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What is CRM? What benefits does it provide companies? Who are the main players?

Seibel crm
Seibel features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is: the integration of sales, marketing, service and support strategy, process, people and technology to maximize customer acquisition, value, relationships, retention and loyalty.

A Redesigning of your Business from the Outside In. Customers, Data and Database at the Center of your Organization (Customer-centricity). A organization-wide single customer view. A Foundation for 1to1 Marketing: Treating Different Customers Differently (Single Ticket Buyer vs. Subscriber) A Means to Your Total Customer Development Ends.

Customer Actualization Management Customer Evangelism Management Customer Lifecycle Management Customer Experience Management Cause Marketing Management Customer Quality Management Customer Innovation Management Customer Relationship Management

Interactive Marketing Management

1980s: Database marketing emerges. 1980s: Database helped larger organizations rather then small who only got survey type info. 1990s: CRM appears as a two-way communication device. 1990s: CRM leads to programs such as frequent flyer miles and bonus points on credit cards.

2000s: Internet has helped expand from stagnant database and allows off-site information storage. 2000s: Used most frequently in financial services, high tech corporations and the telecommunications industry.

Builds a database that describes the customers and the relationship they hold with the company. Database: a collection of information that is organized in a way that allows it to be easily accessed, managed and updated. Provides enough detail so that the company can offer the client the product/service that matches their need the best. May contain information about their past purchases, who is involved with the account and a summary of all conversations.

Make sure the primary goal (ie: customer service) is standard in the software. Customization is very expensive.

Be able to integrate smoothly and flawlessly. Make sure the program doesn't offer more then you need. Compare with other companies of equivalently the same size who have purchased the same CRM software and examine

their results.

Research has shown that companies that create satisfied, loyal customers have more repeat business, lower customer-acquisition costs and stronger brand value. Which equals better financial performance.

Help marketing departments identify and target their best customers, manage campaigns as well as discover qualified leads.
Qualified Leads: prospects who seem most likely to buy because of some information known about them. Duncan, Tom

Improve sales and streamline existing processes.

Form individualized relationships with customers. Give employees information needed to improve customer service and also to better understand customer needs.

Is a fast way to identify and handle potential problems. Tracks all points of contact between a customer and the company. Provides all employees with product specs, product use information and technical assistance.

CRM quickly manages the scheduling of follow-up sales calls to assess the satisfaction of customers and their repurchase
probabilities (when and how much).

Identifying prospects and helps them become customers.


Closing sales more effectively and efficiently.


Allowing customers to perform business transactions quickly

and easily.


Providing better service and support following a sale.


Which = Customer Service!!

Helps make call centers more efficient. Aids in cross and up selling products.
Cross Selling: Provide additional products/services.

Up Selling: Upgrade existing products/services.

Helps sales staff close deals faster. Simplifies marketing and sales processes. Allows companies to discover new customers.

CRM is closely related to business intelligence

because both methods involve using technology to gather, analyze and organize data in order to develop relevant information.
CRM is just a more specific form of BI that

concentrates strictly on customers behaviors and actions, for both past and future information.

Scalability: CRM may be used on a large scale while also being able to be reliably contracted/expanded to whatever scale is necessary. So.. the data is flexible and wont distort when adjusted.

Multiple communication channels: the ability to interface with users via many different devices (phone, WAP, internet etc.) Basically, you can get what you want, when you want wherever you are. Wikipedia.org

Product name Price 1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 $5,000 to $50,000 2. SalesLogix CRM $6,000 + install 3. SAP Business One CRM $11,250 + $3,000 install 4. Parature $5,000 + install 5. Entellium CRM $50 to $60 per user / month 6. Pivotal CRM ????? 7. Maximizer Enterprise CRM $499/ user +$7,500 install 8. NetSuite CRM+ $2,000 to $100,000 9. Oncontact V $1,000 to $1,500 10. ADAPT crm $1,500/ user + $1,200 install 11. e-Synergy $5,000 + install

Siebel Implementation (2000 Today)

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

ibm.com Contact Centers Service and Support Business Partners Field Sales Marketing

The modules of Siebel CRM software that IBM has implemented and is planning to implement are Sales, Call Center, Marketing, Field Service, Service, e-Channel, e-Marketing, e-Service, and General e-Business

Operational, Analytical, Social

Modular channel applications SOA services

Siebel Customer Relationship Management

Sales Marketing Call Center Loyalty Partner eCommerce eSupport eBilling

Customer Order Mgmt

Field Service

Common CRM Platform across channels Communications Grade Convergent: N-Play, Consumer & Business

Order to Bill

Agent Assisted Billing Care

Billing Self Service

Revenue Accounting

Order to Activate

Master Data Mgmt

Prebuilt BSS/OSS Integration

Billing and Revenue Management

Order Management

Enterprise Management

Service Management

Master Data Management

Complete, Open, Integrated


Application is accessible through web service: It is rented by the vendor: Licensed per user: Charges per month: Neither need to install nor maintain the application: Database & Application server housed & managed by the Vendor:

Reports and Analytics: Campaign Management: Triangulated Sales Forecasts:

Service Request Solutions:

Oracle provides the only comprehensive retail solution for Communications

Oracle enables product managers to configure retail and other channels centrally Productized integrations to back office
Cash Settlement and Cash Drawer Application launch pad Store reporting

Retail POS

Sales Returns/Exchanges


Launched from POS Account Mgt and Order Capture

Retail Clerk
Order to Cash PIP
Inventory Mgt Replenishment Transfers

Order to Bill PIP



Provisioning Billing

Store inventory management Physical fulfillment Inventory replenishment

Provide better customer service: Achieve sales closes deals faster: Increase customer revenues: Cost Reduction Benefits:

Strategic CRM focuses on shaping the interactions between the firm and its customers in a way that facilitates maximizing the lifetime value of the customer to the firm Business case for CRM determines whether an investment in CRM meets its expectations by linking the delivery of customer value with the creation of shareholder value, or ROI CRM strategy calls for a transformation in business process, organization, location and facilities, data flows, application architecture and technology infrastructure

Know your customer! CRM can lead to greater customer service greater profitability!!

Remember that it is not enough to be nice to your customer you must learn from them.

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