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Splanor Entertainment

 Company Profile/ Overview

  Official Business Description Postal:
 The business Place
 The Company legal name 1st floor

 Splanor Entertainment 58 Marshall Street

 Cnr Sauer & Marshall Street
 Johannesburg
  Splanor Entertainment 2001

 Legal form of the business Email: info@splanor.co.za
  Close Corporation

 Our Core Business Contact no: 072 585 1079
 Contact no: 074 767 0711
 011 492 0904
  Entertainment business Fax: 086 698 4891

 Company Reg. No.
  2007/166074/23

 Vat Registration No.
  4020-240-679

Company Background

Company Background

Operating different with our competitors is the way it can give the company a chance, and the company it giving it's client an opportunity to
join our creative department in other do raise few points but that is not a force.
Taking each and every small job which It can make a difference than tomorrow.
Mission Statement
We will work tirelessly in seeking to understand the day-to day business needs. That will enable us to provide the cutting edge staffing
Our Values and Ethics
 Commitment
 Professionalism
 Accountability
 Loyalty
Employment Equity
Splanor Entertainment is fully committed to the betterment of all individuals that form part of the diverse cultures of the South African
We will strive to ensure that suitably qualified individuals from diverse cultures are represented with in the structures of the company.
Our key Strategy

Our key strategy

 We will always invest in knowing and understanding our client needs so as to be able to provide a perfect fit in
terms of Entertainment Business
 As part of this continuing process, we still serving and served different clients with Audio Visual Communication.
 Some of the advantages of using the above-mentioned system are:
 -We use Avid for our Final Project and ( final cut) in the SABC STUDIOS
 -We also work with experience people in the Television, filming and sound industries
 It is our mission at Splanor Entertainment to always refer the type of product/ services that will not only meet our
client expectations but exceed them.
 Principles specialization in Audio Visual communication :
 Programme Building/ Producing
 Recording facilities, , Stage decorations and Building.
 Ad Filming / short story /documentaries and Movies.
 DVD conventions and video
 Presentations and Projectors.
 Filming and Television Editing Studios.
Audio and Visual communication specialization in all that clients can need:

 Sound and lighting

 Editor Television and Films
 Script Developer
 Visual screens and projectors
 Recording Facilities ( sound and visual)
 DVD and VIDEO convention
 Final Mixing
 Photographs ( professional for adverts)

 We also conduct facilitate Art of Business in the communities Country wide contact our office for
 What we do is Music Business workshop
 Filming Business and Theater Business

 In the event that Splanor Entertainment is awarded a contract or a part thereof, a dedicated Account
Executive will be responsible for all Communication and Service needed.
 The turnaround time is timeouts and our loyalty program ensures that our Clients get optimum customer
service levels.
Brief Profile on MD
 Reginalt colossa is a managing member and the owner of Splanor entertainment who facilitator of
drama in npo`s, who has graduated in art of drama, the script writer and the director, he is one of
the youth of south Africa who are in corporate industry from the early age.oraginally from , and he
is a 100% shareholder of the company.

Why choose Splanor Entertainment services in your company

 Our team of dedicated staff will work tirelessly in ensuring an accelerated pace, we will make it a
point that we provide our clients with best quality of products. Our above mentioned loyalty
program will ensure that a good and fruitful relationship with our clients is sustained. Contact us to
know more about our loyalty program.

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