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CSR is the continuing commitment by
business to behave ethically and contribute to
economic development while improving the
quality of life of the workforce and their
families as well as of the local community and
society at large
-World Business Council for Sustained
History of CSR
1953-Bowens Social Responsibility of Businessmen
Industrialization and impact of business on society
led to completely new version
By 80s and 90s academic CSR was taken in to
SHELL in 1998
CSR evolved beyond the code of conduct and
reporting it started taking the initiative in NGOs,
multi-stakeholder, ethical trading etc..

Strengthened brand positioning.
Enhanced corporate image.
Increased ability to attract, motivate, and retain
Increased sales and market share.
Increased appeal to investors and financial

CSR: Importance and relevance today
Information to customers
Globally accessible and available mode of
Customer preference to choose trusted brand
Employee wants to work for the company
which is socially committed
Revised Companies Bill pertains to the
mandatory CSR provision for companies

Essentials for successful implementation of
Better communication
Appointment of CSR position
Good relationship with customer, supplier
and stake holder
Annual CSR audit
Feedback process
CSR and Brands
IBM UK - Reinventing Education Partnership
programme Interactions and sharing of knowledge
through a web-based technology - the Learning
Village software. Culture of openness and sharing
of good practice

AVON - a partnership with Breakthrough Breast
Cancer, and its Breast Cancer Crusade has raised
over 10 million pounds since its launch 12 years ago

Infosys- the company is actively involved in the
areas of community involvement, HRD,
environmental contribution, rural development etc..
ITC- e-choupal ITC setup small internet kiosks in
villages that allowed farmers access to an efficient
market for their products
It can be concluded that in todays informative
world where information are readily available to
general public, CSR has been an important part of
any organization to be successful. CSR has been a
vital component for any organization to have
perpetual success and to create a strong brand.