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OEM Preinstallation of Windows XP Service Pack 2

John Straumann Partner Technology Specialist Microsoft Canada jstrauma@microsoft.com


SP 2 Value for System Builders Introduction to the OEM Preinstallation Kit Overview of the Preinstallation Process How to Obtain the OEM Preinstallation Kit and Windows XP Service Pack 2 Installing the OPK Tools How To Integrate Windows XP Service Pack 2 into an existing OPK Tools Share Running the System Preparation Tool Whats New in OEM Preinstallation with Windows XP Service Pack 2?

SP2 Value for System Builders

The release of SP2 creates an opportunity for you to conduct security audits with your customs

Upgrade existing systems to SP2 Upgrade older PCs to new ones with Windows XP SP2 Upgrade small business networks to Windows Small Business Server 2003 with Windows Update Services installed

Windows Security Center dramatically underlines the need for AV software for your customers

This is a revenue opportunity for you

When your customers have SP2, theyre less likely to require support

Can increase your customer satisfaction Increase your credibility as reliable source of security

OEM Preinstallation Kit Benefits

Flexible methodology Customization Hardware flexibility Enables you to choose compact disc-based, networkbased, or peer-to-peer preinstallation methods Enables you to add shortcuts and branding information to the operating system Enables you to preinstall drivers for devices that do not have built-in support in the operating system

Application preinstallation
Audit capability Easy to use and saves build time

Allows you to preinstall software programs during the installation of Windows XP.
Enables you to test preinstalled computers without interrupting the preinstallation process Wizard-like interface makes the OPK easy to setup and use and will save time compared to manual installations and adding apps/drivers.

Common OEM Preinstallation Kit Terms

Term Definition

The computer on which you install the OEM Setup Technician computer Manager tool

A set of instructions and answer files that contains the preinstallation configuration settings The computer on which you preinstall Windows XP using Destination Computer the Windows Preinstallation Environment A picture or an exact duplicate of the original file and Image folder structure of a preinstalled Windows XP machine
Configuration Set Master computer Master installation The computer that contains a master installation A customized installation of Windows XP The process of loading Windows XP onto new computers The recipient of the computer that is manufactured by the OEM System Builder

End User

Overview of the Preinstallation Process

Install OPK Tools Stage or prepare applications Build configuration set Copy Winbom.ini to floppy disk, custom CD or USB flash
Technician Computer

Start the computer with the Windows XP OPK CD Insert Winbom.ini floppy disk at startup

Reseal the computer, or run Audit or Factory mode to modify and then reseal
Build an image of the installation and store it on the technician computer, if desired Deploy image from the technician computer onto the destination computer(s)

Master Computer

Destination Computers

How do System Builders Receive the OPK?

The OPK is included FREE with each multipack (3-pack or 30-pack) of Windows XP Service Pack 2 that is purchased from System Builder Channel Distributors The OPK is not made available for download Authorized Distributors for every Region can be found by visiting the System Builder website:

How Do System Builders Receive Windows XP Service Pack 2?

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Integrated CD is available when purchasing System Builder software from an Authorized Distributor Service Pack 2 standalone executable will be available for download in all languages from MS OEM System Builder website

Installing the OPK Tools

How To Integrate SP2 Into An Existing Windows OPKTools Share Step by Step
1. Obtain full XPSP2.EXE Standalone update file 2. Create folder on C:\ called XPPro for Windows XP Professional and XPHome for XP Home 3. Copy entire contents of Windows XP Pro or Home CD into these folders 4. Open a command prompt and type 5. XPSP2.EXE /integrate:C:\XPPro 6. When Service Pack 2 has been completely integrated you will see Integrated install has completed successfully. 7. Now, go to Tools Manage Products in the Setup Manager tool 8. Click to Add in New Product files by navigating to C:\XPPro and C:\XPHome

Running the OEM Setup Manager Tool

Start Windows Preinstallation Kit Setup Manager Add Product files in to be deployed Same Setup Manager tool can deploy Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 in all languages and skus

OEM Setup Manager

OEM Preinstallation from CD Using The Corporate Setup Manager

Do System Builders have to use Network-based preinstallation? NO!!! System Builders can perform preinstallations from a CD using an answer file called WINNT.SIF Should run the Corporate Version of the Setup Manager tool extracted from DEPLOY.CAB found on the Windows XP Operating System CD.

Whats New In OEM Preinstallation with Service Pack 2?

Changes to Unattend.txt Answer File

[IEHardening] Section is NEW! Entries have been added to the following additional sections: [Components] Section

DisableSecurityCenterAlerts: Specifies whether to disable alerts from Security Center. IEHardenAdmin: Applies the Enhanced Security Configuration to members of the Administrators and Power Users groups. IEHardenUser: Applies the Enhanced Security Configuration to members of the Restricted Users and Guests groups. WbemCrrl: Specifies whether to install the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) event correlation component. WbemFwrd: Specifies whether to install the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) event forwarding components. WbemMSI: Specifies whether to install the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Windows installer provider.

Changes to Unattend.txt (Continued)

[Data] Section

AutomaticUpdates: Specifies whether to enable Automatic Updates. EMSSkipUnattendProcessing: Prevents Windows Setup from processing Unattend.txt or Sysprep.inf during an unattended installation to an EMS server.
DUStopOnError: Specifies whether to stop the Windows Update process when an error is detected.

[GuiUnattended] Section

[Unattended] Section

Changes to Sysprep.inf Answer File

[IEHardening] section (New!) Entries have been added to the following section: [GuiUnattended] section

EMSSkipUnattendProcessing: Prevents Windows Setup from processing Unattend.txt or Sysprep.inf during an unattended installation to an EMS server.

Goal and Strategy for Interim WinPE


Develop a version of WinPE that provides additional support requested by partners to allow deployment within factories thus reducing the cost and time factors. Deliver an interim release version of WinPE to allow testing and adoption within the factory prior to Longhorn OS and OPK releases


Interim Windows Preinstallation Environment

Windows PE is a minimal Windows system that provides limited services based on the Windows XP Professional and the Windows Server 2003 kernels Provides the minimal set of features required to run Windows Setup, access and install operating systems from the network, script basic repetitive tasks, and validate hardware Includes features and capabilities that eliminate dependencies on MS-DOS-based tools (such as test and diagnostics tools), and provides an infrastructure within Windows PE to install images and perform required tasks in the factory

Windows Preinstallation Environment

Windows XP Pro
Complete OS Solution
Full Drivers Full APIs NTFS Full networking
WinPE is a scaled down version Of Windows XP. It replaced MSDOS in deployment and diagnostic scenarios. Forced reboot Every 24 hours of uptime.

Customizable Boot Environment

Mass storage device support 16/32-bit program support Integrated Development

Programming Frameworks
Application Services Media Services Web Services File/Print Services Network Access Services Directory/Security Services

.NET Framework IIS ASP.NET

Limited Drivers NTFS MSMQ Transaction Service

Windows TCPIP API subset Media Services Hardware (x64,IA64) Distributed File Service STS Mass storage device support VPN RAS PKI Smart Card 32/64-bit program support Active Directory WMI Kerberos

Call to Action for OEM System Builders

Test applications on the systems you build Evaluate pre-installed applications using Microsoft security guidelines Give us usability feedback, especially around the new Firewall and the Security Center Make security a high priority when configuring & customizing new PCs Help us get the Windows XP installed base updated with SP2

Windows XP Service Pack 2 OEM Deployment can be performed in exactly the same manner as Windows XP Service Pack 1 Updated documentation is included in Windows XP Service Pack 2 Windows Preinstallation Environment has been Updated based on OEM System Builder feedback

Product Support Available To System Builders Who Use The OEM Preinstallation Kit
MS OEM System Builder website:

System Builder Free Support Newsgroups


E-mail Support for System Builders


OPK Top Issues Page


OPK Frequently Asked Questions Page