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A It

different type of intelligence

is about being heart smart not book smart


is as important as IQ

An ability to identify, use , understand and manage your emotions in a positive & constructive way Recognize emotional state your/others Engage others in ways so as to draw people to you

EI is the ability of an individual to deal successfully with other people To manage one's self To motivate others & Understand one's own feelings & appropriately respond to the everyday environment. Management scholars have found that individuals with high EQ are better at creating positive outcomes.

Builds strong relationships Connect to emotions Communicate non-verbally Deal with challenges Defuse conflicts Succeed in life/work Achieve ones desired goals Builds confidence Builds self assurance

Self awareness:Recognize emotions and how they affect ones thoughts & behaviors, knowledge about ones strengths / weakness, Self confidence Self management : Control impulsive behavior and manage emotions in a healthy way Social awareness: Understand others emotions, needs & concerns, social comfort level, power dynamics Relationship management: Develop & maintain relationships , communication clarity ,inspire & influence others, manage conflicts & develop team spirit

Skill 1 - The ability to reduce stress Skill 2 - The ability to recognize & manage your emotions Skill 3 - The ability to connect to others using Non Verbal Communication Skill 4 - The ability to use humor to deal with challenges Skill 5 - The ability to resolve conflicts with confidence

Being a good communicator requires more than verbal skills.. What one says is less important than how one says it along with the non verbal signals sent across. To build trust, connect and hold attention one has to be aware , control ones non verbal cues and then read & respond to others non verbal cues..

Non verbal communication is the 3rd skill of EI and is emotionally driven It asks several QS? Are you listening? Do you care? Do you understand? Answers to these QS are expressed in the way we listen, look , move or react N V C N V cues either generate trust, interest, desire to connect or fear, distrust, disinterest & confusion leading to a disconnect

Do managers need Emotional Intelligence?

When Managers fail, it is usually due to poor Emotional Intelligence Fred Turner

Deciding factor for relationship management resulting in Motivation Retention Self management & Management of others.

They represent Organization in public Are in direct line of contact Interact with highest number of people within & outside the organization . Their Behavior & treatment determines retention & turnover They set the tone for employee morale according to Goleman

Leaders with empathy are able to understand their employee needs BETTER and provide them with constructive feedback.

Helps handle adversity & setbacks Teaches to cope when change & uncertainty hits organizations or personal lives.

Helps manage effective relationships.

Helps stay focused and being on track guided by purpose & vision.

Upon graduating from college, x believed that if she worked hard, she would achieve her career goals successfully. With hard work accomplishments followed

However, just two years into her career she was fired.

producing results.

x thought.Work was all about performance &

While working she met other high performers who had lost their jobs too .... Reason : Lack of EI & Poor people management skills

X soon learned that shooting stars have a short life cycle if they are unable to relate to and understand others.

Unrealistic to suppose that emotions can be checked at the door step when you arrive at work. Emotional Neutrality is ideal better to keep feelings out of sight Lack of participation & hiding emotions completely or excessive emoting and having an opinion on all issues is not good for the organization

The number one-factor that sets high-powered professionals apart from the pack is High level of EI Compassion Energy to function in team environment & Good people management

In the business world , emphasis placed on intellect. Intellect has been invaluable, to drive success in business. Process & procedures based on analyses, logic, strategies , critically important . no doubt However, for higher level of competence in business one must blend progress made in using intellect or IQ with the invaluable competencies of emotional intelligence or EI. Develop EI to succeed

Best relationships do not need promises , do not need terms or conditions. They just need two wonderful persons one who can trust & the other who can understand and care

- Anonymous