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What is EUROCLIO, the European Association of History Educators about?

EUROCLIO A Democratic Association

Since 1992
68 Independent Member
Associations of History and Citizenship Educators from 45 countries

19 Associated Members from 14


EUROCLIO represents approximately 25 000 history educators!

EUROCLIO supports the Development of Responsible and Innovative History, Heritage and Citizenship Education


Making students understand that

History is based on evidence History is made of multi-layered narratives History is interpretation

Based on the ethic responsibility of the Historian The History Teacher in the frontline

Capacity Building Collaborative Work Local Ownership

Professional Approach
Dialogue & Trust Process-Orientation External Monitoring


1. Training Provider, building cross-border professional capacity. 2. Innovative educational material development. 3. Research, addressing challenges and opportunities created by cross- border learning and teaching 4. Governance of the Association 5. Dissemination of information 6. Project application 7. Lobby and PR 8. Professional Expertise Provider

1. Training Provider
The Annual Conference: the most international training course for history education practitioners from Europe and beyond. EUROCLIO organised more than 40 international and more than 200 national and regional professional capacitybuilding conferences, seminars and workshops.

Annual Conference in Erfurt 2013

Training on project proposal writing 2012

Seminar on Conflict and Cooperation in Northern Ireland 2012

2. Innovative educational material development

Development process: Quality Assurance
Piloting Peer Review External Assessment
In the context of such professional development, the materials produced in this project would serve as a model for innovative history teaching.
Piloting History that Connects-Macedonia modules in the classroom

Collaborative Writing
Collaborative writing for Historiana

3. Research
Addressing challenges and opportunities created by cross-border learning and teaching Questionnaires

Special Reports

4. Governance of the Association

47 Independent Member Associations of History and Citizenship Educators from 41 countries. 21 Associated Members from 16 countries

General Assembly


5. Dissemination of Information
Website Newsletter

Active Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/groups/ EUROCLIO

Twitter (#EUROCLIO)

6. Project Application
Who funds EUROCLIO?

7. Lobby and PR
Awards EUROCLIO in Brussels

Medea special Prize for European Collaboration in the creation of Educational Media 2012

Blandine Smilansky (senior manager)

8. Professional Expertise Provider

Internationale Baccalaureate KAICIID Anna Lindh Foundation

Lectures & Workshops

Lecture at University of Groningen

Encyclopedia with information on: EUROCLIO as an organisation All EUROCLIO projects Communication channels EUROCLIOs global network

Co-creation workshop for Historiana


International Training
Developing cross-border professional capacity
Annual Conferences: the most international training course for history education practitioners from Europe and beyond.

Cyprus, 2009

Thematic international seminars: i.e. teaching international citizenship, teaching Holocaust, Conflict and Cooperation, Partnership development
Turkey, Ankara 2012

Historiana - Your Portal to the Past is a portal to multi-perspective, cross-border and comparative historical sources will soon be home to innovative learning activities and tools

promotes acquisition of cross-border historical knowledge, development of critical thinking, digital and other transversal competences in students
is developed by an enthusiastic international community of contributors, supported by the EUROCLIO staff. If you would like to join the community of contributors to Historiana, please contact us at judith@euroclio.eu

History that Connects the Western Balkans

Supports responsible history and citizenship education Contributes to the development of democratic local to global citizenship Is a replicable best-practice model for history education in other post-conflict societies Builds capacity of national History Teachers Associations in the region as active civil society organisations

Past projects: Albania, BosniaHerzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey Current project: How to Teach Sensitive Topics the Countries of Former Yugoslavia (2011-2014)

Innovating History Education in the Black Sea Region

Raises awareness for innovative and responsible education approaches Enhances democracy and intercultural dialogue Creates sustainable national and cross border networks
Past Projects: Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Running Projects: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey and Ukraine

Mediterranean Dialogues
Professionalisation and capacity-building of history educators in the Mediterranean region through sharing of experience and peerlearning with colleagues in Europe. Mutual understanding Innovative teaching materials Improved dialogue Cultural diversity Empowerment

You can find us here

Twitter (#EUROCLIO) http://twitter.com/euroclio LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/euroclio---european-association-of-historyeducators

Active Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/groups/EUROCLIO

Email: info@euroclio.eu