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Suggestion Forum

We believe that every employee is capable of generating ideas, which

can result in significant improvements

in all spheres of the organization.

Introducing Suggestion Forum to encourage the individuals to share their creative ideas / suggestions.
Achieve full participation & utilization of human potential in Cost Saving and Process Improvements. Strengthen & Establish our core value of CREATIVITY

Better Team Work Improvement in productivity & quality Improvement in organizations thinking process Establishes innovative and creative approach


Cost saving Improvement in productivity Quality Improvement

Prevention & reduction in inventory

Wastage reduction Improvement in work culture Saving Time / Energy

Process Owner
To overlook successful implementation of the Scheme

Process Representatives
One Senior Member of Each Sector/Department

Process Coordinator
HR Spoc

All Offices and Sites will have Suggestion Boxes, On regular interval HR will collect and send suggestions to HR Coordinator at HO,

HR Coordinator will segregate suggestions and will forward them to respective Process Reps,
From time to time HR will inform status of Suggestion Scheme to all associates to excite them to send more suggestions.

Flow Chart After Suggestion submitted

Each Process Rep is assigned dedicated Sector/Department or Area of Improvement
Suggestion goes to respective Sector/Deptt Process Rep. If further information required then Rep seeks from the associate

Discussion at Sector/Deptt Level

Process Rep discusses with Sector/Deptt Head and evaluates the Suggestion, its practicality and potential benefits

Process Rep submits report to Process Owner.

Confirmation to Associate within 10 days

In both cases (Suggestion Acceptable or Not-Acceptable) email confirmation goes to Associate

Process Owner Convenes Meeting with Sector/Deptt Heads To derive methodology for implementation of the Suggestion

Process Rep makes sure that Suggestion gets implemented Process Rep explains to all concern Sectors/Deptt about the Suggestion and implements

Feedback Process
After 1 month of implementation Process Rep takes the feedback and reports to Process Owner

Confirmation to Associate Associate gets Appreciation Letter and Suitable Award

Reward & Recognition

For implemented suggestion respective Associate will get Table Watch Memento and Appreciation Letter Half yearly top three suggestions will be selected and Associates will get Suitable Memento and Appreciation Letter Associates names will be published in Newsletter and will flash on Intranet
Encouragement to Process Representatives: Half yearly Process Reps will get Memento for covering extra miles, Process Owner will select best Process Rep ever half yearly and will be appreciated with Memento and Letter