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Porn Cultures: Regulation, Political

Economy, Technology

Depraving and
Sex Works and Obscenity
in the UK
Murray Perkins
British Board of Film Classification
Guidelines and Legislation

In 2000 the BBFC publishes Guidelines, the result of

extensive public consultation, which inform classification
decisions and incorporate new R18 standards

BBFC required to consider ‘harm’ under the Video

Recordings Act 1984

BBFC will not classify material believed to be in

breach of the law – Obscene Publications Act
Video Recordings Act

Requires the BBFC to have special regard to the

likelihood of works being viewed in the home,
and to
Any harm to those likely to view a video

Any harm to society through the behaviour

of those viewers afterwards

Special regard to
- Criminal behaviour
- Use of illegal drugs
- Violent behaviour or incidents
- Horrific behaviour or incidents
- Human sexual activity
The Guidelines

Unacceptable content includes material in breach of

the criminal law;

Material (including dialogue) likely to encourage an

interest in sexually abusive activity (may include role-

Portrayal of any activity which involves lack of consent.

Physical restraint which prevents a withdrawal of

Infliction of pain or physical harm (some allowance for

consensual BDSM). Penetration with objects likely to
cause harm or associated with violence;

Sexual threats, humiliation, abuse

Obscene Publications Act

“an article shall be deemed to be obscene if its effect or

(where the article comprises two or more distinct items)
the effect of any one of its items is, if taken as a whole,
such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who
are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances,
to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied
in it.”

A defence of ‘public good’

Current interpretation of the OPA

Copraphagia – any sight of faeces in a sex work

Liquids other than semen or lubricant (used as lubricant)

being expelled from rectum (including enemas/anal
douches) if they display any sight or faecal matter, if they
come into contact with another person, or if drunk

‘Blood sports’ – a focus on menstrual blood, other than


Urolagnia – urination during sexual activity, onto another

person, being drunk, or poured, rubbed, smeared onto a

Fisting – penetration with all five digits beyond the

Current interpretation of the OPA

‘Roman showers’ – activity resulting in/using vomit

Penetration with very large dildos

Sado-Masochistic Activity – under UK law it is not possible

to consent to assault, defined as injury beyond ‘trifling and
transient’. Regardless of country of filming, S&M activities
which appear to cause injury beyond ‘trifling and transient’
are likely to render a work obscene

Wax dripping – if there’s any suggestion of a lack of

consent or if the wax is dripped onto the genitals or anus


Criminal Justice and
Immigration Act 2008

Creates a new offence of possession of extreme

pornographic images.

- It must be pornographic (produced solely or principally for

the purpose of sexual arousal)
- Be grossly offensive, disgusting, or otherwise of an
obscene character
- Portray in an explicit and realistic way, one of
An act which threatens a person’s life
An act which results or is likely to result in serious
injury to a person’s anus, breast or genitals
An act involving interference with a human corpse
A person performing an act of intercourse or oral
sex with an animal