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G8 Young Scholar Project

Billionaire of Knowledge
Samuel Ho G8D (8) Cheung Ho Him G8S (7) Bryan Cheuk G8T (7)

Description of Problems We notice that many G8 students start to lose interests in English Also, we find out that English seems to be a difficult subject for them

increase their interests in English improve the English abilities of students

Purpose Test the English ability of G8 students Collect their views towards the game Millionaire, in order to design the most suitable game for them Mode Give the questionnaires to the students and ask them to fill in by hands.


36 students, six per class Can already provide enough and useful information Interviewers were randomly chosen to show that this interview is fair and equal

Which is/are your weakest part(s) in English?

Their weakest parts: Reading (comprehension) Idioms

Their weakest elements in grammar: Word Formation

Quiz on Vocabulary

Question 3

More than 30% get The students of G8T all the four questions had the best results correctly
4 corrects 31%

0 correct 3% 1 correct 17%

3 corrects 30%

No. of students getting 4 questions correctly

G8D 2

G8P G8S 2 2

G8M 1

G8J 1

G8T 3

2 corrects 19%

Quiz on Idioms

Most of the students The students of G8D get only half of the had the best results questions correctly

No. of students getting 4 questions correctly

G8D 4

G8P G8S 1 1

G8M 1

G8J 1

G8T 1

Do you like playing the game Millionaire () in the television form?

Question 5

No 44%

Yes 56%

Questions used in our game

After knowing the results of the questionnaire, we have approximately known the weaknesses of the students
We can follow those directions to design the most suitable questions in our game

These questions are separated into different categories.

Our Game
designed by Flash adopts the format of Millionaire ( )

Other Suggestions
Apart from playing our game, we also suggest students to improve their English abilities with the following methods: 1) 2) 3) 4) Do more exercises Speak more Read more Watch television programs with English narration

Through the questionnaire, the questions and our game, we have satisfied our objectives

increase the students interests in English improve the English abilities of students
Billionaire of Knowledge, offers a very useful tool to increase the students interests and abilities in English.

Self Reflection

Overall, this has been a meaningful and memorable project for the three of us. We have investigated into the subject English, and have realized the power of it. By designing our game, we have learnt some methods to increase our interests and to master our language.
Throughout the whole working process, we learnt more about teamwork and cooperation. Although we faced a lot of obstacles in the process, we helped one another, and solved several difficulties. In conclusion, this is absolutely a fruitful project for us, and we really enjoy participating in it.