditional reinforced concrete poured on the site.
I call the non-moving buildings Tombstones......buildings should start being part of the universe, and therefore dynamic..... How could one think that digital homes of future will be as immobile as our grandmothers house.