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National College Of Business Administration & Economics Sachal Sarmast

Group members: Salman Nisar Bhatti BBA-2103231 Hassan A R BBA-2093248 Sohaib Bakhtawar BBA-2093392 Rohail

Sindh is a land of Sufis - the mystics, the wanderers - who have spent their entire life in the quest for the truth. What is truth? Who is our Creator? What is His purpose of Creating us? Who am I? Why am I here? These are some of the questions that has troubled and bothered the seekers of truth, the sufis. Sachal is call 'Shair-e-haft zaban', i.e. 'Poet of seven languahes'. He had mastery over Sindhi, Hindi, Urdu, Sairiki, Persian, Arabic and Punjabi, his poetry exists. In all these languages in the form of dohas, kafis, ghazals and masnavis - Arabic words, expressions and quotations being interspersed at places by way of adornment and authoritative testimony.

Family System : Hazrat sachal Sarmast belongs to the family of the second khalifah of Islam Hazrat Umer (R.A).

Molana Abdul Hayee Memon explains the ancestry belonging of Hazrat Sachal sarmast as given below :

The settlement of Ancestors of Sachal Sarmast & Generation of Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A) in Sindh :

After the death of Hazrat Abdullah bin Umere-Farooq His grandson Seikh Sahab Ud Din came to Iraq for settlement .He was a Great person and statesman .It is stated that when Muhammad Bin Qasim came to sindh for war at that time Seikh Shahab Ud Din Farooqi came along him as ( Musihir e Khas ) Personal Advisor and when Muhammad Bin Qasim won the battle he was made the Ruler (hakim).

Mian Sahib Dana Farooqi (Muhammad Hafiz ) Grandfather of Hazrat Sachal Sarmast.
Khawaja Muhammad Hafiz Farooqi was the grand father of sachal sarmast and founder of daraz Sharif. Khawaja Muhammad Hafiz Farooqi was born in 1697 , people used to call you Shaib Dana in his childhood, Born in a village of Thar named Gadyagi.He got good education and was employee of Kalhoroon .He was companion of the great poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhataie .

Sachal Sarmast
Born 1739 Daraza, Khairpur Mirs Died 1827 Era Classical Region Sindhi Sufi Poet School Islamic Sufism Main interests lyric poetry Notable ideas Sufi poetry, Sufi philosophy, and Sufi music Influenced by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, Farid Ud-Din Attar, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Nanak Yousuf, Qadir Bux Bedil, Abdullah Katiyar, Agha Sufi, Razi Faqir


Sachal Sarmast
Original name :
The original name of Sachal Sarmast was Abdul Wahab..Due to your honesty and simplicity he was called sachu, sachal sachidino by the family and other people.

Birth & ChildHood: Sachal Sarmast was born in 1739 ,in zilah khairpur ,tehsil ghambat ,village draza and name of your father was Shahab ud din .You were his only son and your family loved you a lot. Sachal Sarmasts father died when he was 6 years old.then he started living with his Grandfather Muhammad Hafiz and uncle Mian Abdul Haq.
Qazi Ali Akbar saying.


Sachal Sarmast was was given such an environment which was the best according to this world and religion, because your uncle and grand father was scholar and wali of that time. Sachal Sarmast uncle sent him to a known Aalim e din Hafiz Abdullah Quereshi to learn holy quran by heart and he learned at age of 14and became hafiz .After coming back his uncle himself gave him the education of farsi and Arabic language and TASAWUAF and MARFAT . Sachal Sarmast is also known as Khalifa-e- Sachal. Usman Ali Ansari Says : The education which can be obtained by the rich people such kind education was given to Sachal Sarmast.

Affiliation with Music & Wajadani situation: Sachal Sarmast was deeply affiliated with music and raag. Sachal Sarmast becomes mast whenever he places hand on table & sarangi and you hairs stood up.Most of the time while listening the music you start crying. Sachal Sarmast was a great lover of music. Touched by music, he would often cry profusely. Couplets would pour out from his lips, which his followers or fellow dervishes would immediately inscribe. Sachal Sarmast is well known for his kalam as well as kafis conveying his spiritual message in haunting melodies.

Young age of Sachal Sarmast :

Sachal Sarmast was a calm and Quiet from his childhood most of the time in his life he gave time to thinking . Stay away from rest full life .Throughout his life he step on floor. Spended life in zikar and fikar ,never killed any animal ,never ever used knife for animal even not on eid. He used to do all arrangement of dargah .He was the khalifah of his uncle and his son.He use to attend the marriages and funerals on the behalf of his uncle and having good relationship with the leaders like Sehrab khan & Mir Rustam khan.

Sachal Sarmast was married to daughter of his uncle named akhtar. She died after 2 years.

Following of Sariha: Sachal Sarmast from his starting of life used to follow the shariat of the last Prophet Muhammad SAW. He use to go to the mosque five times a day for a long time but after some time he went into a very different state and lived the remaining life in that MASTI.

Journey : Sachal Sarmast according to rules and the regulation off shrine never went for a long journey. But due to some work he has visited the following places. 1_Sakhar 2_Rohri 3_larkana 4_Shikar pur

Looks and Clothes of Sachal Sarmast : Qazi ali akbar dharazi writes about the clothes and looks that Sachal Sarmast face was bright , color was white and clean ,loving but a simple prson. His colour was white , height was long , hands and feet were short but soft. Sachal Sarmast mostly use white piece of cloth with a faqeerana imama sharif.

Food: Sachal Sarmast used to have simple food . Sachal Sarmast use to have lassi with red pepper and use to dip roti in it.While at night time he use to have roti of JAWAR with he goats milk. In his early life he use to havecuury of meat but he stopped to have it after sometime. Most of the time he was in fasting. Living: Sachal Sarmast used to have rest on plank of wood in the noon but his night was only for ALMIGHTY ALLAH ,he do zikr ,fikr and ibadat. His eyes were always wet showing that there is a river of sorrows in his chest. Every Friday he used to visit his relatives. When ever he went to meet his uncle his eyes were always down ward. His life was serious , simple, and patient .He never ever killed any animal.

Shah Latifs Perception:

As we know that Sachal Sarmast was simple , decent , intelligent and good speaker , your family when listen to your views they were forced to think on it.So when Shah Abdul Latif came to meet Muhammad hafiz saw Sachal Sarmast .Shah watching the walayat on the forhead of Sachal Sarmast said that Jo ishq ki daig hum ne chari hai yeh us ka dhakna utaray ga The pot of love which we have raised this kid will disclose the pot .The perception of shah abdul latif was 100% accurate .

Relationship with Leaders of Khair Pur: In the period of Mian Abdul Haq , Mir Serosh khan and his son Rustam Khan was the ruler.The relationship of farooqi famly with the leader of talpuri was only due to Sachal Sarmast .They were impressed by the Sufism of Sachal Sarmast and respected him. Maulana Qaim Muhammad Sadiq Ranipuri writes Once Sachal Sarmast

Meeting with Malik-e-HAQEEQI:

Sachal Sarmast left this world at the age of 90 in 1827on 14 ramazan 1242 hijri.
Mela : Every year on 14 ramzan there is a mela on which different kind of people come from throughout the world. Peolpe listen to the kalam of Sachal Sarmast .

"If you want to know what love is, Ask it from those that are like Mansur...."

Sufina Dhora

Once, I was in the service of Muhammad The Benefactor of humanity, The Lord of Universe.

None but Muhammad in the universe, no one is along with you but Hazrat Ali .