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MCS 014 System Analysis And Design

Unit 5
Process Of System Planning


Fact Finding Techniques

Process Of System Planning
Interviews - Advantages

Permits the system analyst to get individuals views and get the specific problem work wise and operation wise
Obtain a better clarity of the problem

Time and scope to motivate the interviewee to respond freely and openly
Understand the user requirements and to know the problems faced by the user with the current system An effective technique to gather information about complex existing systems

Fact Finding Techniques

Process Of System Planning

Interviews - Disadvantages
Time consuming System analysts interpersonal relationship skill Some times, interview may be impractical due to the location of interviewees

Types of Interviews
Process Of System Planning
Conducting interview is an art

The success of interview depends on selecting the individual, preparing for interview and creating a situation where real answer are given without any fear or bias
Structured Specific set of questions to be asked Specific questions pertaining to an interviewee Unstructured Only a general goal or subject in mind

Process Of System Planning

Arranging Interview Guidelines for conducting interviews

Introduction Asking questions Recording the interview Doing a final check

Group Discussions
Process Of System Planning

Group of staff members (know their subject well) are invited Discussion with the members about their views and responses

Site Visits
Process Of System Planning

To get first hand information Working environment & culture Record existing systems and procedures

Site Visits - Advantages

Process Of System Planning

Recording the facts site visit is highly reliable Validity of the data Understanding the processes (practically) Any complexity of the process

Site Visits - Disadvantages

Process Of System Planning

People become cautious and uncomfortable when somebody is observing them Interpretation Time of visit

Site Visits - Guidelines

Must check the work load on peak and non peak hours Collect all the forms/reports/documents Keep a low profile Take necessary permission from the officials Immediately make a note of your visit Do not make any assumptions
Process Of System Planning

Presentation & Questionnaires

Process Of System Planning
Presentation Questionnaires
Inexpensive means of collecting the data from a large group of individuals Less skill and experience to administer questionnaires Unbiased response Enough time responses can be analyzed quickly

Sometime less participant All questions may not be answered How individual understand the question

Types of Questionnaires
Process Of System Planning

Free formed questionnaires Fixed formed questionnaires

Yes / No Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree Multiple choice Ranking

Issue involved in Feasibility Study

Process Of System Planning

Why and When ? Feasibility Analysis

Technical Operational Economic Legal

Technical Feasibility
Process Of System Planning

Hardware and software Maturity of the technology proposed and Availability of required technical manpower to develop the system

Operational Feasibility
Probability of solution developed will work or put in place Operational training Information Response time Accuracy Security Services efficiency
Process Of System Planning

Economic Feasibility
Process Of System Planning

Measure of cost effectiveness of the project Possible benefit of putting the system in place Alternative solutions cost benefit analysis

Legal Feasibility
Process Of System Planning

Copy right law, labour law, antitrust legislation, foreign trade, regulation User licences Ownership of the code Tax laws, foreign currency transfer regulation

Cost Benefit Analysis

Process Of System Planning

Development cost of the system Operation and maintenance of the system Different costs
Cost of human resources Cost of infrastructure Cost of training

Process Of System Planning

Preparing Schedule

Gathering Requirements of System

Process Of System Planning

Joint application Development

Sponsor Facilitator Representatives of the clients Scribe IT Staff Steps for successful JAD session
Selection of a location for JAD Session Selection of JAD Participants Preparation of Agenda items for JSD Session

Process of Conducting JAD Session Successfully

Process Of System Planning

Agenda should be followed strictly Complete the topic in time Ensure that the scribe is able to take the note Avoid technical jargons unless required Try to get group consensus Ensure that the participant follow the rule

Disadvantages of JAD
Process Of System Planning

One may not get the time to speak fully, since many attendees and time constraint Dominating nature of some of the participant and silence nature People are afraid of speaking because of fear of being criticized

Process Of System Planning

Scaled down but functional version of a desired system is known as prototype

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