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HRD Score Card


The HRD score card assigns a four letter rating to grade the maturity level of HRD present in any organization.



systems maturity competency in the company culture linkage to business goals

Four Dimensions

Manpower planning and recruitment PMS Feedback and coaching mechanisms Career development and succession planning Job Rotation,OD Interventions Potential Appraisal and development

HSM includes.

HRD staff Top Management Line managers and supervisory staff Union and association leaders Workmen, operators etc.

HRD competencies in company

How professionally qualified are they? Do they seem to demonstrate an adequate knowledge base? Are they sensitive to internal customer requirements? Are they quality conscious?

HRD staff

Do they understand the HRD function and its significance in achieving business goals? How supportive are they of HRD interventions and values? Are their leadership style facilitative of a learning culture? How well do they practice HRD values?

Top Management

How much do they understand the significance of HRD? Are they interested and motivated to develop themselves? Do they have listening and other skills required to facilitate development of their juniors?

Line managers

It promotes the development of human potential. It is also a culture that promotes a learning organization.

HRD culture


Openness- extent to which employees are open to suggestions of each other Collaboration- the extent of synergy existing between and within departments or sections, levels, categories of employees etc Autonomy- the extent to which there is an app. level of autonomy and freedom available for each role holder in org. to exercise some discretion and judgments.

Experimentation- the extent to which employees are encouraged to take risk and experiment with new ideas and ways of doing things. Learning culture: extent to which org. uses mistakes and deviants as learning opportunities,.


Extent to which HRD efforts are driven to achieve business goals WHICH INCLUDE: Business excellence , profitability and other outcomes Internal operational efficiency Internal /external customer satisfaction Quality orientation, Technology adoption

Linkage to business goals

HR Function: there are two basic functional categories in HR mgt. ]The technical aspect deals with the delivery of HR basics such as recruiting, compensation and benefits. The strategic aspect involves delivering the above services in a way that directly supports the implementation of firms strategy.

Human Resource strategic partner

HR system: In high performance HR system each element is designed to maximize the overall quality human capital throughout the organization. It should involve linking the selection and promotion decisions to validated competency models. Enact compensation and performance management policies that attract, retain and motivate high performance employees.

Employee behavior: It is important that each

employee be trained not just to do his or her job, but also to have a substantially clear understanding of where he or she stands in the big picture of the overall strategy of the firm.

To integrate HR into a business performance measurement system, managers must identify the points of intersection between the HR and organizations strategy implementation plan. These points are commonly called HR deliverables. Performance Drivers and HR Enablers.

These can be classified into two categories viz.

What are HR Deliverables?

HR managers must focus on performance drivers in an attempt to demonstrate their strategic impact. It is important for any organization to identify performance drivers and integrate them directly into performance criteria giving them equal weight accordingly. Ex. One half of bonus pays can be based on the financial results while the other half is based on employees adherence to the value behaviors.

Performance Drivers

They reinforce the core performance drivers. If employee productivity is identified as performance drivers , reskilling and training can be considered an enabler. HR managers should evaluate the degree to which firms system of enablers support the HR as well as non-HR performance drivers.

HR Enablers

Reinforces distinction between HR do-ables and deliverables Enables cost control and value creation Measures leading indicators Assesses HRs contribution to strategy implementation Lets HR professional effectively manage their strategic responsibilities. Encourages flexibility and change

Benefits of HR scorecard