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Distribution Transformer Monitoring System

Transforming High Standards into Least-Cost Solutions

Hexing Confidential

Table of Contents
What is the system for ? How does the system work? System Components Applications

bout M!"#$"DT

HEX !" A# -"$-%T is a professional system& pro'ides higher performance with lower cost ( Scala)le& and relia)le solution for distri)ution transformer monitoring application( HEX !" A# -"$-%T pro'ides the following technical support*

Daily operation monitoring and maintenance for distribution transformer Manage demand forecasting for utilities naly%e &arious line loss for utilities !ncrease 'uality ser&ice for utilities

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M!"#$"DT (enefits for )tilities

High performance solution with low cost& real-time monitor the whole operation of distri)ution transformer +uick response to the distri)ution transformer maintenance re,uirements to ensure its longe'ity& reduce maintenance cost Can )e integrated with A# system -ro'ide pre'enti'e maintenance -ro'ide huge management )enefits for utilities )y " S )ased monitoring and notification )y S#S message to the operator to impro'e management .educe power outage duration and fre,uency

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M!"#$"DT (enefits for )sers

Shorten power outage time -ro'ide the )asis for reacti'e compensation& impro'e power utili/ation efficiency& reduce electrical )ill nstruct users to use appliances optimally to ensure its longe'ity )ased on power network information such as three phase un)alance& harmonic monitoring and etc

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Table of Contents
0hat is the system for ? How does the system wor*? System Components Applications

System rchitecture
+, ,+, +,+

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+,+,+ ,+,+, +,+, + , + , +,+,+ ,+,+

A# "$ System

+,+ ,+, , +,+


#onitoring %e'ice

Transformer dministrator

-eeder .ine Monitoring Solutions


MTD Meter

Short"message Warning
(ranch Monitor C T /&er .oad 0rotector 1 2 3 4 C T C T

1 0

1 1

1 2

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pplication -eatures

#onitor the whole operation of distri)ution transformer & including real-time monitor operating status& three phase un)alance& default phase& oil temperature& outage analysis& power ,uality and " S application( Economic and fle1i)le su)station )ranches operation monitoring deployed( "oogle #ap Technology-)ased " S application& distri)ution transformer can )e 'isually monitored and managed( #odem )ased S#S notification of a)normal e'ents& reali/ing auto indication of fault to the operator( ntegrated with A# system& pro'ide e1perience in using A# system( 2pgrading functions include* distri)ution transformer routine inspection& emergency maintenance management and etc(

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Technical -eatures

The system adopts 3S architecture& work station is installation-free and maintenance-free ( .3AC )ased model access control technology* key operation& operation log record( 2tili/ing " S technology to display information for fault location and emergency maintenance( Alarm indication )y S#S message to the operator to impro'e ,uick response to the maintenance re,uirements( Adopt S4A architecture& support application integration( The HEA%-E!% has )een de'eloped with independent - right& which supports high concurrency& large scale and load )alance( Adopt 3 technology to analy/e electric ,uantity& load& line loss& power ,uality& operating condition and etc in different ways(

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Table of Contents
0hat is the system for ? How does the system work? System Components Applications

System Software
Application System HEAD-END Data Base Operatin! system 1e" %ontainer Oracle

HEXING AMI G3 system HEXING AMI G3 HEAD-END ! or a"o#e$ Oracle %l&ster so't(are )Optional*

+in&, -4, ).e/ Hat0 %entOS0 etc* or 1in/o(s -4, 2omcat or 3"oss

H12!3# M! #$ System
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Monitoring 1'uipments

ndication of load trend cur'e )y time Alarm indication of o'er 'oltage & o'er current& power outage& three phase un)alance and etc 4il temperature measurement Auto-alarm of a)normal e'ents 56-month )illing data


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High 0erformance with .ow Cost

Hardware Configuration
N O 5 3 4 5 6 8 7 8 Item %ata)ase Ser'er Storage %e'ice :ront-end -rocessor Application Ser'er Lan Switch .outer :irewall "-S Clock Ca)inet 2-S Switcher& LC%& mouse& key)oard and etc 9ninterr&pte/ :o(er S&pply0 ens&re 5 ;o&rs po(er s&pply 'or t;e system %on'i!&ration 4racle 55g .ed hat standard 'ersion Linu1 8;)it 0e)Logic or =)oss orTomcat 3 588 4&anti ty 5 Hardware firewall %on'i!&ration -C Ser'er or mini computer7 cluster7 nternal Storage* $6"& C-2* 58 core %isk array& 9T3 or more capacity& 4ptical fi)er switch -C Ser'er7 nternal storage58"& C-2* ; core -C Ser'er7 nternal storage $6"& C-2* < core "iga)it layer$ Ethernet switch 5 5 5 5 4&anti ty 5

Software Configuration
N O 5 3 HH2 Item %ata)ase System 4perating System Application Ser'er

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Table of Contents
0hat is the system for ? How does the system work? System Components pplications

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