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How to involve nurses in system design

Anne Cooper Clinical Informatics Advisor NHS England

NHS Direct West Yorkshire 1999 - My collaborators!

Building my portfolio
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My definition of informatics
The use of information for the delivery of harm free care, improving outcomes, research and education.
Includes: Information shared with patients about their care and to enable self management and choice IT that supports safer harm free care

Standards that enable measurement

Usability is one of the major factorspossibly the most important factorhindering widespread adoption of EMRs. Usability has a strong, often direct relationship with clinical productivity, error rate, user fatigue, and user satisfaction critical factors for EMR adoption. Clinicians lose productivity during the training days and for months afterward as they adapt to the new tools and workflow. Adoption rates by physicians and hospitals have been slower than expected in the US, in part, due to poor efficiency and usability.
HIMSS: http://www.himss.org/resourcelibrary/TopicList.aspx?MetaDataID=1721&navIte mNumber=17637

So how to engage nurses.

Listen actively Use their language to demonstrate you understand

Understand their drivers Listen and dont judge Do it on their turf Understand the constraints of their attendance Respect their profession and experience

Engaging nursing
Understand the context of their work: wards vs community vs theatre vs A&E Engage and support leaders

Go to the front-line Get to know the people forming relationships

This is nursing

This is nursing

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