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Hitachi NAS replication overview

November 2013

Common IT business Challenges Protecting information given exploding data growth Delivering a powerful and highly available infrastructure Balancing desired data protection P! and "! with costs and budgets #nderstanding and preparing for all types of disasters and outages "esting and assuring disaster recovery plans

Severe ramifications of data loss

$3% of companies that lost the use of their data center for 10 days or more filed for ban&ruptcy within one year of the disaster
(Source: National Archives & Records Administration, Washington D.C.)

!f the companies experiencing disasters' (3 percent never reopen' and 2$ percent close within two years
)*ource+ ,c-ladrey . Pullen' //P01

"he average cost of downtime as a function of labor )for large organi2ations0 is 31'010'435 per hour
(Source: Meta rou! Stud").

6 service interruption could cost a company )Ban&0 between 350'000 and 3240'000 a minute
(Source: #.S. $an%er).

Data unavailability results in lost revenue and possibly business failure

Replication is the answer

7itachi N6* replication delivers multiple benefits

7igh 6vailability
8ault9tolerant' failure9resistant streamlined infrastructure with affordable cost foundation

:ontinuous !perations
Non9disruptive bac&ups and system maintenance coupled with continuous availability of applications

Disaster ecovery
Protection against unplanned outages such as disasters through reliable' predictable recovery

Hitachi NAS Replication choices

7N6* has three replication mechanisms available

8ile /evel eplication

ND,P based data copy of files ;al&s directory tree to build delta<incremental

Bloc& /evel eplication

/everages underlying storage replication technology =nables 7igh 6vailability and advanced replication scenarios

!b>ect /evel eplication

!nly replicates ob>ects changed since last chec&point esults in faster' more efficient replication

Object Replication is usuall best

?deal for D ?deal for fine granularity
"ile Replication! -ranular

and data migration

when bac&up windows are smaller

#p to 21@ times faster than file

replication on full file replication

#loc$ Replication! Powerful

Object Replication! 8ast and =fficient

Data Data !b>ect !b>ect Data Data !b>ect Data !b>ect Data !b>ect !b>ect

?deal for high availability configurations

!nly trac&ing incremental changes

=liminates traversing directories and files for small changes No wasted empty containers sent

O#%&CT 'evel R&('ICATION Overview

7igh Performance 7ardware 6ccelerated eplication
Primary 8ile *erver D 8ile *erver

7N6* *erver


7N6* *erver

)irection of replication 8ile system 6 eplication *ource 8ile system B eplication "arget

*napshots on source have eBuivalent snapshot on target "arget file system is not mountable unless promoted ,ultiple node clusters can replicate to a single node cluster or one cluster can replicate to multiple clusters


Test Case

"ile 'evel Replication

Object 'evel Replication

(erformance Improvement

8ull replication of (0'000 large files )100 ,iB0 8ull replication of a large number )@'000'0000 of small files )( CiB0 Delta replication )15%0 of a large number )@ million0 small files )( CiB0

( hrs' 34 m' 3 s 2(213@ ,iB<s 3@ m' 20 s 3'(A@ files<s

1 hr' 3$ m' 33 s 55$1A0 ,iB<s 20 m' 13 s 5'4$4 ob>ects<s

21@ times faster 11$ times faster

4$ m' 2 s 351 files<s

2 m' 15 s $'(12 ob>ects<s

25 times fasterD

#loc$ Replication for High Availabilit

6chieve Eero "! by layering 76 and *ynchronous replication
HOST Application
+ulti path Software

HOST Application
+ulti path Software

Concept :ontinuous availability solution in a local or remote site Configuration ,irrored internal and external data and controller #enefit =liminate business impact associated with applications downtime 6pplications can run continuously despite unplanned outage of storage )and<or controller0 *implified and non9disruptive migrations to next9generation controllers

Host paths .O' pair TrueCop paths





An &,ternal Storage

#loc$ Replication +anagement

"ile Replication for fine granularit

eplicate only the files or directories you really need Concept *pecifically chose which files and<or directories you wish to replicate #enefits =liminates time and resources wasted on replicating unneeded files or directories 6llows informed decisions on what to replicate 6bility to exclude temporary files or parts of a file system that hold no business value *ubstantially reduces the amount of data sent from the source machine Decreases the storage reBuirements of the destination system

Credit union australia success stor

G"o become the 4th pillar of the 6ustralian ban&ing system and compete with bigger players in the industry' our organi2ation is going through a ma>or transformation1 "he platform upgrade was business9 changing1H
David ee, Chie& 'n&ormation (&&icer, Credit #nion Australia

Data center reBuired an upgrade to enable sustainable growth Need for big9ban& platform Buality and power on a scalable and flexible model' to effectively compete with the Gbig (H ban&s

Hds solution
7itachi Firtual *torage Platform 7itachi #nified *torage 7itachi :ontent Platform 7itachi N6* Platform

6bility to replicate all its data securely and safeguard against disaster situations 8lexibility of replication service with responsiveness that could maintain availability at $$1$@% 6bility to scale and react to business demand

(R&CISION )ISCO.&R1 Success Stor

G6 big reason weIve stayed with 7itachi all these years is its people+ "he willingness and expertise from 7itachi engineers' sales' field and support &eep us coming bac&1 "hey have earned our complete trust and loyalty1H
)o*ard )olton, Director o& '+ ,recision Discover"

"o provide high caliber service while offering innovative technology . expert consulting 6bility to alleviate the typical challenges of e9 discovery

Hds solution
7itachi N6* Platform 30$0 . 30@0 7itachi #nified *torage 7itachi :ompute Blades 320' 400 . 2000 7itachi :ontent Platform

6bility to manage 2PB of storage eclaim storage in the environment' . reduced operational expenses 6bility to handle data reduction' deduplication' replication . compression

Hitachi Replication Highl RAT&)

2 of 34
ate 7D* replication software as effective or very effective in meeting reBuirementsJ

#sers indicate positive ease9of9use experience

&,cellence in Customer Service Awards from!

J *ource+ "echFalidate 7D* eplication #se9case *urvey !ctober 2013

HNAS Replication value proposition 7itachi N6* provides three powerful methods of replication to meet different data protection' high availability and<or disaster recovery needs Benefits+
educes data loss ris&s via proven enterprise9class replication technologies

Delivers */6s that are better aligned with business ob>ectives :ost savings through+
/ower networ& bandwidth reBuirements educed energy' cooling and space *impler management and maintenance ?ncreased uptime of mission critical systems

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