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Palmar grasp

Palmar and plantar grasp Placing and walking reflex also present Tonic neck reflex Cries vigorously Moro , rooting, sucking

What is the age

Building tower of three cubes Feeding with spoon

18 months
By the age of 18 months a baby can feed self by a spoon Can show his own hair , nose , feet and eyes Can name pictures Builds tower of three cubes

Pincer grasp

10 months
Can pick up things with finger and thumb Looks for hidden and fallen toys Can crawl

Walking and crawling

15 months and 10 months

At 15 months a baby can walk alone with uneven steps Can crawl at 10 months

Peek a boo

9 months
Also reaches for toy in front Babbles in long repetitive strings of syllables ( baba, dad-dad) Holds, bites and chews a biscuit

A girl can copy a square ,what age is she

5 years
A 5 year old can copy a square Walk on a straight line Give full name , age and birthday Affectionate and helpful to younger siblings


3 years
Builds tower of 9 to 10 cubes Can walk on tiptoe Counts up to 10 or more Rides tricycle Copies a circle


4 years
Uses scissors to cut out pictures Can dress and undress except shoe laces Climbs well Can copy a cross

Can you tell the age

6 months
Can sit with support Can roll over Grasp feet Transfer objects Shouts to attract attention

Stranger anxiety is present at what age

9 months
Stranger anxiety

2 months

Can lift head

3 months
Can hold neck Regards mother face Quiets to sound of rattle or spoon in a cup Hands open

Tell the age

Climbing Enjoys picture books

Climbing stairs

2 years
Climbs on furniture Builds tower of six cubes Enjoys story books Walk up and down stairs one hand held , two feet per step

How old am I
walking pointing

12 months
Walks like a bear Points to desired objects Drinks from cup with little resistance Speaks first real words Waves bye -bye

Take home message

Best way to remember developmental milestones is by observation