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Correct these sentences by adding articles as

(1) Parties signed contract today after having
discussed price.
(2) Lawyer about whom I spoke arrived at meeting
too late to advise about amount of damages
company could get.
(3) If there is telephone call for me about case, put it
(4) Client said that Roggins was inefficiently run and
unprofitable company.
(5) Mobile phone has revolutionised way in which
firm does business.
Replace the missing prepositions in the gaps in the
following sentences.

(1) Ten units must be delivered _____ the buyer _____ 30

(2) This agreement can be terminated _____ giving not less
than 14 days notice _____ writing.

(3) Rent will be paid _____ accordance _____ this

(4) The merchandise must be delivered _____ 7 days.

(5) The Company has agreed _____ provide facilities for the
preparation _____ meals.

Relative pronouns include who, whom, whose, which and that, and
provide an important method of linking sentences clauses together.
Complete the following sentences by inserting the correct relative

(1) This is a standard clause in most sales contracts _____ deals with
prices changes.

(2) The clause, _____ deals with assignment, needs to be redrafted in the
light of the new agreement reached between the parties.

(3) This facility is for the use of clients _____ need to find legal information

(4) The client _____ is going to arrive at 11.30am is Peter Smith.

(5) Peter Smith, of _____ I spoke earlier, is the MD of a large engineering

Noun Verb Adjective
(1) dispute (2)
(3) challenge (4)
(5) (6) valid
relief (7) (8)
agreement (9) (10)
(11) (12) legal
application (13) (14)
(15) enforce enforceable

Choose an appropriate adverb from the list below to
complete the following sentences.

(1) My client accepts that he is _____responsible for the
difficult financial circumstances in which he finds himself.
(2) This clause is not ______enforceable.
(3) The speaker droned on _____for over two hours.
(4) We should be grateful if the documents were issued____
(5) The proposition, though _____attractive, was flawed.

a. superficially
b. legally
c. expeditiously
d. tediously
e. solely
Consider the sentences below and decide whether
the singular or plural form should be used.

(1) Our staff (is/are) divided over the proposed
management changes.
(2) Our staff (consists/consist) of skilled people from
many different backgrounds.
(3) The committee (have/has) decided to approve
the amended proposal.
(4) The majority of our lawyers (is/are) fluent in
(5) The group (thank/thanks) all those people who
have helped it to succeed.

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