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Who are we?

Markem-Imaje is a world leader in

product identification solutions
offering a full line of reliable and
innovative inkjet, thermal transfer,
laser, print and apply label
systems and RFID based
763 MUSD in 2007
2800 employees worldwide -
More than 95 years of experience
33 subsidiaries - Worldwide
distributor partners
More than 300 Engineers located in
different R&D centers
Logistics and repair centers
Our Vision

Our vision is to become the undisputed worldwide

leader for product identification solutions by being
our customers’ most trusted business partner.
Our Mission

Through our commitment and knowledge, we are

uniquely positioned to be our customers’ most
trusted business partner.
We exceed the expectations of our customers
and shareholders by setting the standard for
delivering the most reliable and innovative
product identification solutions in every corner
of the world.
Our Core Values

are embodied in our people…

– We share a common set of human values – to be accountable,
– to have integrity, to be honest and to always be professional.

who are dedicated to excellence…

– Performance counts, so we hold ourselves to the highest
– and are focused on the sustainability of our product
identification solutions.

and committed to our

– To optimize teamwork and loyalty,
we are innovative, adaptable,
– passionate and dedicated to
continuous improvement.
Our Quality Mission

Markem-Imaje is dedicated to providing its customers

with safe, high quality and environmentally
responsible products
– ISO 9001:2000 certification*
– ISO 14001:2004 certification*
– RoHS compliant*
– Compliant with international GS, UL, CSA, CE safety

*Depending on product and geographical location

A Solution for Every Market

Our customers are manufacturing and

distribution companies around the world.
the food industry

the beverage industry

the health and beauty industry

the pharmaceutical industry

the industrial sector

the postal industry

Our new Product Offer

Markem-Imaje provides a full portfolio of

industrial marking and coding solutions.
Product Solutions

small character inkjet

Best-in-class continuous inkjet systems are the
most reliable full-featured small character inkjet
printers on the market today. Our state-of-the-art
design requires minimal attention and provides high
quality coding.

thermal transfer overprinting

Market leading thermal transfer overprinters deliver
the highest-quality printing on flexible
packaging films, foils and labels. They offer the
most reliable solutions for continuous and
intermittent operations, the fastest print and
acceleration/deceleration speeds, and support a
wide variety of barcode options.
Product Solutions

large character inkjet

High-resolution piezo is specific to Markem-Imaje.
We are the only company to offer both hot melt
and liquid large character piezo printers.

Compact CO2 laser coders include the fastest and
most powerful coders available on the market
today. These modular coders are well suited for high-
speed printing onto substrates such as PET, glass
and cardboard.
Product Solutions

print and apply labeling

Our award-winning print and apply labeling system has
received both the iF and Red Dot Design awards for its
exceptional design. It is one of the simplest and most
operator-friendly print and apply systems on the

other technologies
Unique hot melt inkjet systems set a high standard for
small character inkjet package coding. Our systems
deliver crisp, clear codes that dry instantly for a clean
solvent-free ink solution.
Touch Dry® technology produces clear, legible,
instantly dry prints on most common cartoning and
packaging materials.
Product Solutions

Markem-Imaje consumables are the result of
numerous years of experience in industrial
applications. Our inks, additives, ribbons and
labels have been designed and tested to
answer every one of your needs while in the
most demanding environment and with
operator security in mind.

Markem-Imaje software and networking solutions are part of our overall global
marking and coding offering. They ensure product data integrity to deliver the
right message on the right product and optimize marking activities.
They help secure data entry, reduce human intervention and offer a data
production central management system capable of meeting a wide diversity of
applications and needs.
Services and Support

Field support is provided

through a dedicated service
organization whose mission
is to provide customers with
solutions that meet their
needs. Imaje offers a variety
of customized programs.
1. Consulting services
2. Financing services
3. Start-up services
4. Operational services
They have Chosen…
Abbott Lab.
Alcatel Cable Colgate
Ansell Palmolive
Astra Zeneca Danone Merck & Co.
Aventis E. A. D. S. Nestlé
B. M. S. G. S. K. Novartis
BAT Gemplus Owens
Bayer General Illinois
Boeing Electric Pepsi Co.
Cadbury - General Pfizer
Schweppes Motors Philip Morris
Campbell Heineken Philips
Soup Johnson & Pirelli Cables
Coca Cola Johnson Procter &
Kimberly Gamble
Clark PSA
Kraft Reckitt &
L’Oréal Coleman
Labinal Siemens
Matsushita Unilever

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