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Submitted To Prof.

Umesh Pithadiya

Submitted By Viren Prajapati

1971- Started by three academic English teacher Jerry Baldwn, History teacher Zev Sieged and writer Gorden Bowkor all coffee. 1984- The acquisition was finalized of peets coffee & Tea shops. 1985- Starbucks manager Howard Schultz and Jerry Baldwin who was the owner of Starbucks start new coffee or tea retail shop with name of Gornate.

1987- Starbucks as a private company. 1991- Starbucks created its own house team to architects & design to ensure that each store would convey the right image. 1993- Starbucks developed a three year geographic expansion strategy to target areas that only had favorable but also could be serviced & supported by the companys operations. 1994- The second initiative comes this year when PepsiCo and Starbucks enter into joint venture to create new coffee related products in bottles and cans for mass distribution through Pepsi channels.

1995- A Store of the Future project was formed in this year to raise Starbucks store design to higher level and come up with next generation of Starbucks stores. 1996- Starbucks began opening new stores based on one of four formats color schemes. 1997- Starbucks manager selected the music and selected music Starbucks played as background in its. 2000- Starbucks acquired hear music, a San Francisco based company to give it added capacity in enhancing its music co. offering.

2005- The company began selling ready to drink Frappuccino in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.
2007- The PepsiCo- Starbucks partnership introducing a line of chilled Starbucks doubles shot espresso drinks in the US. 2008- Starbucks partnered with Suntory to begin selling chilled ready to drink doubles shot espresso drinks in Japan.

2010- Starbucks coffee were available in some 33,500 grocery and warehouse club in US and 5,500 retail outlets outside the US.

To inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

Starbucks entry into change formed for more troublesome than management anticipated the first Chicago store opened in October 1987. Three more store open in next six months. The first downtown store opened the street rather than into the lobby of building where it a located, in the winter month customer were hesitant to go out in the wind to told to acquire a cup of coffee. It was expensive to supply fresh coffee to Chicago stores out of the Seattle warehouse.

The company solved the problem of freshness & quality assurance putting freshly roasted beans in special favorable bags that used as vacuum packaging techniques a one way value to allow carbon dockside to escape without allowing wing moisture in.