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SVKMs Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Managements Aahn 2013 brings about the spirit of innovation, enthusiasm and dynamism. It provides a hub for media, management and I.T. students to combine forces in order to create and ideate.

At Aahn, we aim to provide a global platform that not only entertains and educates students but also presents them with an opportunity to test their mettle. Held over a period of three days on January 16, 17 and 18, 2013, Aahn caters to the young professional on the threshold of entering the real world.

Aahn aims at the stars but doesnt lose sight of the ground. It wants to create professionals but starts with amateurs. It is everything you want to be but begins with who you are.


Aahn tries to make every attempt to stand out and provide its participants with the opportunity to explore their talent and exploit their skills to the best of their ability. Heres why we are unlike the rest. A corporate-based festival International appeal Amalgamation of three diverse fields

Main Media Exposure:

Your company will be mentioned as a sponsor of Aahn 2013 in all our on-air announcements

You will be mentioned in all our pre and post festival press releases and advertisements

On Ground:
You will have logo exposure in: - Aahn posters along with your logo will be placed in all outlets of our outdoor partners - Publicity material of Aahn 2013 along with your logo will be placed strategically through our other Media partners - Screen ads of Aahn 2013 along with your logo would be screened before shows and during intervals at multiplexes in association with us

Outdoor Exposure: Hoardings: You will gain logo visibility through our hoardings placed at strategic locations, publicising Aahn 2013
Digital Signage: You will have logo visibility through our digital signage screen ads displayed at various public places at periodic intervals Website: You will have the following locations available on our website www.upgaahan.com for your publicity: - Side panel/Banners on all pages/Pop ups/ advertisements/Direct link to your website - Logo exposure on the website catering to international students and participants

Please note that the above mentioned benefits are subject to partnerships with the respective media partners.

Logo Exposure: You will have logo exposure on the following: - Posters and brochures to be sent to colleges for participation and publicity - All correspondence with judges, celebrities and participants. - Mailers and invitations to be sent out by Aahn 2013 will contain your logo - You will gain exposure on-days through the following mediums: -Pronite passes -Organizers badges -T-shirts worn by all organizers -Contingent Leader (CL) and Assistant Contingent Leader (ACL) badges

Note: Subject to the date of signing of the Contract

Celebrities & Judges

On Day Events
Corporate Events Media Events Sports and Gaming Events I.T. Events Literary Events Fine Art Events Photography Events

Dear Sir/ Madam, Aahn is what the youth wants today a taste of the professional world while enjoying all the quirks of college life. Associating your brand with Aahn makes the festival what it aims to be. Keeping all these factors in mind, it was only natural for us to approach your organisation. Thank you for your time.


Hasanain Hooda Media Relations Head, Aahn 2013 M: 9920744886 Email: hasanain.mediarelations@upgaahan. com

Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandals UshaPravin Gandhi College of Management Vile Parle (W), Mumbai 400 056. Tel: 42332043/ 44/ 45 Fax: 26136468