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What do you see when you look at the mirror? At Dove, we celebrate and salute the beauty in real women. And we're proud to usher in 2009 by making women feel beautiful every day

The Real Beuty !

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Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

UNILEVER --- An Anglo-Dutch company Dove soap was launched in the US in 1957. Formed two separate entities: 1) Unilever Plc, London 2) Unilever NV, Rotterdam

Leading manufacturer and marketer --- foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products.
Major Brands: Knorr, Lipton, Bertolli, Surf, Vaseline, AXE, Lux, Ponds and Lifebuoy

Core competencies
Making products that improve peoples health, hygiene, and nutrition Global purchasing of agricultural raw materials Global logistics network Scientific knowledge in food technology & nutrition One of worlds largest communicators with people Experts in influencing public behavioral change, worldwide Ability to work in multi-sectoral partnerships Ability to train and develop people and project managers

Thrust devolopment
3 Step approach

Aggregate: Add together impacts to tell a bigger and more powerful story. Integrate: Leverage synergies to minimize duplication and maximize business efficiencies. Escalate: Scale up activities and fast track roll out of brands.

Vitality Framework
In 2008, Unilever finalized a Vitality Framework to help them deliver their mission in a systematic and measurable way It allows brand managers to explore opportunities to innovate and improve their brands in three ways: Boosting peoples personal vitality and well-being Addressing social issues Reducing environmental impacts

Four Vitality Metrics measure the frameworks performance

1. 2. 3. 4. Greenhouse gas emissions Water Waste Sustainable sourcing

The first three provide an estimate of each element per consumer use, such as grams of greenhouse gas per single usage occasion of shampoo. The greenhouse gas metric takes into account impacts across a products lifecycle, including. Direct manufacturing impacts Indirect impacts such as sourcing of raw materials and the quantity of energy and water required for consumer use. In 2008, they piloted these metrics in selected geographic regions and with certain products. During 2009 theyll be refining these metrics and reviewing how far they can be used to shape future brand development and to set a baseline to track progress across the brand portfolio.

Vitality Framework
In 2008, Unilever finalized a Vitality Framework to help them deliver their mission in a systematic and measurable way It allows brand managers to explore opportunities to innovate and improve their brands in three ways: Boosting peoples personal vitality and well-being Addressing social issues

Reducing environmental impacts

Beauty Soap Body wash Antiperspirant/Deodorants Face care Shampoos and conditioners hair fall therapy - Styling Aids


1940s Formula for Dove Bar (Mild Soap) 1950s Refined to original Dove Beauty Bar 1960s Launched in the market 1970s Popularity Increased as a milder soap 1980s Leading brand recommended by Physicians 1990s Dove beauty wash successfully launched 1995-2001 Extension of Doves range of products Unilever started aggressive marketing and won more than 24% of the market by 2003. In 2006, Dove started the Dove Self-Esteem 13 Fund.

1) APRIL- 2004 launched DOVE FIRMING LOTION 2) Ads named as LETS CELEBRATE CURVES 3) SEPT- 2004 LAUNCHED GLOBAL CAMPAIGN. 4) It was renamed as CAMPAIGN FOR REAL BEAUTY 5) Intended to make more women feel beautiful.

We want to challenge the definition of the beauty. We believe that beauty has become too narrow in definition. We want to defy the stereotype that only young, blond and tall are beautiful. -Philippe Harousseau, Doves Marketing Director

The Campaign for Real Beauty

Based on national and international research on womens perceptions of beauty, International Statistics: Only 2% of women feel comfortable describing themselves as beautiful, while 31% describe themselves as natural and 29% as average. National Statistics: Indian women are more willing to rate their looks higher than their beauty, but 79% wish woman could be considered beautiful if she is not physically perfect Developed around these statistics to improve the worldwide understanding of real beauty

The Campaign for Real Beauty

2004: The Campaign asked women to judge ads using non-professional models as oversized, outstanding, wrinkledor wonderful and then place their vote on its website. 2005: Ads challenged women to Stand firm to celebrate their curves by showing six women of differing ages, shapes and sizes photographed in their underwear.

The Campaign for Real Beauty 2006: The Evolution video uses time-lapse photography to illustrate how much a models natural appearance has likely been modified in an advertisement

The Campaign for Real Beauty

2007: The Onslaught video provides a montage of beauty industry images, including a multitude of products and cosmetic surgeries, as viewed through the eyes of a young girl.

The video challenges parents to Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does. Dove self Esteem

Results !
Over 800 article 700% increase in sales in first 4 months Created debate about an important topic Awards for best campaign

Pro age campaign

Embrace the best years of your life with dove pro-age and new line of products for skin and hair created to let women in their best years realize the beautiful potential that lies within

91 percent of the women surveyed believe the media and advertising need to do a better job of representing realistic images of women over 50. 79% said the wish a woman could be considered beautiful even if she is not physically perfect. 97% believe society is less accepting of appearance considerations for women over 50 than their younger counterparts, with showcasing ones body the least acceptable.

Comments from Dove

Dove seeks to create an attitudinal change in the anti-aging category from negative and fear-driven to affirmative and hope-driven, says Kathy OBrien, Dove Marketing Director. Proage is about looking great for your age.


Sales of firming lotion in UK rose by 700%

Sales in the US went up by 11.4%

Total Sales for the Dove Brand rose 6% No. of visitors to website increased by 200% Grand EFFIE award for advertising effectiveness Positive response from the masses




Dove products

Dove products


Dove products

Dove products

Dove Evolution took top honors in both the Cyber and Film categories on this years Cannes Lions pointing to the colliding worlds of consumer-powered digital distribution and brand building. It's the first time in the festival's history that the same execution won in both categories. It is fast becoming one of the most watched videos on the internet. In the two years since Dove decided to brand itself as the beauty company that celebrates real beauty


o Unconventional strategy o Effective advertising, Free publicity

o Continuously evolving the campaign

o Strong emotional touch o Cross-selling Possibilities

Contradictory in nature Objectification of women Women featured were comparatively slim Use of idealized images in other brands under the same flagship Contradictory Japanese campaign


Target male customers

Maintain better standards of quality Unified advertising throughout the globe Continuous innovation

Risk of being a brand for fat girls

Involved marketing risk

Copy by the competitors Undermining the aspiration of consumers Sustainability of campaign in long run


Taking the initiative Interactive advertising Cause based marketing


Hair care
Dove was launching its hair-care product in India with an ambition to deliver the most beautiful hair. Dove believed real beautiful hair is when its damage free. Key thought: Beauty is fragileyou constantly need to protect it. In most womens minds especially in India, there is an almost inevitable tension between beautiful hair and doing damage to it, though the damage is not selfinflicted. Dove wanted to tell the truth to women that really beautiful hair is hair without damage. The only real way to get beautiful hair is to deal with the damage that life meats out.