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What do you See?

Oh my goodness Youre having a Second Saturn Return

What does that mean?

Most people have their first experience with Saturn around the age of 6 or 7 years old called the first Saturn Waxing Square
What Happened to you ?

Cannot remember

Let me check my ephemeris


In your case Saturn arrived in January 1959 (you were 8 years old)

Blimey! Youre good!

What happened back then?

Should I tell ?

Allow me to continue: The next Saturn Cycle is called the Opposition Happening to most people between the ages 13 or 14

In your case Saturn appeared in March 67 - you were 16 at the time

I can remember those years

What can I say?

Theres so much I can see happening to you

Goodness gracious youre good! How much do I owe you?

Lets have a drink before we continue

I need one

The years roll by and Saturn makes another station for most people around the age of 20/21 called the Waning Saturn Cycle.

Saturn paid you a visit in August 1973 and affected you until May 74! Anything?

What an eventful period!

Hang on Ill soon return to where I started.

1st Saturn Return

Saturn returned in October 1980. You were 29

Oh! My goodness

What an interesting time for you.

Tell me about it

Life begins to change. You are no longer a little boy

I Know.

Everyone experiences another station around 35 called the Waxing Square.


In your case he stationed in Feb 88. You were 37.

Cant believe this

My oh my. What an interesting time.

It sure was

Youll like the next bit, for theres another opposition for most people around the age of 42

This lady is good. What else can she see

In your case he stationed in April 1996. You were 45!

Youre so clever. How do you know all this?

Its not magic. Its called Astrology. And yes I am clever.

Whats next?

Now we come to the next Waning Square around the age of 50. Remember?

This is getting scary

In your case this was in June 2003. You were 52.

Oh my God!

Hang on Ill again return to where I was!

2nd Saturn Return

And now we have your 2nd Saturn Return around the age of 59

But Im only 58

Youve had late returns Now its come

early. In Nov 2009 to

be exact.

You mean like, like, right now!

SURE DO! Feel like

another drink?

Lets talk

Thanks for watching Visit my website: www.astronumbers.com.au Or, if youre going through your 1st or 2nd Saturn Return drop me an email and share your experience. tommuldon@optusnet.com.au

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