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Human Resource Management

Module presentation and teaching approach

Course responsible
Dr. Adel Golli: Course Responsible
Module objectives

Understand the HR activities you will carry
Critically assess the HR function and better
understand how it can improve your business
ability to reach their strategic goals.
Acquaint you with the various HR issues
Understand how HR decisions can affect your
performance and the performance of your
Exchange with other students and coaches
Work in an autonomous way at your own pace

There are 2 modes for this course:
Mixed mode: access to Moodle and attending the 5 face to
face sessions
Distant mode: only distant access and interaction with
Its your responsibility to read and understand the
course material published on Moodle

If you have course related questions, you must send
an e-mail to your teacher before face to face
Working method and rules
For the Mixed mode:

You have to read and understand the courses material
published on moodle
If you have questions about the content of the course :
You send an e-mail to your tutor and you will get a
feed back
During the following face to face session the teacher
may assess your question for the whole group if the
question was interesting
During the face to face sessions further development will
be done about particular parts of the course and HR
activities and exercises will be carried
Working method and rules

The case studies represent 30% of the final
grade for this module (3 case studies, 10%

HR project represents 20%

50% are for the final exam

Working method and rules
Group assignments

Groups composed of 4/5 students each. No
changes will be allowed for students to switch from
one group to another.

For each group there will be a group

Working method and rules
Where to read the selected
The 3 case studies will be posted on the courses main page,
check the Moodle platform to download the case studies
Assignments Deadline
Assignment 1 Saturday 22 October
Assignment 2 Saturday 9 November
Assignment 3 Saturday 26 November
HR Project Saturday 17 December
Group assignments
Group responsible/leader must get in touch
with other group members for the work
schedule and all related issues (meetings,
content of the work, reviewing answersetc.
to teacher)

The group responsible is the ONLY student
who will be sending the case assessments to
the coach.

Working method and rules
Group assignments case studies
We will grade all assignments

Example of a mail subject:
For assignment nb 2, performed by group Nb 23,
whose responsible/leader is John WILLIAMS, the
mail subject must be composed as follows:
assignment 2 group 23 williams

Answers sent after deadlines will be graded ZERO
and NO EXCEPTIONS will be done.

Working method and rules
The group HR project :
Students have to discuss within their group
in order to choose an innovative topic about
an HR issue and design a HR project.

You can work on a theme such as:
compensation, ethical dilemmas, training,
performance appraisaletc. or any other HR
related question.

Working method and rules
The group HR project :

Dont choose a topic before assessing the
first part of the course

This is not a journalistic project and
students have to use referenced research
articles to perform their project
Working method and rules
The group HR project :

Your work must answer a MAIN

The outline of your report will be very
important as well as the methodology used
to answer your main question
Working method and rules
The group HR project an example

Subject: recruitment tools within the hotel
industry in the UK

Main question: how can the HR
Department in the hotel industry in the UK
improve the effectiveness of its recruitment
process ?
Working method and rules
HR project Outline

PART 1 : literature review on recruitment process
PART 2 : Presenting the hotel industry in the UK
PART 3 : How do the firms operating in the UK hotel
industry recruit?
PART 4 : Recommendations
Working method and rules
Group assignments
Use the EBSCO Articles database to find
referenced articles for your research topic
You must report the references used for
your work as footnotes and in the
Bibliography section
Bolt, J. (1983): Job Security: Its Time Has
Come, Harvard Business Review Vol. 61, no. 6, p.
Working method and rules
Group assignments

1. Go to the Virtual Campus
2. Open a session
3. Go to information library (distant access)
4. Choose the EBSCO database
5. Start searching
Working method and rules
Working method and rules
Working method and rules
The group HR project :

A final document (15/25 pages, references
included) must be sent to teacher before
the 17
of December

The group leader/responsible is in charge
of sending the final file of the project to
Working method and rules
Dont hesitate to ask

Good luck to all