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MBA- (MBA III SEM) (2008)
ENROLL. NO: 0651703907

 HCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT
market, with its origins in 1976. It has developed and
implemented solutions for multiple market segments, across a
range of technologies in India.
 HCL Infosystems Ltd. Is one-stop-shop for products &
Infrastructure Solutions in the areas of IT, Communication,
Office Automation, Enterprise Networking & VPN Services
 HCL Infosystems Ltd. is known to be the harbinger of
technology in the country. Right from inception it has attempted
to pioneer the technology introductions in the country either
through R&D or through partnerships with the world technology
 HCL CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE has grown to become the largest IT
training company in Hardware and networking field in India. It offers more courses,
with more affiliations and in more locations than any other company in the computer
training industry.
 Objective
 To create a talent pool of IT Resources
 To train students and make them Industry-Ready
 To re-skill Professionals to meet ever changing Industry Requirement

 Hardware & Networking Programs

 HCL Certified Network Engineer (HCNE)
 HCL Certified Engineer (HCE)
Analysis And Consumer Satisfaction In HCL

The growth of IT hardware & networking education market

increases rapidly from past few years. It attracts the attention
of every individual who wants to make his/her career in this
field and to gain deep insight knowledge of new career
oriented courses offers by different institutes and companies.
The main focus of any company is to find ways to stand tall in
the competition and defend that position by all means
possible. The same applies for HCL CDC.The project
undertaken by me was basically focused on two variables
 Competitors’ analysis
 Consumer satisfaction
 Competitors’ analysis is the process of identifying key
competitors; assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and
reaction patterns; and selecting which competitors to attack or
 The measurement of consumer satisfaction with regard to
services is a crucial component to consider when evaluating
programs in any organization
 Enquiring the institutes which are providing similar courses in hardware &
networking field as by HCL CDC
 To obtain information about course content, fee structure, infrastructure facilities,
trainers, counselors, and other offerings of the institutes
 Finding out who are the main competitors’ among them
 Their strengths and weaknesses
 To find out the satisfaction level among the consumers of HCL CDC and their
expectations from the centre
 Sampling Design: Simple random sampling
 Sample Size: 75(Questionnaire), 4(Competitors’-IIHT,
 Sample Location: In HCL CDC centre (questionnaires), North
Delhi (Kohat Enclave, competitors’)
 Research Type: Exploratory research
 Data collection instruments: Primary and Secondary
 Statistical analysis: Competitors’ report and Bar graphs
 Only IIHT have good experienced counselors and international certified trainers
 Institutes offering 100% job guarantee and relaxation in fee as a major tool to
increase selling of their products
 In GT the time duration of the courses as per the requirement is very less
 GT and IANT has not provided original vendors publication
 All of the institutes provide 100% placement facility
 IIHT and ROOMAN found to be the main competitors
 Only IIHT and ROOMAN provide some value additions in their training programs
 Only IIHT have latest series routers system in its lab and well equipped
 In HCL CDC 80% of the students are either X+2 passed or pursuing
graduation and are from middle families
 40% of the Students have joined courses on the brand name and HCL
 70% of the students came to know about HCL CDC by either their friends or
through newspaper
 Students were aware of other institutes and their offerings like fee structure,
course content and duration of the courses
 Students have good faith in their trainers and placement cell and very much
satisfied with them
 Certified trainers have sound knowledge of the course content and international
certification exams, so it is better to have certified trainers in the centre
 Offering100% job guarantee is a fake commitment given by the institutes, because
it was not as per the standards of the students
 Giving on the spot discounts, welcome gifts, scholarships are the various means of
attracting customers
 Due to short time duration of the courses, learner can not learn things properly
 Students need latest available technology and PDP sessions to update their
technical and personal skills as provided by IIHT and Rooman
 Target customers are the students who have passed X+2 or pursuing graduation
 Brand name means quality offerings in providing study material,
infrastructure and placement solutions
 News paper and friends are found to be the best productive source of
information among the students
 Students have sound knowledge about the other institutes and their
courses, fee structure etc it means they have done good home work
before taken admission in HCL CDC
 Trainers and the placement cell are the building block of any institute or
centre. Students want trainers to help them to overcome their lack
nesses. HCL CDC succeed in getting satisfied consumers by providing
HCL certified trainers and placement opportunities to every student
 Scanning of the competitors’ and their activities should be done time to time
 Trainers and counselors should be given training programs on regular basis for
their up gradations
 Course fee should be effectively designed according to the content and duration of
the course
 More Value added courses should be included in the training curriculum. Training
program should be made more practical and hand-on
 With the news paper, other modes of advertisement should also be used
 Study material should be available on time to the students
 There should be transparency in Placement related issues
 How to enquire or obtain information and data from competitors’
 Application of the enquired information in getting edge over the
 How to explore and target potential customers
 Understanding customers needs and satisfactions
 How to implement suggestions given by the consumers
 Exposure to the corporate world and its environment
 Competitors’ report
 Questionnaires for primary data
 Book-Research Methodology by C.R.Kothari
 Marketing Management by T N Chabra
 www.hclcdc.in
 www.iiht.com
 www.iant-india.net
 www.rooman.net
 www.gteducation.net