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Sociology of Smansa

Interaction As a Social Process

By :Indri Virgianti, S.Pd, M.T

Objective and Keywords

Objective : By learning this section students are expected to be able to describe interaction as a social process

Keywords : - Social interaction - Social contact - Communication

Human as social beings in the daily life are related with the comunities around them, including all of you as students. In daily activities you can interact with family, neighbours, schoolmates, playmates,etc.


When we start a relationship with other people, we have done interaction. The interaction you do as a social member can take the form of a smile, greeting each others and making a discussion

When you interact, of course you have intentions that you want the people around you to know, so you can reach the goals expected



Definition Of Social Interaction

Reciprocal relationship between the individual and the individual, the individual with the group and group by group Social interaction is a requirement of social activities Action <------------ Reaction

The Requarements of Social Interaction

Soerjono Soekanto states that the requarements of social interaction are : - Social Contact - Communication

Social Contact (1/2)

Social contact can be positive and negative

a. It is positive if it leads to a cooperation

b. It is negative if it leads to a clash or conflict

Social Contact (2/2)

Social contact can also have primary and secondary characteristics

The primary social contact happens when there is a relation direct face to face meeting The secondary social contact needs a mediator in practice

Communication (1/4)
a. b. c.


Communication means sending or receiving messages between two or more people Component of Communication : Sender Receiver Message Feedback

Communication (2/4)

Communication is divided into two method : a. Direct Communication Is a communication between two or more people without any media or helping tools

Communication (3/4)
b. Indirect Communication is a communication using communication tools

Communication (4/4)

Communication comes after the contact happens

A contact does not always mean there is communication, because communication happens if an individual interpretes other peoples act and give a response to the act

Can communication be separated from social contact ?

Is the social interaction happen ??

Is the social interaction happen ??

The Interaction Process

The social interaction happened is based on various factors : a. Internal Factors : The natural impulse as social people b. Eksternal Factors Respond to the action of others curiosity

The Types Of Social Interaction

Based On a Number of People a. Between an individual and other indiviual b. Between an individual and a group c. Between a group of human and other human group

The Types Of Social Interaction

Based On Process : a. Imitation ...is the process of imitating acts, values, norms or science of others or groups b. Suggestion ...a process where an individual receives a view or peoples behaviour without criticizing.

The suggestion process can happen because the emotion of the receiver is unstable so it disturbs the rational mind

The Types Of Social Interaction

c. Identification ...means the desire to be identical or similar to the idols. The process can happen intentionally or unintentionally

The Types Of Social Interaction

d. Sympathy ...is the individual feeling of interest in other individuals. The process is based on feeling and individual awareness

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