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Functional role of quantum coherence in interfacial water.

James L. Oschman,
Natures Own Research Association Dover, New Hampshire, USA

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Maurie Pressman, M.D.

Dr. John Veltheim

Quantum coherence in water:

1. What is it? 2. Why is it important? 3. Significance for health. 4. Significance for morphogenesis. 5. Significance for consciousness.

The living matrix

Albert Szent-Gyrgyi




ligament myofascia superficial fascia

The living matrix



cell membranes

Muscles, connective tissues, and cell membranes are composed mainly of molecules packed closely together as liquid crystals.

99 % of the molecules in the body are water molecules. Most of these water molecules are located at interfaces, i.e. at the surfaces of other molecules (average of 10,000 waters each) and surfaces of cells.

Most of the helices in the body are organized vertically:

collagen in connective tissue

actin and myosin in muscles

These helical actin, myosin, and collagen molecules order a massive number of spinning water molecules.

Joseph Larmor 1857-1942

Protons and electrons have a property known as spin. The situation can be compared to the spinning top. In the absence of an external field, there will be a certain spin axis. If an external field is applied, the spin axis will tilt and precess the spin axis of the particle will sweep out a conical surface. The frequency causing the precession is known as the Larmor frequency, named after Sir Joseph Larmor, an Irish physicist and mathematician.

When the energy level in these liquid crystals reaches a certain point, the molecules begin to vibrate coherently, leading to the emission of coherent light = RADIANCE.

Both the fabric of space and the fabric of the body have spiral grains.
light spirals through space energy spirals through molecules

Vladimir B. Ginzburg

The spacing of amino acids along the collagen backbone is optimal for binding water molecules. Berendsen, H.J.C., 1962. Nuclear magnetic resonance study of collagen hydration. Journal of Chemical Physics 36:3297-3305.

The water molecules spin coherently and precess in response to electromagnetic fields in the environment. This arrangement accounts for the extreme sensitivity of living matter to external environmental fields.



Spin is contagious.

Spinning water molecules couple the quantum information field (morphic field) to the molecular structure and vice versa.

Spinning water molecules couple the quantum information field (morphic field) to the molecular structure and vice versa.

Larmor precession Sensitive to a single quantum Bi-directional Non-thermal, nonionizing effects Information storage Energy storage Generate torsion or spin waves

In a coherence domain, torsion waves can propagate to nearby particles and couple spins. Coherence occurs when many such particles spin and precess together, in phase with one another.

Energy and information input into any of the bodys systems can spread over all systems; conversely energy and information from all systems can concentrate into any single system. Energy coupling in living systems is symmetrical, which is why we can have energy at will, whenever and wherever required. Ho, M.-W., 1996. The biology of free will. Journal of Consciousness Studies 3:231-244.

Coupling between different domains: liver as an example

Capillary endothelial cells Parenchymal cells Reticuloendothelial cells Bile duct cells Lymphatic endothelial cells Cellular domains

Del Guidice and Preparata

Mae-Wan Ho

Herbert Frhlich

Cyril Smith

The electromagnetic environment also includes the fabric of space-time.

Morphogenesis Consciousness

For many years, scientists were told that it was not appropriate to study consciousness.
Consciousness is a philosophical problem, best left to philosophers.

This attitude shifted when one of the modern thought leaders, Sir Francis Crick, announced that consciousness arises from the operations of massively interconnected neurons in the brain, and is therefore properly studied by neuroscience.

Cricks Astonishing Hypothesis (1994) posits that "a person's mental activities are entirely due to the behavior of nerve cells, glial cells, and the atoms, ions, and molecules that make them up and influence them."

The neuron doctrine: the brains neurons and synapses are components in a computer-like switching circuit:
brain = mind = computer.

In other words, the brain is a soft computer. When you figure out what all of the circuits are doing, you will understand consciousness.

Stuart Hameroff reminded us

that neurons are cells: individual neurons are far more complex than simple switches, with enormous capacity for intracellular information processing. The neuron doctrine ignores the fact that neurons are living cells.
~Stuart Hameroff 1999

A single-celled paramecium swims gracefully, avoids predators, finds food, mates, and has sex, all without a single synapse.

Of nerve there is no trace. But the cell framework, the cytoskeleton might serve. Sir Charles Sherrington, 1951

If the cytoskeleton can be so useful in protozoa, what might it be doing in the highly organized cytoskeleton of neurons? Are neurons stupid in comparison with protozoa? ~Hameroff, 1999

Ask anyone and they will tell you:

Where is your mind?

Where is your memory? Where is consciousness?

Where do you think?

Cricks neuron doctrine arose from research of Sir John C. Eccles, who received the Nobel Prize in 1963 with Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley.

Eccles developed a model of how the brain makes decisions and processes and integrates sensory information and memories to give rise to the conscious moment. The process involves interactions between thousands of millions of nerve cells in the pyramidal cortex.

Thirty years after receiving the Nobel Prize, In 1993, Eccles concluded that his famous model was inadequate to account for non-physical and transcendent properties of mind: feelings, thoughts, memories, intentions, emotions. It would be necessary to move to a smaller level of scale, to the quantum properties, to locate the ultimate connection between mind and brain.

His audience became rabid!

In his new book, Rupert Sheldrake points out that leading philosophers have generally agreed that memory and consciousness are not in the brain:

Plotinus (205-270): Memories reside in the soul.

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970): There is a kind of causation that connects things across time.

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951): Memory is not stored in the brain.

Psyche is not in the head or the brain.

~Karl Jung

First published 1981

Rupert Sheldrake: memory and morphology depend on morphic resonance a resonance across time.

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. ~Albert Einstein

If the idea is not at first absurd, it does not stand a chance.

~Albert Einstein

Rupert Sheldrake: New Science of Life Morphogenetic fields give rise to all forms. Matter acquires form when it resonates with a field. The fields involved are not classical electromagnetic fields. Morphogenetic fields are derived from a body's own past actions and from the structures and actions of ancestors.

Fields act across space and time.

These are scalar waves.


Niels Bohr Erwin Schrdinger Nobel prize winners in physics, Neils Bohr and Erwin Schrdinger, the founders of quantum physics, were convinced that quantum processes are at the interface between consciousness and matter.

For some years other leading scholars have been developing an alternative model of consciousness and memory in which the properties of space play a major role.

Consciousness is the evolving intelligence of the universe.

Universal consciousness is the sum total of all knowledge and accumulated intelligence. ~Dr. John Veltheim

Sheldrakes analogy between memory and your TV: I cant study your TV and determine what programs you watched last night. They are not there, and they have not left a trace. The brain may be like a TV, i.e. a receiver that tunes into the memory channel but the show is not stored there.

Modern scholars are looking outside the body for the mechanisms of consciousness:
Neuroscientists Philosophers Quantum physicists Cosmologists Cell biologists Astrophysicists Physicians

Karl H. Pribram Neurosurgeon

David Bohm 1917-1992 Theoretical physicist

Stuart Hameroff Anesthesiologist

Edgar Mitchell Engineer, astronaut

Hiroomi Umezawa Quantum Physicist

Depak Chopra Endocrinologist

Richard L. Amoroso Cosmologist & Philosopher

Ervin Lszl Philosopher

Dennis Gabor Inventor of holography

Roger Penrose Mathematical physicist

Rudolph E. Schild Astrophysicist

John Veltheim Developer of BodyTalk

Earth Other Organisms

other planets


The morphic field extends throughout space, and includes all objects, near and far.

models of the fabric of space

Milo Wolff

electron standing waves extend throughout space

sacred geometry geometry of the quantum vacuum

This thing is the strongest of all powers, the force of all forces, for it overcometh every subtle thing and doth penetrate every solid substance.
The Tabula Smaragdina, or The Emerald Table, or The Secret of Creation

Roger Penrose: the spin network.

Empty space contains structure and energy and information.

Mark Comings (2006):

The quantum vacuum The quantum plenum

The quantum vacuum (plenum)

Mark Comings

The plenum is an absolute fullness The real source of energy for everything we do Molecular geometry induces a flux: plenum ] life An infinitely coherent field of luminosity Space is efflorescing with vacuum photons The embedding space for electromagnetism The source of the inner light of the spiritual traditions

morphic field

Hypothesis: Resonance takes place between the fabric of space (models on left) and the fabric of organisms (on the right).

Never underestimate the power of resonance! Example: Pioneer 10.

On the 30th anniversary of its launch, NASA sent a message to Pioneer, which was then 7.4 billion miles away. A response was received 22 hours and six minutes later. Pioneer's last, very weak signal was received on 23 January 2003, when it was 7.6 billion miles away.
~USA Today, Monday, March 4, 2002, page 3A


When I see light from a star 100 light years away, not only do I know that the light was emitted 100 years ago but also a group of atoms in the star knew that the light would enter my eye 100 years later, before I even existed!
~Hans Tetrode
Zietshrift fur phyzik, 10, 317 (1922)


The Guiding Equation:

dQk/dt = (/mk) Im [*k/ *] (Q1,,QN)

The de Broglie-Bohm theory or the pilot-wave model is a version of quantum theory discovered by Louis de Broglie in 1927 and rediscovered by David Bohm in 1952.

A huge personal step:

Rudolph E. Schild, PhD is an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, editor of the Journal of Cosmology, and Director of the 60 inch Tillinghast telescope on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona.

Tillinghast is one of the most scientifically productive mediumsized telescopes on the planet. The telescope is used entirely for spectroscopy of celestial objects.

The Journal of Cosmology Harvard University 2011

Because of their continuous contraction and acquisition of mass, black holes can serve as Natures hard-drives holding copies of the quantum holograms generated by each new moment of human experience, as well as by each new event occurring to non-living objects (Schild & Leiter 2010).


The cosmic hard drive.


morphic field

Hypothesis: Resonance takes place between the fabric of space (models on left) and the fabric of organisms (on the right).

The fabric of life:

morphic field

Hypothesis: Resonance takes place between the fabric of space (models on left) and the fabric of organisms (on the right).

Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau, MD, Plastic Surgeon: Interior Architectures: DVD from Endo Vivo production, www.endovivo.com

Endoscopy: High definition video during surgery.

The high definition video camera is attached to a fiber-optic tube with a cold light source.

With this new technology it is possible to achieve levels of detail never before achieved.

The skin surface is woven into a framework of polyhedral structures.

The skin surface is woven into a framework of polyhedral structures.

Under the skin: Polyhedral micro-vacuoles enclosed by collagen fibrils 10-20 microns in diameter.

These microvacuoles contain water and glycosaminoglycan polymers. They break open during observation with the camera.

The collagen network looks wet because of the hydrated glycosaminoglycan gel.

These dew droplets form because of the destruction of the structure during observation.

The underlying network - smaller fibers within larger ones, throughout the body.

The skin surface and underlying matrix form a tensegrity structure.

The cells fit into these spaces perfectly. The arrangement allows for an infinite variety of movements.

From the DNA helix to the cytoskeleton, including the links to the integrins and neighboring cells, everything is in continuity, everything is connected, everything moves to fit, and everything moves and always comes back.

From the DNA helix to the cytoskeleton, including the links to the integrins and neighboring cells, everything is in continuity, everything is connected, everything moves to fit, and everything moves and always comes back.

skin surface

cellular geodome

connective tissue under the skin

Donald Ingber

The morphic field as the origin of form and consciousness.

What determines form?

What determines form?

What determines form?

What determines form?

What determines form?

Presentation Copyright 2013 J.L. Oschman


Normal physiology and health depend on quantum coherence in and between systems. Quantum coherence in water couples living systems to the entangled fabric of space - the morphic field. Quantum coherence enables EZ water to be extremely sensitive to external fields.

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