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Nanotechnology, or, as it is sometimes

called, molecular manufacturing, is a
branch of engineering that deals with the
design and manufacture of extremely small
electronic circuits and mechanical devices
built at the molecular level of matter that
have novel properties …….

In 1808, John Dalton, a British

Chemist claimed that every single atom
of a certain element, is identical. This
idea will become VERY important later
in this perspective. The term, “Nano -”
itself means a billionth of a meter. This
is 100,000 times smaller than a
human hair …
On November 9, 1989 at IBM’s Almaden
Research Center in San Jose, California,
scientists Don Eigler and Erhard
Schweizer began a little atomic
manipulation project of their own. With
company pride they manipulated 35
Xenon atoms to form the logo, “IBM”.
And thus the era of Nanotechnology

Nanomedicine is the application of

Nanotechnology (the engineering of
tiny machines) to the prevention and
treatment of disease in the human
body. This evolving discipline has the
potential to dramatically change
medical science.
Here are a few examples of how
Nanomedicine could transform common
medical procedures…

. Diagnostic nanomachines could be

employed to monitor the internal
chemistry of the body.

. Mobile nanorobots, equipped with

wireless transmitters, could circulate in
the blood and lymph systems, and send
out warnings when chemical imbalances
occur or worsen.

. Similar fixed nanomachines could be

. Implanted nanotechnology devices
could dispense drugs or hormones as
needed in people with chronic
imbalance or deficiency states.

. In heart defibrillators and

pacemakers, nanomachines could
affect the behavior of individual cells.

. Artificial antibodies, artificial white

and red blood cells, and antiviral
nanorobots might be devised .
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are
allotropes of carbon. A carbon
nanotube is a one-atom thick sheet
of graphite (called graphene) rolled
up into a seamless cylinder with
diameter of the order of a
nanometer. This results in a
nanostructure where the length-to-
diameter ratio exceeds 10,000.
The nature of the bonding of a
nanotube is described by applied
quantum chemistry, specifically,
orbital hybridization.

Nanotubes are composed entirely of

sp2 bonds, similar to those of
graphite. This bonding structure,
which is stronger than the sp3 bonds
found in diamond, provides the
molecules with their unique strength

. Smart Materials
. Energy Capture and Storage
. Magnets
. Sensors
. Nanoscale Biostructure
. Frabrication
. Electronics
Nanoscale Biostructures …

These structures are designed to

imitate some type of biological
process. They can also interact
with a biological mechanism. One
of the main focuses of this
research is in the area of human
repair and idea of self-assembly.
For example, when we cut
ourselves our body is able to heal
and repair the cut. But
sometimes, in the case of broken
Most inventions help us live a good
daily life. Nanotechnology is a good
technological advance because of
its positive benefits to pollution,
money and cost, food, and many
more things. Nanotechnology could
solve many of our problems that
we encounter everyday…
Less pollution :
The problem with past technologies is that they pollute the
environment. A good example of a bad polluting invention would be the
automobile. Nanotechnology helps to reduce the pollution.

LowProductionCosts :
Since the products that are able to be produced by nanotechnology will
be manufactured billions at a time, at a lower cost.

Mass Production of Food & Consumables :

By using Nanotechnology, we can grow tons of food at once in a small

Technology by itself :
With nanotechnology, we can have mini "super computers" that runs
faster, so fast that we might not ever need a faster computer.
Using nanotechnology, we can build undetected
microscopic spy planes. People could build tracking devices,
so small that we can attach devices, when we shake
someone's hand, with out them even feeling anything.

At Purdue University and at the University of Chicago,
engineers and physicists have found that a new formation of
liquid drops with gas could make threads and wires

Medical Advantages…
The medical advantages are change of body appearance,
stops aging process, immortality, painless child births, and
universal immunity like aids, flu and end of sickness.

Global monetary crisis, loss of

jobs, oil becomes worthless, diamonds
become worthless, atomic weapons
more destructive and accessible. In
relation to health problems, it is so
minute that its existence in the hand is
much unnoticed. The risk of inhaling
this could be dangerous, and it can be a
cause to death.
Yes, its sure that
nanotechnology is going to rule
the next era and its going to
revolutionize the each and every
industry ……..
Finally it’s not going
to spare any of the subjects. It
carries on and on from
mathematics to the biology as a
nanobionic man in the mere

Yes, its sure that nanotechnology is

going to rule the next era and its going
to revolutionize the each and every
industry ……..

Finally it’s not going to spare any of the

subjects. It carries on and on from
mathematics to the biology as a
nanobionic man in the mere future.