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Welcome to NYC LGBT Pride March Group Marshal Training!

2009 NYC Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride March Sunday, June 28, 2009
Please find a seat and fill out the identification form.

You will need to turn in the white copy TODAY and bring the yellow copy to the CHECK IN AREA on March day

March Training Agenda

Formation Area

March Route
Dispersal Reversal Things to Bring Questions & Permits

STONEWALL 40 Paint the Town Ruby Were here to help you Celebrate & Enjoy Pride

Maurice Michaane March Director
Sergio Bernal & Sai Volunteer Coordinators

Rob Zukowski March Event Assistant

Introduction: What is a Group Marshal?

YOU ARE the leader of your contingent liaison between your group and the March staff/volunteers PLEASE REMEMBER your section # was emailed to the person who registered your group It will be your ROLE/Responsibility to organize your GROUP in the Section & Order you are assigned You must be prepared to answer any logistics questions from members of your organization. Where they should go, how the March starts. What happens at the dispersal area. You are NOT a Grand Marshal.

NYC Pride 2009 March Grand Marshals

Hon. Governor David Patterson Anne Kronenberg

Dustin Lance Black

Cleve Jones

Formation Area
1. 52nd between 5th Madison: Group Marshal MUST report here to SIGN-In your group & get t-shirts/badges/etc. ONLY Group Marshal 2. Please line your group up at location assigned 3. Volunteers w/ GOLDMAN SACHS T-shirts will be @ Formation for Section Information Do you remember your section number? This is where your MARCHERS line up NOT your float. 4. Within each section, there is a pre-set order. You must line up in the order specified.

Formation Area
Floats (non-BOND) and Oversized Vehicles West side of 53rd

Floats Rented from BOND West side of 52nd

Group Check-in (walk-up) East side of 52nd St

Formation Area MARCHERS Line-Up

REMINDER: Within each section, there is a pre-set order. This final Order of the March will be released June 22nd. You must line up in the order specified.
57th St.

56th St.

4 11:30am

3 11:00am

2 11:00am

1 11:00a m

55th St.

54th St.

10 12:30pm

9 12:30pm

8 Noon

7 Noon

5 11:30am

6 11:30am

53rd St.

FLOATS (Non-Bond)

11 1:00pm

12 1:00pm

You MUST arrive 60 mins prior to the posted line up time

Madison Avenue

7th Avenue

6th Avenue

52nd St.

Lead Section Starting Line

5th Avenue


Formation Area (Marchers) 2009 Order of March

LEAD Section 1 Section 2

11am 11am 11am

5th Ave btwn 52nd & 53rd 56th btwn 5th & Madison 56th btwn 5th & 6th

Section 3
Section 4 Section 5 Section 6

11:30am 11:30am 11:30am

56th btwn 5th & 6th

56th btwn 6th & 7th 54th btwn 5th & Madison 54th btwn 5th & Madison

Section 7
Section 8 Section 9 Section 10

NOON 12:30pm 12:30pm

54th btwn 5th & 6th

54th btwn 5th & 6th 54th btwn 6th & 7th 54th btwn 6th & 7th

You MUST arrive 60 mins prior to the posted line up time

Section 11


53rd btwn 5th & Madison

53rd btwn 5th & Madison

Section 12

Formation Area
1. Check-in at 52nd St. & 5th Ave. 1 HOUR PRIOR to your line-up time.
ONLY Group Marshal(s) should report to Sign-In Tent Must bring yellow copy of the identification form Receive T-shirts, bathroom passes & final Order of the March document Check in opens at 10:00 am & Check in closes at 12:30 pm

2. Line up at your proper section/time. Who here does not yet know in which section they are located? Please, do not leave here UNLESS you know.
Within section, line up according to the Order of the March The order assigned is CRITICAL, especially if you have a float/car Must FOLLOW instructions from Section Coordinators & March Managers **You must follow their directions** No costume changing areas exist!

Formation Area
3. Vehicles if you have a vehicle it MUST line up with your group
4. Floats if you have a float (and the truck thats pulling it) IT must line-up on the assigned float area (Vehicle/Section Coordinators will instruct you) ITEMS to REMEMBER: Section ORDER is subject to last minute change at direction of Section Coordinators &/or March Management Marchers report to their proper section away from their floats. Do you know whether your group has a float as opposed to a vehicle? If you have a float, do you know whether or not a company called Bond Floats rented it to your group?


March Volunteers = KEYS to a fun time

March Volunteers ensure we all have a good time on the day of the MARCH follow their directions Managers = Sapphire/Blue Shirts Section Coordinator (includes Vehicle Managers) = Green Shirts Route Coordinators = Purple Shirts Staff Volunteers = Gold Shirts Your shirts (Group Marshal) = RED


Formation Area
5. Floats must arrive no later than 10am on 52rd Street between 5th & 6th. 6. Non-Bond floats line up 53rd between 5th & 6th 7. Floats must be no more than 36 long by 16 wide by 14 high. 8. No vertical sticks or poles may be used for the display of signs or posters, with the exception of flags on poles. Use carpet tubing for signs or posters. 9. ALL Groups are prohibited from soliciting donations/selling anywhere along the March route. PERIOD !!!

Formation Area
10. Vehicle Permits must be presented to enter closed streets on motorized vehicles
NO Permit = no vehicle/float entran ce You MUST obtain your permit after this presentation!!!

11. THIS INCLUDES SOUND VEHICLES, etc. Obtain temporary permit from Section/Vehicle Coordinators. 12. SOUND SYSTEMS MAY NOT BE TESTED BEFORE 11:30am.
We are assembling in a residential area

13. Buses Permits are required for parking buses.

Drop-off marchers is at 6th Avenue btwn 52nd and 56th Street Buses are parked along the West Side Highway btwn 12th & 14th Street

14. Port-a-Potties are located (bathroom passes are needed to get back into March):


Corner of every block from 52nd to 56th St. and 5th Avenue. 42nd St. @ Public Library steps 24th St. @ Reviewing Stand Christopher St. @ Dispersal




March Route


March Overview
Formation Area 5th Avenue 52nd to 57th Streets Group Check-In (walk-up) 52nd Street East Side of 5th Avenue 10 AM 12:30 PM ONLY Group Marshals sign-in Dispersal Area Christopher and Greenwich Streets


March Route
1. Our volunteers will instruct your group when to enter the March Route from the Formation Area. 2. If you have a vehicle, it is already with your group from the moment you lined up. 3. If you have a float, it will meet you at 52nd or 53rd & 5th. Our Vehicle Coordinators will match your float with your marchers at the starting line ** Critical you lineup in the assigned order!!
Goldman Sachs Volunteers will be available to provide Section/Order information on day of March

March Route
4. Moment of Silence 2 PM, Stop Stand, & Remember All sounds must be paused by 1:55 PM. Groups that violate this rule will not be permitted to enter a float and/or vehicle in next years March. Listen for announcer and volunteer reminders Remind your group multiple times Kindly inform spectators too End of the Moment of Silence is announced Quickly get your contingent moving again!

March Route
5. Announcers along the route need to see your BANNER!
52nd St. @ Step-off 42nd St. @ Library 24th St. @ Judges 8th St. @ Turning Point Christopher St. @ Dispersal

6. GAPS Leave a little but NOT a lot. (What is a lot?)

Group Marshals ARE responsible for working with March Volunteers & NYPD to keep GAPS to a minimum Your bit/act may be no longer than 70 seconds Five awards granted for best: Political Statement, Music, Decorations, Use of Theme, and Most Original. Stay on 5th Avenue in a straight line

7. Judges @ 24th Street


24th St. @ Reviewing Stand = STRAIGHT LINE


March Route
Fifth Ave. narrows
Broadway and Fifth Ave. cross @ 23rd Street Lots of hazards here. Floats need to be guided across 23rd St. 5th Ave. goes to the right! South of 23rd Street, we lose a lane approximately every 10 blocks to Washington Square. Sharp Turns 5th Ave. onto 8th Street Greenwich Avenue onto Christopher Street


Dispersal Reversal


Christopher & Greenwich Streets. Floats & vehicles go LEFT and then park as far SOUTH along Greenwich Street as possible. Marchers go RIGHT towards Pridefest @ Abingdon Sq. & Hudson Move your group out of the area as quickly as possible to avoid backing up the March. Sound people meeting you NEED TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION FLOATS/Cars GO LEFT & Marchers GO RIGHT NYPD to STRICTLY ENFORCE NO EXCEPTIONS NO EXCUSES

Things to Bring
A WATCH: so you know exactly when the Moment of Silence is. SUNSCREEN SUNGLASSES: Dont squint youll get wrinkles COMFORTABLE SHOES: Your choice its 4 miles PHOTO ID PEN & PAPER

ASPIRIN or pain-reliever of choice BAND-AIDS WHISTLE CELL PHONE H2O youll be thirsty TISSUES: for portable toilets that could run out of paper BACKPACK: To carry all this stuff in

Important Items To Remember

1. Group Marshal MUST ARRIVE 1 hour prior to your assigned lineup time & sign-in @ Formation 2. Group Marshal responsible for organizing/directing your group to proper section/order & coordinating with Section/Vehicle Coordinators if you have a float/vehicle 3. No Vehicle Permit = No Entrance for Vehicle/Float dont leave w/o one if you registered for one! 4. You MUST OBEY instructions from Section Coordinators & Managers 5. SOUND MAY NOT be TURNED on PRIOR to 11:30am & all sound MUST BE Paused @ 1:55pm for the moment of silence 6. Each group gets 1 bathroom pass 7. Dispersal = Floats/Cars GO LEFT & Marchers GO RIGHT


Do you feel prepared to answer questions from your group members?
What steps can you take to make yourself more prepared? Do you understand how Check-in and the Formation Area works?

Do you understand the importance of not pausing during Dispersal?


Questions & Permits

VEHICLE PERMITS are organized alphabetically by the organization name as it was registered
Therefore, if your group registered as The ABC Group then it is under T


THIS IS NYC Pride ENJOY Yourself Thanks for coming!!!


Would you like a copy of this Presentation?

This presentation is available at: http://www.nycpride.org/groupmarshals.ppt

2009 NYC LGBT Pride March Sunday, June 28, 2009