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Describing a

FIRST- Reason for the picture
This is my favourite picture of . BECAUSE .
SECOND objective description
What things are there in the picture?
What are you doing?
What are you wearing?
THIRD- subjective opinion
What are your feelings?
FOURTH- Conclusion
Re-state why you chose the picture.
What is this document?
It's a photo
It's a photograph
It's a photograph of
two young children.
Its a photograph of
two young children
reading a book.
A cartoon / a drawing / a painting / an advert
What things are there in the picture?
In the foreground
In the background
At the bottom
At the top
On the right
On the left
In the top left corner
To describe a picture we use the
following spatial locators:
Useful prepositions
Behind in front of opposite face to face
next to near side by side between
among in on inside outside
against above underneath under
Position of objects
In the background
In the foreground
At the top
At the bottom
On the right On the left
In the top
right-hand corner
In the top
left-hand corner
In the bottom
left-hand corner
In the bottom
right-hand corner
In the middle
What are they doing?
Theyre reading.
Theyre writing.
Theyre studying.
Theyre taking notes
for a research paper.
Theyre working late
in the library.
Note: for actions, use the "be + V-ing" form.
What are they wearing?
A tie
A white shirt
A watch
A striped t-shirt
I am wearing
She/he is wearing
What are your feelings?
I feel because
It makes me feel .
Feeling words
Sad / Sadness
Happy / Happiness
Lonely /Loneliness
Angry /Anger
Useful expressions
To my mind
In my opinion
I think / believe that
From my point of view
It seems to me that.
As a conclusion / to conclude / in conclusion
Your turn!
Your turn!
It's a photograph of two
men at a conference.
The man on the right is
interviewing and filming
the man in a grey suit.
The man on the left is
facing the camera.
ln the background there
are some tables and
Your turn!
Your turn!
It's a painting of two
people in a forest.
The forest looks strange
and threatening.
The man is in the bottom
left corner of the picture.
He is wearing a red
pullover and blue trousers,
and carrying a brown bag.
He's holding a branch in
his right hand.

Your turn!
Your turn!

The scene takes place at night.
The people are building a
puzzle a very strange puzzle.
On the left there is a man on a
ladder holding a piece of the
The man and woman in the
middle are walking into the
Your turn!
Your turn!
It's a drawing of some birds
in a tree.
There is a plane dropping
hamburgers by parachute.
There is just one tree left in
the forest, the others have all
been cut down.
The birds look sad, like they
don't want hamburgers.
They want more trees!

Your turn!