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Nazila.A S4 MBA Roll no 21

1.Overall Organization
Has a clear mission statement that is known to its board, staff and clients and which informs all its programming Has a written policy of inclusiveness concerning board, staff and clients Has written policies for board, staff and clients prohibiting discrimination and harassment Has all necessary Policies and Procedures manuals that are relevant to current programming Has a current Strategic Plan and is pursuing it Actively engages with the broader community through coalitions, advocacy efforts, etc. Has written succession policies concerning the executive director, members of the board and key program staff Has its own 501 (c)(3) Internal Revenue Service determination

2. Board
Board numbers a minimum of five voting members Board includes representatives of the communities served by the organization Board members are free from conflicts of interest regarding organization's staff and operations Board exerts active oversight of the financial affairs of the organization Board has as one of its main charges to fundraise for the organization Client representatives sit on the agency's board

3. Staff
Staff is reflective of the population served by the agency Staff has necessary qualifications and/or characteristics to run programs There are written job descriptions that are current and if a new program is being launched, the necessary and appropriate staff requirements have been thought out and are delineated Staff should have competitive salary and benefits packages Appropriate and ongoing training is available to all staff

4. Programs Programs clearly fit within the agency's mission statement Agency has investigated similar programs run by other agencies and can clearly state the need for its particular programming and what specific niche(s) it serves Staff input has been sought when developing programs Client input has been sought when developing programs Specific program goals have been developed and results are reviewed regularly Systems appropriate to the nature of the organization are in place to safeguard client confidentiality Feedback is sought on a regular basis from staff, clients and community on whether or not current programs are serving their stated purposes When appropriate, clients are connected to additional appropriate services Data collection systems are in place to appropriately: Track client demographics Track client development/improvement Track program goals Program has support from the community

Agency can supply accurate budgets (for both agency and program) and explain budget detail Agency spends at least 65% of its total expenses on program activities Agency spends no more that 35% of related contributions on fund raising Agency has an accounting system adequate to its program needs Agency files an annual tax return, or, if required, has an annual audit on a timely basis Agency has a development plan adequate to its program needs Agency has diversified its funding base Fundraising efforts are in accord with the stated agency mission