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Infant and Primary School

CEIP Manuel Ortiz Castell


Most families are working class: industry, farming, agriculture, From 15% to 25% of students are immigrants: Romania, Magreb, Xina, Bulgaria Cultural and sports background in the town Town Library Theatre Cultural premises in the town Radio Juneda Town Music School

Images of Juneda


State school. Pre-school and primary Location: Juneda- (3.600 inhabitants) Catalonia Main language: Catalan (first language of the school community) Other languages: Spanish and English Total number of students: 260 (aged from 3 to 12) Pre-school: 5 groups. Primary school: 9 groups. Number of teachers: 23 1 classroom devoted to special attention of foreign students. 1 classroom devoted to diversity attention.

School Facilities

Computer room Library with ICT facilities Experimental science classroom Foreing Languages classroom Music classroom Gym Dinning room served with catering Psychomotricity classroom Outdoor multi sport track Internet facilities in all the school premises.


Innovation Library Project Puntedu Inter school network of basic competencies. Science lab with ICT support Comenius Project. Innovation Project in foreign languages. Socialization of textbooks. Parents school.

Educational Services

Psycopedagogic support. Teachers centre support. Nature related learning centre. Logopedy service Early learning attention LIC Assessory (LIC stands for Language, Integration & Culture)

School Timetable
Students: Pre-schooll (3 to 6 year olds) 9:00 12:00 15:00 17:00 Primary (6 to 12 year olds) 9:00 a 13:00 15:00 a 17:00 Teachers: 30 hours in the school and 7,5 out of the school All teachers coincide in the school 2 hours a week. Mondays & Thursdays from 13 to 14 Mondays: Small group meetings. Thursdays: Team meetings and comissions (ICT, library, diversity, leisure and festivities,...)

Complementary activities

School magazine Outdoor excursions Colnies (Outdoor stays) Catalan Traditional Festivities Collaboration with other cultural organizations Cultural contests Theatre in English language Musical Auditions School activities related to sports.

Extra-school activities
Organized by AMPA (parents association) English Multi sports Chess ICT (Computer assisted learning) Parents school Students reception program: morning, midday and afternoon Sardanes: traditional catalan dancing


We declare our school as active. We encourage the creativity of our students either social, artistic, technology, scientific involving all means of expression. Our starting point is the activity and interest of our students in discovering themselves as main source of the teaching-learning process. We encourage our students initiative in solving all sort of problems they are exposed to. All the staff will be devoted to follow a methodological tendency based in direct observation, research, significative learning processes, individualization and socialization.

El CdA (Field School) of Juneda

It is a service of the Department of Education Tasks devoted to innovation and research in education. Tasks devoted to environmental education Tasks devoted to the process of learning from the environment.

Educational Programes

Farm school: Practice in the study of a rural area and the participation in dealing with a small farming exploitation. Eco educational practice related to: energy, water, mobility, production, transformation and consumption of food and waste products.

CdA de Juneda

General view of the CdA les Obagues placed in a farming area at a walking distance of the town

Students working in a farming activity.

Workshop around the transformation of food: Students making bread.

Farm animals

We wish you visit us very soon and enjoy our town and school.