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Metabical: pricing, packaging and demand forecasting

Group A24 Pooja Sharma PGP/16/036 Priyank Bavishi PGP/16/037 Diksha Bajaj PGP/16/141 Manoj Kumar Meena PGP/16/322

Current Weight Loss Options

Weight Loss Products
Weight Manageme nt Programs Prepackaged Foods, Meal Replaceme nt Products

Prescription Drugs

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Diet and Exercise Plans

New weight-loss drug for people with BMI between 25-30, prescription drug, high success rate in clinical trial, low dose formulation with minimal side effects and affordable

TG Segmentation
Two categories to target
End Consumers Health Care Providers

End Consumers Segmentation

Demographic Psychographic

Demographic Segmentation Factors

Age people for who health concerns of being

overweight are magnified due to age Income people who have already tried expensive weight-loss methods but have failed and are ready to spend further Education people rather educated so that they can ask for prescription from doctors (pull marketing) and are aware of side-effects, understand the importance of certain behavioural changes in lifestyle

Demographic Segmentation Analysis

From Exhibit 2
65% 40% 60% 35% 18-35 Years Income Level & Ready to pay Out-ofpocket %age of respond 20% 11% 5% Want to look better Improve overall health

%age of respondents

High School Diploma 38% College Degree 62%

Weight-Loss Efforts
Dissatisfied with current weight Visit health care service provider yearly Ready to change behaviour for healthy lifestyle Tried but failed to lose weight Dissatisfied with current weight-loss

Men %age
65% 30% 40% 30% 65%

Women %age
75% 50% 55% 60% 35%

Psychographic Segmentation Analysis

From Exhibit 3 (Females Only )


Demographic Profile (Age, Education, Income) 18-30 years, High School, <$40,000

Part of TG (Yes/No) No


Want to look like movie star

Unrealistic Expectations

Want to be healthier

35-65 years, College Education, $80,000

25-40 years, College Education, $50,000-$80,000 45-65 years, college education, $40,000$60,000


Right expectations, good income and education

Wider age segment, high education and income level Specific expectation from weight-loss method, relevant income segment

Want to wear skinny jeans Want to lose weight easily



Dont have problem with over weight

40-65 years, college education, $30,000-


Dont consider negative results of

Ideal Segmentation for Metabical

Some other facts
Men in age group 65-74 years and women in age group of 55-64 years

are with highest incidence of overweight

People in the age group of 25-75 years

-- Covers the widest of

targetable segment who can be helped with Metabical with realistic weight loss expectations Income level at or above $40,000 -- Metabical will be marketed as a premium price category product which is affordable by certain income level people %age of people ready to buy Metabical out of pocket is higher for this income level
Education Level -- College education is sign of better lifestyle habits

and regimen that can have more positive effect From the exhibit 2 it is clear that females are more conscious than men and are more receptive to weight loss programs

Optimal TG is Females, 35+ years (as their concern is more about health), college educated (better lifestyle habits and capability to support other measures) who are willing for behavioural change, health-oriented, ready for

Positioning for Metabical

TG for Metabical
People in age group 25-75 years, at or above $40,000 and college educated More concerned about health, want to live long , and look for long-term

benefits from weight loss solution Metabical must be positioned as a healthy weight-loss solution for overweight people

Points of parity Effective weight-loss, affordable, FDA approved

Points of Differentiation Under prescription higher credibility, fewer side-effects, fixed length program, effective till three years, first of its kind in the market for people with BMI 25-30
12 week weight-loss program Gentle on your body
Metabical with no side effects is the only drug that helps you get rid of extra weight without any worries of adverse body reaction. So that you take it remain just tension-free.

One of its kind with proven results

Metabical 12-week program helps you to reduce weight and you see the benefit for the next three years. One pill a day and you attain ideal health

With high success rate during clinical trials and FDA approval Metabical is the first drug designed to lose those extra pounds in the most effective way.

A promise of better health for health conscious people, lose those extra pounds and celebrate life

Communication Strategy
Raise awareness about Metabical amongst Health Care Providers and

End Consumers
Create a buzz
Launch a campaign supported by a celebrity that carries the motto

Those extra 20 pounds could be killing you. The focus is not only to introduce Metabical as drug but increase awareness amongst negative effects of being overweight too. Advertising through print media including health magazines (for end consumers),health journals (for medical practitioners), radio channels, TV and online. Spread the motto of the campaign through these channels. For health care providers use Empower your patients.advertising concept. Use it in medical publications and interactive online ads. In leading dailies, publish articles related to adverse effects of being overweight, the overweight individuals and their experiences, the healthy diet and introduce Metabical highlighting the success rate in clinical trials and lesser side effects.

Communication Strategy
For health care providers
Direct mailing which includes brochures for Metabical and all

details E-mail communication with interested health care providers Information pamphlets regarding support program

The Metabical Challenge Public Realtions Conferences, Seminars, podacsts,

educational events, roundtable discussions around the launch Sales Force

Training of sales representatives who are already very

successful in other brands sales Extra incentives to push Metabical and achieve targets Sponsor lunch and learn seminars for more coverage

The budget allocation, number of sales representatives, various marketing initiatives as planned by Printup are

Timeline for Marketing Strategy

Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec08 08 08 08
Awareness Campaign
Direct Mailing Seminars, Conferences TV Show and Ads Social Media Advertising Print Media Sales Reps Program Radio Email and Mobile Marketing The Metabical Challenge

Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- JunAug- Sep09 09 09 09 09 09 Jul-09 09 09