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Power from Clear Blue Sky

A breakthrough technology

A Preliminary Presentation to JP Morgan

Presented by :
Achyar Najib
The Conditions are …

1. Price of Fuel
Subsidized / non subsidized fuel always increase variously
(non subsidized increase from 2.27% to 12.89% in June 2006)
1. Price of Electricity
Fuel driven
1. Brown Coal
Many deposits in Indonesia
1. Location of country
Equator area
The Exposure is …

3 process of coal conversion in the world are :

1. Coal/Steam Reforming  burns coal with limited oxygen and water
to produce carbon monoxide and steam, then use catalyst to cause a
shift reaction between water vapor and carbon monoxide producing
carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
2. Methane Reforming  burns methane with water to produce carbon
dioxide and hydrogen gas (reverse Sabatier)
3. Electrolysis - uses a renewable source of electricity (solar, hydro,
wind, nuclear) to decompose water directly. This is a high cost
process if using conventional technology.
The Exposure is …

Our very low-cost solar technology changes this

conventional wisdom and gives us a competitive

Sunlight + Water + Coal = Gasoline with no emissions

The Primary Processes is…
The Secondary Processes Add Value is…
The Fact is…
The Comparison are …
Steam reforming of coal:
5.6 billion tons coal ---> 2.5 billion tons (electricity)
6.2 billion barrels liquid fuels
19.8 billion tons CO2
20 years

Methane reforming
2.1 billion tons NG ---> 1.6 billion tons (electricity/export)
30 billion barrels liquid
23.2 billion tons CO2
30 years

Solar Electrolysis (OUR PROCESS)

5.6 billion tons Coal --> 30 billion barrels liquid fuels
2.1 billion tons NG --> 4.2 billion tons NG
30 years
Solar Electricity
Continuing Hydrogen Supply
No CO2 emissions
The Quantity is…
The Companies are…

Mok Industries
A US Company as IP technology provider.
Currently, working with White House to make liquid fuel to
USAF in ASTM standard and local airline.

Sugico Graha
Miner located in South Sumatera, equator longitude.
Deposit of brown coal is 900 million ton.
The area is 90,192 Ha.
The Co-operation is…

Mok Industries Sugico Graha

Joint Venture
As an operator of this
The Steps are…

1. Set up and fund an Indonesian company to administer the project.

2. Arrange the transfer of intellectual property to the project company.
3. Enter a joint venture arrangement with resource owners.
4. Complete detailed engineering and plan for the resource using the
5. Do an initial equity raise for the Indonesian Project Company.
6. Begin execution plan.
7. Find buyer of the product.
8. Borrow money against future income to complete project.
9. Operate the project to produce income.
10. Perform a public offering .
Thank you.

We will provide you with detail of

our investment analysis.

Achyar Najib