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The Industrial
Sales Force

Chapter 13

Md. Monirul Islam
Associate Professor
Department of Business Administration
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

Name Reg No
Nowrose Noor Sakib 2009731038
Course Title: Industrial Marketing
Course Code: BAN 464


The objectives of this chapter is to discuss how sales managers can
develop and direct an efficient as well as professional sales
force by :
Objectives of the Chapter
Effectively selecting and hiring potentially
successful people.
Utilizing sales training as a means of
maximizing the full potential sales of people.
Using methods of directing the sales force to
produce the most favorable results.
Developing compensation packages and other
and other incentives to achieve the greatest
amount of sales force motivation .
Selecting and Recruiting
Industrial Salespeople
Primary Selection Criteria
* Motivation
* Human Relation Skills
* Job Knowledge
* Technical Backgrounds
In selecting and hiring salespeople, any or all of the
conventional selection steps can be employed.
* Personal Interview
* Multiple and Panel Interview
* Patterned Interview
* Realistic Job Interview
* Auditioning
Professional Salespeople

The use of Learning Theory in the Training of
Professional Salespeople :
Training industrial sales people involves
learning theory that is applicable to collegiate learning as
well as learning that is not .

Experienced Versus Inexperienced Salespeople
Accelerated Learning

Who Should Train
Sales Managers as Trainers
Experienced Sales people as Trainers
Training Specialists
Using Combinations of Trainers

Areas of Sales Training
Company Knowledge
Product Knowledge
Industry and Market Trend Knowledge
Competitive Knowledge
Sales Skills Knowledge

* Professional Selling Styles :
1. Technical Styles
2. Consultative Styles
3. Negotiating Styles
4. Systems Styles
5. Team Selling Styles
Human Relations Skills:
The major difference between success and
failure in the area of selling depends on the salespersons
ability to deal with the different personalities of the buyers
they encounter.
Negotiating Skills:
Successful negotiation consists of three
important stages. They are-
1. Preparing for Negotiating
2. Establishing Fundamental attitudes
3. Conducting the Negotiations
Developing Human Relations and
Negotiating Skills
Directing the Sales Force
Motivating Theories
1. Content Theories
2. Process Theories
* Expectancy Theory
* Attribution Theory

Trust, Subtlety and Intimacy
Ambiguity and Indirection
Drama, Symbols and Love

Effective Use of Sales
Monetary Compensation
Straight Salaries, Commissions and Bonuses
* Commission and Bonuses as Motivators
* Secrecy Versus Openness in Pay Differentials
* Incentive Programs as Motivators