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Consumer demographics. Consumer life styles. Retailing implications of consumer demographics and lifestyle. Consumer profiles. Lifestyle marketing. Environmental factors and individual factors affecting consumers.

Total population 1,189,172,906 (1.344%)

Median Age
Total = 26.2 years Male = 25.6 yrs Female = 26.9 yrs Urban population : 30% 0f total population (2.4% growth rate) Literacy Rate = 61% Male = 73.4% Female = 47.8% Affluent Rich market Bottom of Pyramid (Lower end Market)

Consumer Demographics

Urban House hold Cars 4.4% TV 66% Computer 3.1% Landline Phone 24% Mobile phones 3.3% 75% of the

Rural Household 0.6% 28% 0.6% 5.3% 0.9%

Consumer Demographics

Cultural dimensions Velvette, Chick competing with National brands in Shampoo market. Maggi variants Kellogs vs. Traditional breakfast General foods brand Pilsbury vs. traditional method for procuring floor in market. Fair & Lovely segments Britannia Tiger Biscuits

Challenges in Emerging Market (BRIC)

Huge presence of retail outlets. Celebrity Endorsement is diffused in several category. Presence of Unorganized market in several categories. ( Soft luggage, Biscuits, Tea, Watches, Apparels, Footwear) Unique distribution set up in India. (12 million kirana shops [12 mn] 600 sq ft not only focus for selling huge variety of products, but also stock most home necessities).

Cultural Nuances + Life style Shifts + Marketing Mix Stances

Need is To emphasize on category development and market expansion.

Three options for Branded Products

Upgrade the consumers.

Increase the frequency of usage. Expand the overall products.

Diesel brand (Used 45 employees for online campaign) Endorsed by Suri Parmar (Sales staff at Bangalore Centre), Mrinal Tripathy (Chennai), Isha Sharma (Gurgaon) for online campaign. posted 71% growth in footfall at five stores. Tata steel Endorsed by Bachendri Pal & R & D Chief Mark B Denys. Google (Used Coimbatore based customer Archana in Chrome campaign) Nestle (Gets consumer to share the role of Maggi in their life) Linkedin (Got members to voice testimonials for radio advertisements)

Experience cycle consists of sensing, thinking, feeling, acting and relating. Physiological consumption Pepsi, cadbury Application based consumption Fairness creams, Shampoo. Conspicuous consumption (For social meaning) Designer products, Luxury Automobiles) Fantasy Consumption Vacation package, Music, Movies, Fashion shows, etc.

Product Brand Segments

Watches Titan Urban youth, Couples, Children, Middle class, Businessmen, Rural consumers, Women Titan plans offer for attracting different segments. Challenge is to build the experience around tangible and intangible aspects of the offering.

Consumers of the service economy want variety for change, options to suit convenience , contemporary offerings to suit their lifestyle changes and finally a provider who can be trusted not through tall claims but through first hand experience.

Consumer Behavior
Activities people undertake when obtaining (Searching and Purchasing), consuming (Using and Evaluating), and disposing of products and services

Customer Value

Customer Retention

Customer Satisfaction

How Consumer decide you want to buy Other products are considered for buying Where the Consumer buy How Consumer pay for product How Consumer transport product home

How Consumer use the product How Consumer store the product in your home

How Consumer get rid of remaining product How much Consumer throw away after use

Who (Customer) uses the product

How much Consumer consume

If Consumer resell items themselves or through a consignment store

How Consumer recycle some products

How product compares with expectations

Consumer Influences

Organizational Influences




Consumer Behavior

Consumer Influences Culture Ethnicity Personality Family Life-stage Values Income Available Resources Attitudes Opinions Feelings Motivations Past Experiences Peer Groups Knowledge

Organizational Influences Brand Product Features Advertising Word of Mouth Promotions Retail Displays Price Quality Service Store Ambiance Convenience Loyalty Programs Packaging Product Availability

The Consumer Is Sovereign The Consumer Is Global Consumers Are Different, Consumers Are Alike The Consumer Has Rights